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  1767   Wed Nov 9 17:43:59 2016 awadeSummaryTempCtrlThree wire temperature sensor circuit for shieldsAt some stage we will need to install new
temperature sensors on the thermal shields.
 Tara et al. had installed AD590s in
  1772   Mon Nov 21 12:39:05 2016 awadeSummaryOtherPower cycle in the lab?It appears the acromag1 box was reset again.
 This might have to do with the flooding
in the adjacent ATF lab stopping power there.
  1780   Wed Nov 30 20:04:13 2016 awadeSummaryOtherPower cycle in the lab?The APC SMX3000LVNC UPS unit   
  1811   Wed Jan 11 17:08:45 2017 AidanSummaryPurchasesControllable 30V, 3A, 90W linear power supply with analog input I picked up one of the following linear lab
power supplies for the TCS Lab. They can
output 30V, 3A. They also have accept an
  1812   Wed Jan 11 17:31:05 2017 awadeSummaryPurchasesControllable 30V, 3A, 90W linear power supply with analog input If we wanted to measure the noise of this
without saturating the network analyzer I'm
guessing we put a capacitor in series to
  1815   Mon Jan 23 14:18:31 2017 Aidan, AntonioSummaryPEMIt's alive! Newport temperature sensors resurrected The (Windows 7) computer that runs the
OPC server is in the TCS Lab. The EPICS server
on this machine needs rebooting at the moment. 
  1837   Wed May 24 14:58:45 2017 AidanSummaryPMCPMC driver board chassis and AcromagI've pulled the old PMC driver board
from the VIM crate architecture and inserted
it into a chassis (D1700003). The interface
  1851   Thu Aug 10 11:47:13 2017 awadeSummaryPDSchematic for LSC Photodiode 1998: Modified 35.5 MHz PDAttached schematic for photodiode PCB labeled
"Rev. 0 LIGO Laboratory LSC Photodiode
PCB 26-Mar-1998"
  1853   Fri Aug 11 12:09:32 2017 ranaSummaryPDSchematic for LSC Photodiode 1998: Modified 35.5 MHz PDThis is sort of complicated to debug. Because
of the postive feedback on the bias line
it can be tricky to debug and tune. IF the
  1856   Sat Aug 12 19:11:56 2017 Craig, awadeSummaryNoiseBudgetNoise Budget SummaryThis is an overview of the old noise budget
made by Evan and Tara.  The plot is
the result of noisebudgetQWL.ipynb written
  1859   Mon Aug 14 21:38:51 2017 Craig, awadeSummaryNoiseBudgetNoise Budget SummaryThe coating thermo-optic trace seems off
here. The idea is that the actual coatings
we have installed are the ones with the cancellation
  1883   Mon Aug 28 16:19:53 2017 KiraSummaryTempCtrltemp sensorI built a temperature sensor prototype
for the 40m lab, which can be used for
the PSL lab as well for temperature stabilization.
  1902   Fri Sep 8 00:32:20 2017 awadeSummaryFSSSchematic block diagram FSS loopsI've
put together a summary block diagram of the
FSS boxes (based on the schematics
  1918   Thu Sep 14 21:54:26 2017 awadeSummaryFSSFSS modifications: series resistance (R1 and R2) to monitor points on servo board D040105Edit (awade, Mon Sep 18 13:39:59 2017):
These are modifications to the North path
field box
  1919   Fri Sep 15 02:05:46 2017 CraigSummaryNoiseBudgetNoise Budget SummaryThe noise budget posted in the previous
noisebudget elog has been described by experts
as "bunk".  I am here to right
  1920   Fri Sep 15 14:33:06 2017 AidanSummaryOtherCTN lab preparation for the plumbing work[Aidan, Gabriele, Eric]

We turned off and covered the clean flow
bench by the west wall. We also removed the
  1921   Fri Sep 15 14:45:54 2017 ranaSummaryNoiseBudgetNoise Budget Summarygood, but please no LDAS links in this
elog; we don't want to be tied down to
ligo.org and their mercurial ways
  1923   Fri Sep 15 20:42:55 2017 Craig's left brainSummaryNoiseBudgetText wrappingThe text wrapping issues is back, PSL:1919
post had a line of *** unbroken without spaces
that forced a super wide page.  Use
  1925   Mon Sep 18 00:46:08 2017 ranaSummaryFSSFSS modifications: series resistance (R1 and R2) to monitor points on servo board D040105Ugh - no, plugging in the network analyzer
should not change the gain of the servo.
This seems quite bad. Lets discuss and fix.
  1926   Mon Sep 18 13:34:13 2017 awadeSummaryFSSFSS modifications: series resistance (R1 and R2) to monitor points on servo board D040105Yes, this is bad. I thought
maybe it was an issue but didn't address
  1939   Mon Oct 2 12:30:15 2017 ranaSummaryFSSLISO & mfilWhen using LISO to simulate your circuits,
you may want to plot a few different cases
on top of each other. For this purpose, there
  1947   Tue Oct 10 00:49:34 2017 awade, CraigSummaryFSSReplacing U3 on north path (2010:005) FSS servo board.I had another look at the common path
gain stage of the FSS field boxes (LIGO-D040105). 
In modifications to the two field boxes
  1952   Wed Oct 18 11:19:15 2017 awadeSummaryFSSComparing south TF to LISO model[awade, Craig]

Yesterday Craig measured the transfer
function of the south path servo board (
  1953   Wed Oct 18 15:42:59 2017 awadeSummaryFSSComparing south TF to LISO modelprobably saturating in the PZT path. Repeat
with -10 dBm source and look at outputs with
a scope to check if its internally saturating.
  1954   Mon Oct 23 15:05:44 2017 awadeSummaryFSSComparing south TF to LISO modelYes, saturation was the issue.

I turned down the input excitation
to -23 dBm and checked with test clips all
  1958   Wed Oct 25 23:15:51 2017 awade, CraigSummaryFSSComparing south and north TF to LISO model[awade, Craig]

Craig retook the transfer functions
of both north and south boards today with
  2037   Wed Jan 10 11:31:03 2018 awadeSummaryLab InfrastructureLasers cycled on and offI had a guy come and fix the lighting in
the lab.  I tried to replace the tubes
yesterday and found that the ballast had
  2041   Thu Jan 11 12:33:06 2018 awadeSummaryScheduleWeekly todo list W2:2018Updated todo list is up on the labdata
git ctn_labdata/issue/10.

Priority over the next week is
  2141   Thu Mar 15 22:50:58 2018 Shu Fay UngSummary helping to upgrade lab data acquisition systemHi, I'm an undergrad and I'll be
helping to upgrade the lab data acquisition
system. I'm starting off with getting
  2144   Sun Mar 18 10:17:16 2018 Shu FaySummary Plotting program quickplot.pyquickplot.py makes quick plots of data
from desired channels. See: https://github.com/shufay/LIGO-plots.

On ws1 cd to ~/Git/LIGO-plots. In
  2157   Thu Mar 29 02:51:35 2018 KojiSummaryBEATThe design for a new beat PD DC photocurrent: 
a few mA => A transimpedance of
1k Ohm will realize the output of ~a few
  2161   Mon Apr 2 00:15:34 2018 ranaSummaryBEATThe design for a new beat PD MAX4106 slew rate is 275 V/us, so almost
half of 4107. LMH6611 is 460 V/us.

What about THS4271-EP ? (1000 V/us,
  2162   Wed Apr 4 02:06:45 2018 KojiSummaryBEATFirst article of the CTN beat PDMade
the first article of the 25MHz resonant PD
for CTN experiment.
  2163   Wed Apr 4 12:52:33 2018 awadeSummaryDrawingsDrawings: 2in windows for vacuum can flang and clampI've drafted up some new drawings for
new view ports into our vacuum can. 
We have 8 inch windows at the moment with
  2164   Thu Apr 5 02:04:49 2018 KojiSummaryBEATCompensation for MAX4107 at G=4.5MAX4107 is stable only when G>+10. Because
of this fact, the 25MHz PD has a too-high
transimpedance for our purpose. To lower
  2165   Fri Apr 6 04:48:02 2018 KojiSummaryBEATCompensation for MAX4107 at G=4.5Performance
of the modified photodetector unit:

  2168   Wed Apr 11 16:06:31 2018 awadeSummaryDrawingsDrawings: 2in windows for vacuum can flang and clampSome updates for 2 inch window flanges.

Errors fixed

I noticed
a few small errors in the 2 inch window flange
  2169   Thu Apr 12 22:00:13 2018 awadeSummaryTempCtrlSummary of parameters and dimensions for thermal modelingThis is a summary reference post for parameters
to do with the thermal surfaces and bodies
within the vacuum can. It brings together
  2171   Fri Apr 13 11:34:09 2018 awadeSummaryDrawingsDrawings: 2in windows for vacuum can flang and clamp, steve's commentsI discussed the 2-in window flange design
with Steve.  He had a couple of suggested
changes.  I'm adding them here for
  2175   Sun Apr 22 17:46:55 2018 awadeSummaryBEATCompensation for MAX4107 at G=4.5For reference I have attached original
schematic to this post.  Koji sent
me the link to the original document that
  2194   Fri Jun 1 16:30:09 2018 shrutiSummaryTempCtrlMeasuring thermal decay time constantTo develop an accurate physical model
to be used as a testing ground for the machine
learning controls to be implemented in the
  2195   Fri Jun 1 22:00:52 2018 CraigSummaryTempCtrlMeasuring thermal decay time constantHi shruti,

You might have more luck with scipy.curve_fit
if you try taking the log of the y data,
  2198   Wed Jun 6 22:08:33 2018 ranaSummaryTempCtrlMeasuring thermal decay time constantWe expect the vacuum can to have multiple
time constants since there are multiple sources
of heat loss. Don't worry too much about
  2226   Mon Aug 13 17:36:39 2018 anchalSummaryPDPhotodiode Transimpedance Amplification CircuitRedesigned D1400384-v2 is ready and uploaded
on dcc. PCB
Layout, circuit schematic, Gerber files,
  2227   Mon Aug 13 17:41:39 2018 anchalSummaryISSDCC link of finished designThe board design is finished and all the
files have been uploaded on dcc (LIGO-D1800214-v1). PCB
  2228   Wed Aug 29 12:01:54 2018 anchalSummaryPMCSummarization of efforts to fix PMC Servo problemsI and Andrew measured transfer functions
of each stage of PMC Servo box using Agilent
4395A and HP 41800A probe. Attached are the
  2229   Thu Aug 30 12:01:37 2018 ranaSummaryPMCSummarization of efforts to fix PMC Servo problemspost up-to-date schematic

Update Thu Aug 30 15:13:48 2018:
now added to elog 2228
  2239   Mon Sep 24 12:53:26 2018 awade and anchalSummaryPMCSummarization of efforts to fix PMC Servo problems: external mixer and LP filter[awade and anchal]

  2240   Wed Sep 26 16:59:17 2018 anchalSummaryFSSCharacteristics of new RFPDs in FSSWe installed new RFPDs with components
s.t. they are tuned near 35.5 MHz. We tuned
the inductor L1 and capacitor C40 to bring
  2244   Mon Oct 1 23:44:59 2018 ranaSummaryFSSCharacteristics of new RFPDs in FSSPlease explain in much
more detail how the RF transimpedance calibration
was done.
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