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Entry  Mon Jan 25 16:36:24 2021, rana, Misc, General, needs 
    Reply  Wed Jan 27 11:58:25 2021, rana, Misc, General, needs 
Message ID: 2613     Entry time: Mon Jan 25 16:36:24 2021     Reply to this: 2616
Author: rana 
Type: Misc 
Category: General 
Subject: needs 

we desperately need:

  1. a sticker on the Moku to make sure the ipad is always left chargin when unused
  2. a rational arrangement and handling of the cables, fibers on the table.
  3. remove all test equipment from the floor under the optical table; maybe get another rack?

also, I moved Aaron's large phase tracker data file onto the SD card since the RAM is volatile and was nearly full on the iPad. We should really buy a higher capacity SD card too.

I am re-running the phase tracker (this time set to frequency instead of amplitude) on the same laser setup. I have tuned the beat frequency to ~30 MHz using the "North" laser temperature.

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