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Entry  Tue Jul 24 18:16:19 2018, Aaron, DailyProgress, Cryo Q, Started aligning for in-air operation 
    Reply  Wed Aug 1 00:21:32 2018, Mandy, DailyProgress, Cryo Q, Started aligning for in-air operation 180801-laserLayout.PNG
Message ID: 2115     Entry time: Wed Aug 1 00:21:32 2018     In reply to: 2108
Author: Mandy 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: Cryo Q 
Subject: Started aligning for in-air operation 

This is kind of a late update, but we finished the new setup alignment and made the following changes: 
  • Moved injection periscope closer in front of disk, so that the outgoing beam is also reflected from there 
  • Moved telescope to before the return beam reaches QPD 
I attached a quick sketch in case these notes don’t really have any context. 

Mandy, Brittany, Aaron

We started setting up GeNS for in-air operation. The goal is to be able to get the sensing parts of the frequency stabilized loop operational--that is, we'll suspend a disk in air outside of the cryostat, then use the ESD to ring up the modes and track a ~30kHz eigenfrequency. We will try to actuate the temperature in air, but anticipate having difficulty due to the increased specific heat of silicon at room temperature relative to 123K.

Mandy is making the following changes to the beam injection/readout:

  • adding an additional telescope before the "ingoing" periscope, to make the beam smaller on the disk
  • Moving the injection periscope back so the beam outgoing beam has more room to separate from the ingoing

The new setup is currently being aligned.


Attachment 1: 180801-laserLayout.PNG  134 kB  Uploaded Wed Aug 1 01:27:12 2018  | Hide | Hide all
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