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Entry  Tue Jul 24 18:32:33 2018, aaron, Cryostat, Vacuum, Zach's dewars are no good FillPort_Blank.SLDDRWFillPort_Blank.SLDPRT
    Reply  Mon Jul 30 14:17:58 2018, johannes, Cryostat, Vacuum, Zach's dewars are no good 
       Reply  Tue Jul 31 22:21:40 2018, aaron, Cryostat, Vacuum, Zach's dewars are no good 
Message ID: 2109     Entry time: Tue Jul 24 18:32:33 2018     Reply to this: 2112
Author: aaron 
Type: Cryostat 
Category: Vacuum 
Subject: Zach's dewars are no good 

The first week in July I fabbed struts in the MechE shop for our cryostat to follow option 2.2 in the previous entry. I requested a quote from Millitnow to fab a new blank for the top plate. However it sounds like they don't do lathe work, which means they cannot make this part--as far as I understand, o-ring grooves can't be milled because that will introduce radial machine marks that will limit our vacuum.

I might be able to machine this part myself, but I'm not super confident that I'd be able to machine the groove to spec (though could be fun, if it's worth it I'll just spend the day on it)... does anyone have tips on where to go on campus for this--is GALCIT the way to go? Alternatively, maybe Millitnow can make the part and we just polish it to remove radial grooves--is this standard practice anyway? What do people really mean when they say "no radial grooves?"

Any advice on this appreciated. I've attached the drawing and sldprt for reference.

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