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Entry  Thu Jul 16 11:27:18 2020, aaron, Update, Lab Work, Reopening cryo lab 
    Reply  Fri Jul 17 13:15:03 2020, aaron, Update, Lab Work, Reopening cryo lab tape_before.pdfglasses.pdf
Message ID: 2535     Entry time: Thu Jul 16 11:27:18 2020     Reply to this: 2537
Author: aaron 
Type: Update 
Category: Lab Work 
Subject: Reopening cryo lab 

Notice of lab entry

Date of entry: 17 July 2020
time of entry:  13:00 PT
time of exit:    18:00 PT
Date of entry: 17 July 2020
time of entry:  13:10 PT
time of exit:    17:25 PT
Purpose: I will begin the reopening procedures outlined in previous elogs (2534, 2533). I'll also try to locate at least one Wilcoxon accelerometer and an M2 ISS readout board. I'll enter the EE shop to move one solder station from EE to cryo lab. 

That's probably all that's necessary for a typical lab entry, though more details always good. Here's what I'll be doing and a couple checklists for COVID procedures.

Planned activities
  1. Go to cryo lab and do a quick survey for PPE. I will pick up 2 sets of PPE, cleaning supplies, and signage from Downs 318 for cryo (one personal set per person). For list of PPE and other supplies, see the PSOMA hardware inventory (under Procurement on the wiki).
  2. Follow the applicable steps in the "back to lab" checklist in prior elog.
  3. ​ ​Put together personal tool cart and workstation, labeling
  4. Check / repair HEPA filter
    1. connection to wall
    2. check filter specification against requirements. air scrubbing reference. Calculator for acceptable person-time limits for shared rooms (currently not applicable, since cryo will be one person per day occupancy). Aerosol guidelines reference.
    3. See if particle counter still logging.
    4. Air flow meter measuring flow at filter, around filter, at the door, at the opening in the ceiling near NW corner.
  5. Set up in/out box bins for materials / tools entering and exiting cryo lab.
  6. Locate seismometer and circuit.
  7. Transport 1 solder station from EE shop to cryo
  8. Check inventory in cryo lab against the PSOMA hardware list
  9. Make sure cymac and the fe are running.
Before checklist

During checklist

  • Physically distanced at all times, following one-way signage around campus, wearing a face covering. I'll need to use elevators for a while, and will keep those single occupancy.
  • Wearing mask always and washing hands as appropriate.
  • On arrival, wipe down door knobs, keyboard, mouse, knobs, any frequently touched surface. 
  • No more than 1 person in the cryo lab per day, stay more then 6' from others.
  • Update other lab members of activity on the elog. The remote lab member is a 'virtual buddy'.

After checklist

  • complete elog, close work permit
  • Sanitize shared surfaces
  • Dof PPE except for face mask
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