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Entry  Mon Jun 8 15:26:10 2020, aaron, Notes, Safety, Plan for reopened Cryo lab activities 
    Reply  Tue Jun 9 13:58:55 2020, aaron, Notes, Safety, Plan for reopened Cryo lab activities Caltech_HVAC_System_Standards_Infomation.pdfResearcher_Back-to-Lab_Checklist.docx.pdfPI_Return_to_Work_Lab_Planning_Guidance.docx.pdf
       Reply  Tue Jun 9 14:19:46 2020, aaron, Notes, Safety, Template for logging lab entry / exit COVID-19_Glove_Usage_Guidance.docx.pdfWork_Station_Sanitation_Protocol.docx.pdf
          Reply  Thu Jul 16 12:09:18 2020, aaron, Notes, Safety, Template for logging lab entry / exit 
Message ID: 2534     Entry time: Tue Jun 9 14:19:46 2020     In reply to: 2533     Reply to this: 2536
Author: aaron 
Type: Notes 
Category: Safety 
Subject: Template for logging lab entry / exit 

Here's my first attempt at a template / checklist for logging cryo lab entry / exit. In practice, perhaps the full checklist can be stored on a wiki page and also posted in the lab, rather than repeated many times on the elog. In that case, we can just include user name, time in and out, and purpose for lab use. Please provide changes, additions, comments, etc.

Cryo lab use log

User name: _____
Purpose: _____
Time in: _____
Time out: _____

Prerequisites to using the lab

By posting this elog, I confirm that I am eligible for returning to campus work by meeting the following:

  1. Have not shown flu- or cold-like symptoms, or been in close contact with anyone showing such symptoms, for at least 14 days.
  2. Watched Caltech's training video on returning to work safely.
  3. I am one of the allowed users in the LIGO instrument science group's plan approved by PMA.
  4. I have gotten the flu (and/or COVID) vaccine, unless medically prohibited from doing so
  5. I maintain a log of my activities on campus, including route travelled, buildings visited, and rooms visited, for each day that I am on campus.
  6. I wear a face covering at all times when on campus (is this right? is the requirement broader than on campus?)
  7. I know how to put on gloves, because I read the Glove Usage Guidelines attached (1)
  8. I have mastered the cleaning / sanitizing protocols outlined in attachment 2
  9. Usual lab safety measures apply, including long pants, closed-toe shoes, lab coats, and no food or beverage.

Lab entry checklist

By posting this elog, I confirm that on entering the cryo lab, I did all of the following, in order

  1. Check in with myself. I am not symptomatic and haven't come into contact with anyone showing flu- or cold-like symptoms. I meet all the above prerequisites for entering the lab.
  2. Check the elog for important updates -- is there any reason I cannot use the lab as planned?
  3. Apply hand sanitizer before entering the lab
  4. Donned personal protective equipment (PPE) in the following order
    1. Face covering / mask (worn before entering West Bridge)
    2. Gloves
    3. Hair covering
    4. Goggles (general or laser, depending on work)
    5. Lab coat
    6. Shoe covering
  5. Clean and sanitize shared work surfaces with 70% ethanol / water spray and wiping down.
    1. Doorknobs and light switches
    2. Keyboard, monitor, and mouse of shared computers
    3. Any chair I use
    4. Toolbox, cabinet, and drawer handles
    5. Work surfaces (benchtop on the south wall, computer desk, any other surface being worked on).
    6. Phone, personal electronic or other devices
    7. [list other shared surfaces necessary for today's work 
  6. Clean and sanitize my gloved hands, or change gloves

Lab exit checklist

By posting this elog, I confirm that on exiting the cryo lab I did all of the following, in order:

  1. Clean and sanitize my gloved hands, or change gloves
  2. Clean and sanitize shared work surfaces, including the ones listed above
  3. Remove personal protective equipment in reverse order from the above

Bathroom breaks checklist

By posting this elog, I confirm that on briefly leaving the cryo lab to use the restroom (or another room with users not from our lab), I did all of the following, in order

  1. Remove PPE (except for face mask) in the reverse order as above
  2. Put on a fresh pair of gloves before exiting the cryo lab
  3. Dispose of gloves before reentering the cryo lab
  4. Don PPE, in normal order as above

Cleaning and sanitizing protocol

The cleaning and sanitizing protocol is defined in attachment 2. Note that these apply to preventative measures to remove visible debris and reduce the number and growth of bacteria, virus, and fungi. Measures for disinfecting, or killing pathogens on a known contaminated surface, are defined elsewhere (see Caltech EHS).

  1. Clean the material to remove visible debris, dirt, or dust
    1. Use an EPA approved (dead link on the Caltech doc) cleaner, or either a 70% ethanol or 10% bleach solution.
    2. Use paper towels or wipes with cleaning solution
    3. Cleaning is performed whenever work surfaces or frequently touched surfaces are visibly dirty
  2. Sanitize the material to kill and reduce the growth of pathogens
    1. Wipe or spray surfaces with cleaning solution (70% ethanol, OR 10% bleach, OR another approved cleaning product), leaving the surface moist for at least one (1) minute
      1. For water sensitive equipment, use wipes
    2. Sanitation should be performed on any object used in the lab before and after use. Examples of these are:
      1. Bench tops
      2. Light switches, door handles
      3. Laboratory hand tools (wrenches, IR viewcards, etc)
      4. Waste container lids
      5. Equipment panels / controls, rack mounted electronics, cables
    3. Sanitation of commonly used surfaces (listed above) should take place before and after entry to the lab
  3. Discard used wipes, cleaning supplies, and gloves in regular waste.
Attachment 1: COVID-19_Glove_Usage_Guidance.docx.pdf  458 kB  Uploaded Tue Jun 9 16:09:58 2020  | Hide | Hide all
COVID-19_Glove_Usage_Guidance.docx.pdf COVID-19_Glove_Usage_Guidance.docx.pdf
Attachment 2: Work_Station_Sanitation_Protocol.docx.pdf  561 kB  Uploaded Tue Jun 9 16:11:32 2020  | Hide | Hide all
Work_Station_Sanitation_Protocol.docx.pdf Work_Station_Sanitation_Protocol.docx.pdf
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