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Message ID: 1135     Entry time: Wed Jul 30 16:51:56 2014
Author: nicolas 
Type: Computing 
Category: Control System 
Subject: How to set up a workstation to go with your cymac 

1. Download a bunch of tar balls from https://llocds.ligo-la.caltech.edu/daq/software/binary/apps/ubuntu12/ For gaston, I installed dv, epics, etc, fftw, gds, grace, libframe, metaio, nds2-client, and root.

2. untar them to /ligo/apps/ubuntu12

3. Also put the attached environment script into /ligo/apps/ubuntu12 (edit for your cymac settings, you may also need to edit the etc/*-user-env.sh files to make sure the paths are right)

4. in your ~/.profile file, add the line:

. /ligo/apps/ubuntu12/ligoapps-user-env.sh

to the end, so the environment is set on login.

5. There is a problem where you can't get testpoints, this link explains how to fix it.

6. Also Gabriele has found that you need to add some libraries to get the programs working on Ubuntu 14.04

to get diaggui working: http://packages.ubuntu.com/saucy/amd64/libtiff4/download

to get dataviewer working you need  libmotif4: sudo apt-get install libmotif4

You also need to modify the dataviewer script to point to the correct folder for grace

(If I forgot things, please edit this elog)






Attachment 1: ligoapps-user-env.sh  507 Bytes  | Hide | Hide all

# set up server addresses
export NDSSERVER=cymac1
export IFO=X1

# do we need this?
#mkdir /tmp/50DC -p
... 17 more lines ...
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