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Entry  Sun Jul 29 17:59:26 2018, rana, Cryostat, Vacuum, texts 
Message ID: 2110     Entry time: Sun Jul 29 17:59:26 2018     In reply to: 0
Author: rana 
Type: Cryostat 
Category: Vacuum 
Subject: texts 

I don't know the answer to 'What is the spec on the minimum depth of scratches on a flange so that the leak rate is less than XXX Torr/liters/second?"

But here are a couple of vacuum texts which might have it:

  1. "Fundamentals of Vacuum Technology" PDF from Leybold
  2. "Vacuum Technology" by O'Hanlon (this is THE standard reference - don't know if there is a new one)
  3. "FOundations of Vac Sci and TEch" by Lafferty sounds promising, but I've never looked at it.
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