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Entry  Mon Jun 8 15:26:10 2020, aaron, Notes, Safety, Plan for reopened Cryo lab activities 
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Message ID: 2532     Entry time: Mon Jun 8 15:26:10 2020     Reply to this: 2533
Author: aaron 
Type: Notes 
Category: Safety 
Subject: Plan for reopened Cryo lab activities 

Cryo reopening

Following discussion last week with Rana and Shruti, we would like to set up the early version on PSOMA in the Cryo lab. Working in cryo offers the following benefits:

  • Existing eyewear and controls for 1550nm laser. We identified 1550nm as a good wavelength choice, since it will eventually ease our transition from room temperature to cryogenic operation.
  • Access to cryo cantilevers apparatus
  • Possibility that cryo Q will move to the large cryostat down the hall in QIL (non-inverted cold plate)

What we need

I'm reviewing the existing COVID-19 guidelines from PMA and LIGO, and would like to develop a set of procedures for the people using the cryo lab to follow as we return to West Bridge. This includes:

  • Checklist of procedures for entering and exiting the lab (additional PPE, surfaces to clean, what to note on the elog)
  • Procedure for controlling lab access
    • for example, how many users may enter the lab per day or week, and how they should coordinate
    • One-way access to lab (hallways will become one-way corridors)
    • Daily record of contacts, symptoms, and work locations
  • What work needs to be done to prepare the lab for use? such as
    • Fixing the HEPA filter for HVAC
    • Restocking PPE
    • Post signage about new procedures
    • Sanitizing station near door
  • Other considerations?


Here are some of the resources available for answering these questions:




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