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Message ID: 2614     Entry time: Mon Jan 25 21:59:34 2021
Author: rana 
Type: Summary 
Category: Laser 
Subject: test laser 

I put the new laser we're testing onto the old Q table on the south side. Its not on yet - we need a Windows laptop to use it. I am thinking that we can use the blue fiber that (right now) runs from the cryo cavities setup over to the PSOMA table. If that one is a  FC/APC connector we can just intercompare the lasers via fiber using the 3-way combiner we talked about.

I had some email exchange with facilities. They seem to be trying to debug the situation remotely and the HEPA on the south wall started blowing cold air sometime around 5-6 PM. Let's see how much the temperature changes (I have a StripTool plot running on the Shruthi workstation).

In order to believe our phase noise measurements, it would be good to engineer some wind/acoustic protection for all teh exposed fiber stuff on the north side of the PSOMA table. Anyone have any ideas?


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