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Message ID: 1186     Entry time: Fri Dec 19 18:02:33 2014
Author: Chris 
Type: Lab Infrastructure 
Category: Control System 
Subject: cymac model at 64K rate 

I upped the sample rate of the x1cry model to 64K, in the following way:

  1. Change rate=16K to rate=64K in the Simulink model
  2. Recompile, reinstall
  3. Fix the filter coefficients in the Foton file

The only tricky part is the last step. Changing the sample rate requires the filter coefficients to be updated, so they still match the filter designs. But when you open the filter file in Foton, it does the opposite: updates the designs so they match the old, incorrect coefficients. Since x1cry had only a few filters defined, I went through the file and reverted the designs by hand. (Newer versions of Foton would let you automate this step.)

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