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Entry  Mon Jul 20 08:59:02 2020, shruti, Update, Lab Work, At cryo lab FFDA12DE-AD53-4751-96C5-7AA726F4BC51.jpeg332F07DE-A250-44A6-BA28-5A0DF65207E9.jpeg
    Reply  Tue Jul 21 14:03:33 2020, shruti, Update, Lab Work, At cryo lab 156CA9F4-5287-4222-9C45-5ACA006DFEDC.jpeg64F84876-1D78-427F-B272-5584D0D7AC2C.jpegB56E1C6B-C039-4E7E-85F1-AEFE8FA1BEAB.jpegD540AD24-6D44-447C-B87F-B6CCD01D9521.jpeg
Message ID: 2539     Entry time: Tue Jul 21 14:03:33 2020     In reply to: 2538
Author: shruti 
Type: Update 
Category: Lab Work 
Subject: At cryo lab 

Notice of lab entry: ~13:45. Expect to be here until around 17:00.

Liz dropped off PPE that was collected from the 40m (Thanks Liz!), this included two sets each of items as marked on the safety tab of PSOMA inventory doc. Also, see Attachment 1. I have removed one set of items and placed them on the tan cart that I use. Aaron's set is still in the box by the door; while I have worn gloves and tried not to touch those items, please assume that I have.

I think I have located the PD readout circuits requested by Gautam, which was in Johannes' setup. See Attachment 2,3,4; the DCC number of 2 checks out. I have placed them in a box in the area near the entrance marked by a red square. Other items labeled with '40m' are also in that box.

Attachment 1: 156CA9F4-5287-4222-9C45-5ACA006DFEDC.jpeg  2.883 MB  Uploaded Tue Jul 21 15:06:05 2020  | Hide | Hide all
Attachment 2: 64F84876-1D78-427F-B272-5584D0D7AC2C.jpeg  3.076 MB  Uploaded Tue Jul 21 15:17:31 2020  | Hide | Hide all
Attachment 3: B56E1C6B-C039-4E7E-85F1-AEFE8FA1BEAB.jpeg  3.359 MB  Uploaded Tue Jul 21 15:17:54 2020  | Hide | Hide all
Attachment 4: D540AD24-6D44-447C-B87F-B6CCD01D9521.jpeg  2.675 MB  Uploaded Tue Jul 21 15:18:30 2020  | Hide | Hide all
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