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Message ID: 2607     Entry time: Wed Jan 6 10:47:18 2021
Author: aaron 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: PSOMA 
Subject: DC to PSOMA rack, realtime model 

enter Wed Jan 6 10:47:10 2021 

Making a new cable to run from the Sorensens' rack over to PSOMA rack

  • Grabbed from EE: an appropriately chonky 3-wire cable (AWG 12, same as the old cable), the 18V 'ligo style' connectors (not needed), and some lugs. Confirm the cable is long enough
  • open up the power strip, take a photo to make sure I get the wire mapping right.
  • Remove the old (short) cable, crimp the lugs (and insulator jacket) onto the new cable and install it on the power strip.
  • Run the cable along the cable tray to the Sorensen. Turn off the power supply, then attach the lugs on that end with a 10-32 screw/washer/nut
  • Turn on the supplies, confirm +- 18 V at the power strip. All good, returned parts to EE.

PSOMA realitime model

I figured I'd initialize our realtime model for PSOMA. First, copied over x1cry.mdl (cryo cavities model) into x1oma.mdl. When I build this model, I get the following error

Linux source does not match currently running kernel.

The RCG expects the linux source to be at /usr/src/linux.  For modern
distros this should be a symlink to the source installed as part of
the kernel header package for the running kernel.  For this system:

/usr/src/linux -> /usr/src/linux-headers-3.2.88-rtcds

Please create/update this link, or set the RCG_IGNORE_KERNEL_RELEASE
environment variable to bypass this check

 I haven't seen this before, do I need to update something? I haven't made recent changes to cymac, so I would be surprised if it's running a newer version of linux / rtcds than the existing source (and only one version of rtcds exists in /usr/src anyway). Indeed, when I ask for the currently running kernel (uname -r), it is '3.2.88-rtcds'; and the link at /usr/src/linux points to /usr/src/linux-headers-3.2.88-rtcds. I would expect that the source "linux-headers-3.2.88-rtcds" matches the kernel '3.2.88-rtcds'. I'm setting the ignore flag for now, but would like to know what this means.

Setting ignore to '1' or 'True' does not avoid the error message. I don't see mention of this message on the 40m or other elogs, so I'm a bit stuck. Since the realtime model isn't critical right now anyway, that's all for now.

exit Wed Jan 6 16:27:10 2021

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