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Message ID: 1179     Entry time: Mon Dec 8 16:12:28 2014
Author: Chris 
Type: Electronics 
Category: General 
Subject: Using the prologix gpib adapter 

The 4395A network analyzer in the Cryo lab takes ages to save data to floppy. Someone had hooked up a Prologix GPIB-ethernet adapter to it, but it wasn't working on our network. I set it up as follows:

  • Prologix adapter: autoconfigure by DHCP
  • Cryo router's DHCP server: reserve IP address for the Prologix

So, it acts like it has the static address while on the cryo network -- but you can still take it to other networks and use it without monkeying with the settings.

Python scripts copied over from the 40m are installed on gaston, in the directory ~controls/netgpibdata. The AG4395A.py script was tested and works (much faster than the floppy drive).

While testing, Nic and I found and disabled a rogue DHCP server running on the framebuilder.

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