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Entry  Thu Aug 9 11:13:19 2018, aaron, Things to Buy, Cryo Q, GeNS v2 
    Reply  Wed Aug 15 14:50:08 2018, aaron, Things to Buy, Cryo Q, GeNS v2 
Message ID: 2125     Entry time: Thu Aug 9 11:13:19 2018     Reply to this: 2132
Author: aaron 
Type: Things to Buy 
Category: Cryo Q 
Subject: GeNS v2 

I have made the following changes to the GeNS design:

Substrate Holder

  • Added two #4 thru holes to the substrate holder for attaching the heat link to the cold plate
  • Simplified the cutout for the beam to hit the disk. This should let the disk see more cold surface area from below. Now the cutout is a circle that will accomodate the full range of possible vertical beams from the periscope, plus some wiggle room.
  • Steepened the chamfer and fillet around the ring that holds the disk. Hopefully this will make the disk a bit more reliably centered and easier to load.

Sphere Base

  • Changed the beam opening to a circle that matches the one in the substrate holder. This makes the base a bit more massive (not very important) and perhaps helps with thermal shielding? Anyway it's aesthetically nice.
  • Added counterbore holes on the same side as the ESD that could hold the charcoal getter if necessary


  • Expanded the periscope opening to accommodate the 1.35'' diameter elliptical optic mount. Also moved this opening closer to the center of the part (should be as close as possible without impinging on the attachments to the linear actuator or allowing the beam to hit the hemisphere mount) 
  • Added an opening to accomodate the getter attached to the sphere base

Lens Mount

  • replaced the three set screws for the lens with one set screw abutting the lens against two circular offsets.

Holder Posts

no change

Base Posts

no change

ESD Holder

no change

Hemisphere Mount and Clamp

no change


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