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Entry  Mon Jun 8 15:26:10 2020, aaron, Notes, Safety, Plan for reopened Cryo lab activities 
    Reply  Tue Jun 9 13:58:55 2020, aaron, Notes, Safety, Plan for reopened Cryo lab activities Caltech_HVAC_System_Standards_Infomation.pdfResearcher_Back-to-Lab_Checklist.docx.pdfPI_Return_to_Work_Lab_Planning_Guidance.docx.pdf
       Reply  Tue Jun 9 14:19:46 2020, aaron, Notes, Safety, Template for logging lab entry / exit COVID-19_Glove_Usage_Guidance.docx.pdfWork_Station_Sanitation_Protocol.docx.pdf
          Reply  Thu Jul 16 12:09:18 2020, aaron, Notes, Safety, Template for logging lab entry / exit 
Message ID: 2536     Entry time: Thu Jul 16 12:09:18 2020     In reply to: 2534
Author: aaron 
Type: Notes 
Category: Safety 
Subject: Template for logging lab entry / exit 

Some of the above plans or guidance are now out of date. Here are some updates:

  • LIGO lab's research activities and restarting plan for PMA are outlined in a spreadsheet on the dcc.
  • There are also many additional or finalized training materials.
  • Most of the open questions raised above have been addressed
    • List of EPA approved cleaning products
    • Per the PPE and air flow requirements, since the Cryo lab will be a single person workspace we have no time constraint from COVID risk, and need only wear face covering when working solo. Other PPE requirements for clean optics still apply.
    • Shruti and I will be using the cryo lab on alternating days. Shruti will take Monday and Tuesday, Aaron will be Thursday and Friday. We will keep one unused day between our lab uses, at least for now.
    • We will set up a station with what we need from the electronics shop in the Cryo lab
    • LIGO has training and resources on best cleaning and disinfecting practice.
    • We can mostly use separate computer work stations, and keep personal tools at our own stations.
    • We will set up "in/out" boxes near the entry to cryo, so people can request supplies being stored there and pick them up after disinfecting. Information about shipping and receiving is on Sharepoint.
    • Rana has approved us to work in cryo 
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