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Entry  Wed Dec 17 13:24:00 2014, Zach, Lab Infrastructure, SiFi, Cryostat unpacked (x-post from SUS elog) 
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Message ID: 1181     Entry time: Wed Dec 17 13:24:00 2014     Reply to this: 1228
Author: Zach 
Type: Lab Infrastructure 
Category: SiFi 
Subject: Cryostat unpacked (x-post from SUS elog) 

(I realized that we should probably use the CRYO elog rather than the SUS one, so I've reposted this here).

[Nic, Zach]

Today, we unpacked the IR Labs cryostat that will be the centerpiece of the Cryo SUS experiment. 

Everything was more or less in order, except that the baseplate does not have any outward extensions with which to mount the cryostat to the table. Also, the holes for the screws holding the baseplate to the barrel are not countersunk. So, as of right now, the entire cryostat sits on these screws' caps, which is not ideal. We need to either a.) get a new baseplate made up with some wings on it and countersinking for the screws, or b.) work out another way to hold and mount the cryostat (for example, we might want some soft isolating material there anyway, though it will come at the expense of alignment drift).

I followed the instructions and removed the strange anodized heat shield bottom plate that comes with it during shipping, replacing it with the usual one and then resealing the chamber. As directed, I also pumped out the air again---the charcoal getter is not supposed to be exposed to atmosphere for long periods of time.

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