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Message ID: 2619     Entry time: Thu Jan 28 12:42:14 2021
Author: aaron 
Type: HowTo 
Category: DAQ 
Subject: grabbing nds data 

This is a brief tutorial on grabbing data from the cryo lab using nds2. I'm drawing on Duo's Q measurement script (and and the LIGO DASWG manual and other documentation)

Data in the cryo lab is logged on cymac1, which is only accessible to users within the cryo lab (like the workstations gaston and spirou). I think this means we cannot nds2 without first logging on to a cryo lab computer. Ssh-ing into cymac1 will redirect you to gaston, and the password is the same as for logging into the workstation as controls. 

ssh controls@cymac1.ligo.caltech.edu

A simple python script to grab the current lab temperature with nds2 and print to standard output:

import nds2


conn = nds2.connection('cymac1', 8088)
conn.set_parameter('ALLOW_DATA_ON_TAPE', '1')

for bufs in conn.iterate([TEMP_CHANNEL]):
     temp = bufs[0].data
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