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  1611   Tue Mar 8 18:34:06 2016 AntonioSummaryPMCPMC preparationThis morning I sent an email to Evan in
order to obtain PMC documentation. 

  1612   Wed Mar 9 16:18:42 2016 AntonioSummaryPMCPMC preparationO rings and screws have been ordered!!!

  1621   Tue Apr 5 16:09:54 2016 AntonioNotesPMCShort time planThis is my short time plan rough proposal
for the period left of Tara's stay.

1. PMC number 1
  1622   Tue Apr 5 16:16:14 2016 AntonioDailyProgressEnvironmentSprinklerOne of the last few steps left was to put
back the sprinkler. Much more complicated
and longer than I thought, but
  1625   Thu Apr 7 02:00:08 2016 AntonioDailyProgressPMCPMC lockingFollowing the previous elog entry today
we succeeded in locking the PMC. 

  1630   Sun Apr 10 20:13:14 2016 AntonioDailyProgressPMCPMC glass PZT The PZT of the glass
PMC does not seem broken (at least looking
at the FSR).
  1633   Fri May 27 21:10:54 2016 AntonioSummaryFSSFSS frequency modulationSummary

Analysis of the frequency modulation
for the FSS loop has been done (may be I
  1649   Sat Jun 25 18:12:56 2016 AntonioDailyProgressopticNorth path construction progressNorth Path


The north path is going
  1650   Sat Jun 25 19:25:38 2016 AntonioDailyProgressEnvironmentEnclosure sealed I have ultimated the work started few months
ago about sealing the enclosure with the
tape to avoid air air flowing from the top.
  1651   Sun Jun 26 21:08:17 2016 AntonioDailyProgressopticNorth path construction progress: PMC MM lenses Summary

I have added two lenses in order
to create a waist of 330um for when the PMC
  1653   Wed Jun 29 15:20:40 2016 AntonioNotesBEATPlan decided on June 28th 2016In line with what we already started we

1. Build the North and South
  1658   Sat Jul 2 11:06:03 2016 AntonioSummaryFSSFSS frequency modulation 2Summary
(Entry 1633 revised)
  1659   Sat Jul 2 16:12:49 2016 AntonioNotesFSSFSS : THINGS TO BE DONE (some notes)In order to have a frequency stabilization
system (FSS) working with a new frequency
modulation (FM)
  1660   Mon Jul 4 16:38:24 2016 AntonioDailyProgressMode matchingMode matching plan to the North Cavity: few optionsSummary

A couple of mode matching solutions
for the north cavity that look promising
  1661   Thu Jul 7 10:37:46 2016 AntonioDailyProgressMode matchingMode matching plan to the North Cavity: CORRECTIONMotivation
I have realized that I made a mistake
measuring the distance of the North cavity
  1663   Fri Jul 8 22:09:33 2016 AntonioDailyProgressopticNorth path construction progress 2North Path

Following entry ID 1649, additional
  1668   Wed Jul 13 20:03:07 2016 AntonioNotesFSSFSS : THINGS TO BE DONE (some notes)That is perfectly in agreement with my

  1670   Thu Jul 14 20:57:07 2016 AntonioDailyProgressopticSouth path construction progressSummary
Following ID 1649 we start the implementation
of the South cavity path.
  1682   Sat Jul 23 20:21:16 2016 AntonioDailyProgressMode matchingSouth cavity Mode matchingSummary
Following the previous entry the South
path construction was at the point where
  1683   Sun Jul 24 20:03:38 2016 AntonioDailyProgressSouth CavityMode matching and cavities lockingSummary
Today I have aligned the South cavity
with the beam prepared and described in the
  2336   Mon May 6 20:12:22 2019 AnjaliSummaryEquipment loanBorrowed componentsI borrowed the following components from
PSL lab to QIL lab 

1. Mixer (Minicircuit, ZFM-3-S+)
  2177   Tue Apr 24 14:37:39 2018 Anchal and AndrewDailyProgressBEATBeam Profiling Beatnote detectorToday, we did the beam profiling for the
beatnote detector just before the photodiode.
I have attached the data taken. The z values
  2182   Thu May 10 18:18:06 2018 AnchalDailyProgressBEATBeam Profiling Beatnote detectorToday I took more measurements after reflecting
off the beam by 90 degrees to another direction
and using the Beam Profiler Dataray Beamr2-DD.
  2578   Sun May 31 11:44:20 2020 AnchalDailyProgressNoiseBudgetBayesian Analysis FinalizedI've implemented all the proper analysis
norms that Jon suggested and are mentioned
in the previous
  2580   Thu Jun 4 09:18:04 2020 AnchalDailyProgressNoiseBudgetBayesian Analysis FinalizedBetter measurement captured today.

Final result of CTN experiment
as of June 4th 9 am:

  2582   Thu Jun 11 14:02:26 2020 AnchalDailyProgressNoiseBudgetBayesian Analysis FinalizedI realized that in my noise budget I was
using higher incident power on the cavities
which was the case earlier. I have made the
  2584   Mon Jun 15 16:43:58 2020 AnchalDailyProgressNoiseBudgetBetter measurement on June 14thFinal result of CTN experiment
as of June 15th 5 pm:

  2586   Tue Jun 23 17:28:36 2020 AnchalDailyProgressNoiseBudgetBetter measurement on June 22nd (as I turned 26!)Final result of CTN experiment
as of June 23  5 pm:

  2587   Wed Jun 24 21:14:58 2020 AnchalDailyProgressNoiseBudgetBetter measurement on June 24thFinal result of CTN experiment
as of June 24  9 pm:

  2588   Fri Jun 26 12:38:34 2020 AnchalDailyProgressNoiseBudgetBayesian Analysis Finalized, Adding Slope of Bulk Loss Angle as variableI added the possibility of having a power-law
dependence of bulk loss angle on frequency.
This model of course matches better with
  2589   Tue Sep 15 15:13:44 2020 AnchalNotesEnvironmentHEPA filters switched on. Measurement stopped.I have switched on HEPA filters to high,
both on top of the main table and on top
of the flow bench.
  2599   Mon Nov 30 10:28:08 2020 AnchalNotesLaserNorth laser not switching on, power supply display not workingI shorted the interlock terminals on the
North laser power supply and still as soon
as I turn the key to 'ON' position,
  2607   Wed Jan 27 15:12:05 2021 AnchalNotesEnvironmentSmall leak or drip in the lab on West EndI noticed small amount of water on the
floor (Attachment 1) on the west end of the
lab. Immediately above it is a pipe which
  2608   Thu Feb 11 18:01:39 2021 AnchalDailyProgressInstrumentCharacterizationSR560 Intermodulation TestI added script SRIMD.py
in 40m/labutils/netgpibdata which allows
one to measure second order intermodulation
  2612   Mon Aug 22 20:18:21 2022 AnchalSummaryNoiseBudgetBirefringence noise in thermo-optic noiseI followed the analysis of this recently
published paper Jan
Meyer et al 2022 Class. Quantum Grav. 39
  2613   Tue Aug 23 19:56:21 2022 AnchalSummaryNoiseBudgetBirefringence noise in thermo-optic noiseI made a few changes in my calculations
today, which changed the noise contribution
of this photoelastic noise (coatTPE) to roughly
  2615   Thu Aug 25 19:19:27 2022 AnchalSummaryNoiseBudgetLooking at the measured and estimated photothermal transfer functionsThe photothermal transfer function measurement
made back in 2014 showed some cancellation
of thermo-optic noise, but there were some
  2616   Thu Aug 25 19:38:01 2022 AnchalSummaryNoiseBudgetBirefringence noise in thermo-optic noise 

  2617   Fri Aug 26 15:56:38 2022 AnchalSummaryNoiseBudgetChecking with Martin Fejer's calculationsMartin Fejer recently gave two talks in
a coatings workshop where he showed calculations
regarding the thermal photoelastic channel.
  16   Thu Nov 19 16:06:30 2009 AlbertoComputingComputersElog debugging output - Down time programmed today to make changesWe want the elog process to run in verbose
mode so that we can see what's going. The
idea is to track the events that trigger
  17   Thu Nov 19 18:50:33 2009 AlbertoComputingComputersElog debugging output - Down time programmed today to make changes

  1569   Tue Aug 11 16:49:55 2015 Aidan, Rich, AntonioSummaryBEATDiagnosing the terrible beat signal. RCAV HV supply not showing current drawnThe beat signal looks awful. It has some
amplitude modulation at 6.75MHz and looks
like it has some strange saturation effects
  1570   Thu Aug 13 09:07:04 2015 Aidan, Rich, AntonioSummaryBEATPLL locked on beat note - TTFSS boxes were being used incorrectly previouslyWe investigated the way we were locking
the PDH loops using the TTFSS boxes. Here's
what we previously did:
  1534   Mon Dec 15 20:43:49 2014 Aidan, Kate, EvanDailyProgressPMCSouth Faraday isolator needs help

  1535   Tue Dec 16 14:06:35 2014 Aidan, Kate, EvanSummaryEnvironmentTask listSome tasks not included on the list:

    Temperature loops
  1537   Wed Dec 17 20:30:36 2014 Aidan, EvanDailyProgress Minor changes to layout of cavity transmitted path


  1584   Tue Oct 6 09:27:25 2015 Aidan, EvanNotesNoiseBudgetiPython Noise Budget located in 40m SVN/trunk/docs/algaas_ctn/sourceFiles/   
  1557   Thu Jul 30 14:55:14 2015 Aidan, AntonioSummaryEnvironmentBroken light replaced - general lab cleanlinessI had Facilities come and replace the dead
light tube in the CTN lab antechamber. It's
nice and bright in there right now.
  1558   Sat Aug 1 09:24:58 2015 Aidan, AntonioSummaryBEATLasers locked to cavities - no beat - polarization? Transmission issuesBoth lasers have been locked to the cavities
for 24 hours. The slow control of the frequency
is handed off to the PID loop. Antonio and
  1562   Tue Aug 4 17:41:01 2015 Aidan, AntonioSummaryRefCavDAQ running with TRANS channels - strange peaks as we scan the laser frequencyWe now have DC transmission channels in
the frames. I'll post the details soon,
but here's a plot that shows the transmission
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