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  295   Wed Aug 18 20:16:24 2010 FrankNotesDAQtemp sensor 2 of RCAV is too noisytemp sensor number 2 of the reference cavity
shows much more (horrible) noise compared
to the other ones (2K pkpk).
  23   Sun Dec 6 14:54:43 2009 FrankLaserRefCavtemp sensor added on refcav2added
a single temp sensor on refcav2 (AD590) last
week  in order to monitor the temp of
  202   Thu Jul 8 15:20:24 2010 FrankNotesRefCavtemp sensor calibrationPT1000 value (chamber temp):
1083.9 Ohm
  225   Thu Jul 15 19:23:51 2010 FrankNotesPEMtemp sensor calibration using PT1000platinum temp sensor (PT1000) used for
calibration of AD590 on PSL table:
Callendar-Van Dusen Equation:
  1158   Tue Apr 23 22:28:53 2013 taraNotesTempCtrltemp sensor on heat shieldsI checked both temp sensors on the heat
shields. They are working. I can see the
change in resistance when I the heater is
  1173   Fri May 10 01:24:01 2013 taraNotesTempCtrltemp sensor on heat shieldsAD590s on both thermal shields are not
working. I was wrong when I checked them
at the first time.
  1813   Wed Jan 11 22:00:49 2017 yinziDailyProgressTempCtrltemperature control loopSo the loop itself is functional now (in
terms of all the hardware and software interfacing),
but the metal block didn't actually heat
  1814   Thu Jan 12 22:28:41 2017 ranaDailyProgressTempCtrltemperature control loopWrap the heatsink in some socks or blankets
or foam. In order to get the temperature
to rise you need insulation, same as people
  265   Mon Aug 9 17:34:43 2010 FrankSummaryRefCavtemperature jumpsthe temperature in some of the cavity channels
jumps about 5mK if you kick the table hard
enough, so there is some problem with the
  32   Tue Dec 29 19:21:11 2009 FrankLaserRefCavtemperature stabilityhere a plot of the temperatute stability
in peter's lab (upper graph) if nobody is
working in the lab (christmas) and if someone
  685   Sat Sep 17 14:44:34 2011 FrankNotesBEATtemperature stepping startedchanged set point from 26.5degC to 26.6degC
for a first test at 2:42PM local time on
fb2. Tuned the VCO feedback to be ~zero.
  171   Tue Jun 22 17:52:32 2010 FrankLab InfrastructureEnvironmenttemperature time series for the last weektemperature time series for the last couple
of days measured right above the table between
both cavities.
  675   Mon Sep 12 01:21:39 2011 FrankHowToVCOtemporary VCO solutionthought a little bit about how to create
the difference of 127MHz. Here are two ways
how we can do this right now:
  748   Wed Dec 7 20:44:36 2011 FrankDailyProgressRFAMtemporary channelsi'm currently adding new channels for RFAM
monitoring and EOM temp control but before
they work i used some other channels for
  1617   Wed Mar 30 08:29:15 2016 taraDailyProgressPMCtest on new PMCWe
tested one of the two new PMCs. finesse
is ~ 500 and the PZT works fine.
  1619   Wed Mar 30 10:28:44 2016 EvanDailyProgressPMCtest on new PMCWow, nicely done!

For posterity, the design document
is on the DCC: T1600071
  1620   Thu Mar 31 15:11:27 2016 taraDailyProgressPMCtest on new PMCThe
measured finesse for the new PMC is ~ 300.
The previous calculation was wrong because
  1623   Tue Apr 5 16:32:36 2016 taraDailyProgressPMCtest on new PMCWe are hacking the PMC card, to
try to lock the PMC without using a computer.

Aidan helped me try to lock
  1624   Wed Apr 6 15:02:50 2016 taraDailyProgressPMCtest on new PMC
Note: V input for RFPD should be
+/- 15 V (schematic)
for driving 21.5 MHz resonant EOM, can
  1627   Fri Apr 8 09:44:49 2016 taraDailyProgressPMCtest on new PMCI checked the VME crate, and made
sure that the PMC cards/ LO were
  1839   Mon Jun 12 13:48:45 2017 yinziDailyProgressTempCtrltesting heater circuit on test benchI moved the circuits to the electronics
lab to test it there, and I recreated the
situation that was occuring in the lab. I
  373   Tue Oct 26 16:20:03 2010 taracNotesLaserthe laser is brokenThe current
1064nm, 100 mW laser in our setup, NPRO lightwave
  378   Tue Nov 2 17:51:31 2010 taracNotesLaserthe laser is brokenFrank opened up the laser to find any burnt
mark, but found nothing and put it back,
and now the laser is working.
  1026   Fri Jul 20 00:47:10 2012 taraNotesEnvironmentthe wall is plasteredThe wall between PSL and ATF was drilled,
chiseled and plastered. This hole is for
laser distribution via optical fiber. I'll
  372   Mon Oct 25 21:46:26 2010 taraNotesNoiseBudgetthermal expansion noise due to RIN [COLOR=blue][SIZE=3][B]  I write up the calculation
for thermo elastic noise due to RIN. The
result from pure thermo elastic noise is
  58   Mon Feb 8 18:08:53 2010 FrankMiscAOMthermal images of AOMtook some images with the thermal imaging
camera of the AOM installed in the PSL so
far. The first three pictures show the AOM
  679   Fri Sep 16 22:15:03 2011 FrankSummaryFoamthermal insulation addedwhen playing with the setup i've noticed
that we are actually very sensitive to temperature
fluctuations (more than i expected), so the
  31   Mon Dec 28 17:01:43 2009 FrankLaserRefCavthermal insulation end caps addedwe added two endcaps for the first refcav
and additional insulation for the ion pump
and valve.
  898   Wed Apr 4 23:58:43 2012 taraNotesNoiseBudgetthermal noise from spacer + support Following the calculation from Kessler,
I estimated brownian noise from the spacer
and the o ring support from our setup. From
  1109   Wed Mar 6 12:48:50 2013 taraDailyProgressVacuumthermal shield + peek supports are bakedI setup the small vacuum chamber to bake
the shields and peek cavity supporting pieces.
All pieces are baked and I'm assembling all
  968   Mon May 21 02:38:48 2012 taraNotesNoiseBudgetthermo optic noise added to noise budgetThermo optic noise (coating) calculation
has been added to the noise budget code.
  970   Mon May 21 21:11:16 2012 taraNotesNoiseBudgetthermo optic noise added to noise budgetFrank corrected me that the acoustic coupling
was not improved with the legs changing around
500 Hz. The measurement in comparison was
  1387   Tue Nov 12 15:27:32 2013 taraNotesDocumentationthesis on ctnI created an svn folder for my thesis on
CTN measurement.
It can be found here
  430   Wed Dec 15 01:35:44 2010 FrankNotesRefCavthings to do
    replace windows on acav chamber
by ar-coated windows
    find source
of reflection in cavity - my guess it is
  839   Fri Feb 24 14:39:15 2012 FrankNotesNoiseBudgetthings to do on a very short timescale
    measure Marconi phase noise
LOCKED to Rubidium clock for different
input ranges and LO frequencies (make a list
  576   Tue Apr 12 18:42:59 2011 Dmass, taraDailyProgressTempCtrltime constant between can and cavityToday we connected the PT1000 thermostat
on RCAV's stack to C3:PSL-GEN_DAQ16. This
will be used for time constant between chamber
  578   Tue Apr 12 20:54:36 2011 DmassDailyProgressTempCtrltime constant between can and cavityThe 10V supply is an AD587 with a 22 uF
foil capacitor connecting its "noise
reduction" pin (8) to ground which I
  579   Wed Apr 13 09:18:50 2011 taraDailyProgressTempCtrltime constant between can and cavity 
 This morning, I decided to
adjust RCAV's temperature setpoint (C3:PSL-RCAV_RCPID_SETPOINT)
  580   Wed Apr 13 11:25:13 2011 DmassDailyProgressTempCtrltime constant between can and cavity Tara, please post what the channel
names are, physically.
  581   Wed Apr 13 11:29:50 2011 taraDailyProgressTempCtrltime constant between can and cavityIt's C3:PSL-FSS_SLOWDC. I'm not keeping the
cavity locked in order to avoid any heat
absorption from the beam. I only lock the
  582   Thu Apr 14 10:02:11 2011 taraDailyProgressTempCtrltime constant between can and cavityResult from a step function test.
At ~1.5 h, I changed the temperature setpoint
  568   Thu Apr 7 17:50:16 2011 FrankHowToVacuumtorque for CF flanges   cf_torque2.pdf 
  1045   Mon Sep 10 22:39:32 2012 taraNotesRefCavtranmisson and finesse of the cavityHere is a note about choosing finesse of
the new cavity. I'll try to incorporate all
the change in the system due to the change
  1046   Tue Sep 11 15:50:38 2012 taraNotesRefCavtranmisson and finesse of the cavityI calculated loss in the cavity by using
the cavity's pole and transmission. For our
cavity with 38kHz pole, T=300ppm, loss on
  1520   Mon Sep 15 18:36:32 2014 taraNotesVacuumtransmission of vacuum windows We measured the transmission of the
vacuum windows. The total transmission through
two windows is 0.975 +/- 0.002.
  471   Fri Feb 4 13:59:48 2011 FrankDailyProgressBEATtrend of the setup This setup has too much gain (i.e.
not enough range). Please
  1818   Wed Feb 22 17:21:36 2017 yinziDailyProgressTempCtrltroubleshooting temp sensor readingThe temperature sensor reading is being
railed to the negative power voltage whenever
a new input command is entered:
  6   Thu Nov 12 17:39:49 2009 FrankElectronicsVCOtuning rangetuning range of the 80MHz VCO used for
the frequency stabilization:
  842   Sun Feb 26 01:46:09 2012 FrankDailyProgressVacuumturbo disconnected - ion pump enableddisconnected the turbo pump and enabled
the ion pump  - initial current was
1mA  (value before venting was <0.1uA)
  490   Thu Feb 10 16:45:32 2011 FrankSummaryElectronics Equipmentultra low-noise pre-ampssome old designs i've built some years
ago using the cheaper DIP versions of the
matched BJT pairs from Analog Devices.
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