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Entry  Thu Jun 28 23:19:49 2018, johannes, Disha, Notes, Cavity, Gaussian beam mode for the new cavities New_Cavities.pdf
    Reply  Sun Jul 1 23:19:25 2018, johannes, Notes, Cavity, Gaussian beam mode for the new cavities 6x
       Reply  Tue Jul 3 11:58:25 2018, johannes, Notes, Cavity, Gaussian beam mode for the new cavities cavity_support_ring_gen2_15deg.PDFcavity_support_shelf.PDFshelf__contacts.pngcyl__contacts.png
          Reply  Wed Jul 11 22:38:54 2018, johannes, Notes, Cavity, Some assembly required 20180706_212353.jpg20180706_202052.jpg
             Reply  Wed Jul 11 23:27:38 2018, johannes, Notes, Cavity, new breadboard assembly 20180710_143617.jpg20180710_143629.jpg20180710_145112.jpg20180710_163221.jpg20180710_163803.jpg
                Reply  Wed Jul 11 23:51:18 2018, johannes, Notes, Cavity, first light 
                   Reply  Thu Jul 19 23:19:01 2018, johannes, Summary, Cavity, cryostat closed and pumping 20180719_114735.jpg20180717_164839.jpg
                      Reply  Sun Jul 22 00:52:10 2018, johannes, Summary, Cavity, transmission paths set up, mode-matching improved, post-baking ringdowns 6x
Message ID: 2102     Entry time: Wed Jul 11 23:27:38 2018     In reply to: 2101     Reply to this: 2103
Author: johannes 
Type: Notes 
Category: Cavity 
Subject: new breadboard assembly 

After baking the cleaned parts I began the assembly, which did not go as smoothly as I expected. I had test-fitted the rings with the guide rods before, but I had to move the outside rings further in than anticipated to fit bolts for fixing their position inside the tube. Also, sliding the assemblies into the thermal shield cans was not as easy as before, because the 8-32 set screws that fix the guide rods are sticking out just a little bit. After a little back and forth I was able to place the cavity mounts in the thermal cans in the correct position.

Using a few alignment helpers I placed the cavity cans side by side on the breadboard, accounting for the significant beam walkoff mentioned in previously. I placed the cavities in their mounts and estimated the breadboard lens positions based on mode calculations. I also made sure the lids for the cans can still be attached without removing the lenses, otherwise the whole careful placement would be ruined.

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