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Entry  Mon Aug 13 15:56:36 2018, aaron, Cryostat, Vacuum, New fill port blank ready to go IMG_1082.JPG
    Reply  Wed Aug 15 14:53:00 2018, aaron, Cryostat, Vacuum, New fill port blank ready to go IMG_3335.JPGIMG_9538.JPGIMG_5561.JPG
Message ID: 2129     Entry time: Mon Aug 13 15:56:36 2018     Reply to this: 2133
Author: aaron 
Type: Cryostat 
Category: Vacuum 
Subject: New fill port blank ready to go 

I got the fill port blanks back from the GALCIT shop this morning. They hadn't tapped the holes that attach the blank to the cryostat, so I did it in the shop this afternoon; they made two blanks, and I tapped holes in one of them, so if ever we want to use the other blank on a port with a different bolt spacing we can do so. Now, as soon as I epoxy the offsets to the dewar and bake these new parts, we should be able to close up Hi'iaka again.

These blanks should be sized for o-rings with dash number 2-128.

Here's a picture of the blank. I inadvertently dropped the drill chuck on the part when I was swapping it out, so there's a little scratch on the face, but I think it shouldn't be a problem and can be sanded down; it's on the 'atmosphere' side of the o-ring.

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