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Entry  Tue Jul 24 18:32:33 2018, aaron, Cryostat, Vacuum, Zach's dewars are no good FillPort_Blank.SLDDRWFillPort_Blank.SLDPRT
    Reply  Mon Jul 30 14:17:58 2018, johannes, Cryostat, Vacuum, Zach's dewars are no good 
       Reply  Tue Jul 31 22:21:40 2018, aaron, Cryostat, Vacuum, Zach's dewars are no good 
Message ID: 2112     Entry time: Mon Jul 30 14:17:58 2018     In reply to: 2109     Reply to this: 2113
Author: johannes 
Type: Cryostat 
Category: Vacuum 
Subject: Zach's dewars are no good 

Protolabs offers cnc turning but the aspect ratio of the plate could make it weird for lathing. FYI protolabs also machined the bottom plate Adele used for the white dewar which worked fine, even though I messed up the finish and had them bead-blast it. Still pumped below 1e-5 torr without problems within a few hours. There's also plenty of sand paper left from her polishing the heat switch parts from grit 280 or so all the way up to 2000 if you want to give polishing it yourself a shot (obviously only for exposed areas, won't work in grooves)


However it sounds like they don't do lathe work, which means they cannot make this part--as far as I understand, o-ring grooves can't be milled because that will introduce radial machine marks that will limit our vacuum.


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