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Entry  Wed Jan 27 09:11:16 2021, aaron, DailyProgress, PSOMA, lab improvements Screenshot_from_2021-01-27_10-30-03.png
    Reply  Wed Jan 27 22:01:16 2021, rana, DailyProgress, PSOMA, lab improvements 
Message ID: 2615     Entry time: Wed Jan 27 09:11:16 2021     Reply to this: 2617
Author: aaron 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: PSOMA 
Subject: lab improvements 

enter Wed Jan 27 09:11:13 2021

Facilities mentioned to Paco yesterday that they'd return this morning to complete repairs on the HVAC. I missed him at 9, but around 1pm, Modesto from facilities stopped by to check the air temperature. He measures 63 F at the lab's air intake, and 72 F near the electronics rack. He's checking on our upstream filters to ensure we're getting clean air. Also mentioned that our temperature is centrally controlled, not by the thermostat in the lab -- I was a little confused by this, but sounds like we'll have to contact them to change the temperature. The lab is comfortable for now yes

three corner hat

I'm plotting the three beat note spectra I took Monday them with the help of ctn-scripts. After fixing some improperly set conda permissions on spirou, I didn't untangle its package mess before needing to leave. I've grabbed the files to finish up later.

cable management

I'm putting together a Thorlabs order for cable management and fiber optomechanics -- mounts for our fiber splitters and other pigtailed components.

  • Fiber storage reels (FSR1)
  • fiber component trays, for holding fiber splitters, faraday isolators, etc (BFCT)
  • cable tags (CMS021)
  • Cable tie bases (CMS010) and reusable ties (CMS011)
  • cable straps (for cables that should lay flat) (CS1)

In the meantime, I'm rearranging the electronics rack and cables for increased sanity.

  • Put the L-com BNC panel mount on posts, which may be sturdier than the clamps we had been using
  • Mounting DC power strip to side of electronics rack
    • turn off lasers, then turn off DC power at the Sorensen.
    • Open up power strip to access mounting thru holes on the backside.
    • Mark in pencil the location of 2x holes on the side of the rack, and drill with a #7 gauge bit for #10 rackmount screws (check chart on wall behind EE drill press).
    • Mount the strip's base, then close the power strip as before. Turn on the DC power and lasers.

Fiber launch

The 40m uses these fixed focus collimators (F220APC-1064) in a locking kinematic mount (K6XS) for their fiber launch. Thorlabs also offers similar fixed-focus collimators in 'large beam' (7mm waist for 1550nm) and 'low aberration' varieties. It looks like the triplet lens, low aberration variety uses a slightly different mounting adapter (unthreaded c-clamp, compared with the threaded adapter for F220APC). Thorlabs suggests using epoxy for 'stacked threaded' systems where the internal and external bores both have threads, to avoid inadvertedly loosening one set of threads.

I'm inclined to go with the low aberration version, either T18APC-1550 (3.33 mm waist) or T12APC-1550 (2.27 mm waist). There are also versions of the same with 4.65 and 1.12 mm waist.


  • added a label to the Moku to remind users to plug in ipad after use
  • removing test equipment from floor... we could get something like these electronics cabinets or dolly from McMaster to go under the table. Probably the dolly is more versatile, and we could fit 2 under a table. I've ordered one dolly.


exit Wed Jan 27 15:18:12 2021

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