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Message ID: 2602     Entry time: Mon Dec 14 10:32:51 2020
Author: aaron 
Type: Update 

Enter Mon Dec 14 10:32:49 2020

Met with Shruti and finalized the fiber components we want to order.

Alignment procedure has apertures on the E beam path, one before the mixing BS and one after.

  1. Use apertures to determine a path for the E beam
  2. Place the PD such that signal from the E beam is maximized
  3. Align W path to the PD using the penultimate aperture. Because the penultimate aperture and PD position are shared with the E beam, the beams should be copropagating.
  4. Add short focal length lens before the PD.
  5. adjust alignment to maximize beat note.
    1. maximize DC level for E and W with the other path blocked.
    2. maximize beat
    3. repeat

W path laser is down to 25 uW at the PD. Also noticed that the y-alignment depends sensitively on the position of the final lens. The PD height is not the same as the height of the apertures, or the lens is off-center.

Exit Mon Dec 14 15:36:59 2020

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