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  1455   Wed Jul 23 00:28:14 2014 taraDailyProgressopticsetting up scattered light measurementI'm checking
the linearity of power and exposure on the
camera. The ccd counts are quite linear with
  1456   Thu Jul 24 02:00:23 2014 taraDailyProgressopticsetting up scattered light measurementI rechecked the CCD response
vs exposure time and power. The results
are linear.
  1208   Mon Jun 24 21:27:02 2013 taraNotesRefCavsetup for 2nd refcavI'm in the process of locking the 2nd cavity.
The work is in progress. 

     The 2nd TTFSS is
  1267   Tue Jul 30 16:19:32 2013 EricaNotesfiber opticsetup for beam recombinationDiagram for newest setup with additional half
wave and lenses: 
  1047   Sun Sep 16 16:42:16 2012 taraDailyProgressfiber opticsetup for fiber optic distribution.I'm setting up fiber optic so that I can
send frequency stabilized laser to ATF. Right
now the power coming out is small (0.8 mW
  1049   Mon Sep 17 20:59:15 2012 taraDailyProgressfiber opticsetup for fiber optic distribution. I adjusted the mode matching a bit
( changing lenses positions and rotate the
lens on the collimator). 
  66   Tue Feb 16 19:33:53 2010 FrankLaserLaserseveral shutdowns the last dayswe had several shutdowns of the laser within
the last days. A couple of times the well
known "HT error", today we had
  586   Fri Apr 22 12:50:44 2011 FrankNotesPurchasesshoe coversordered new shoe covers. Will try those
below as they seem to be better than the
ones we had but are much cheaper. Come in
  928   Thu Apr 19 21:10:59 2012 FrankNotesDrawingsshort cavitiesdetailed CAD drawings for the short cavities,
mirrors, cavity mount, radiation shields,
adapter plates and modified top stack 
  656   Thu Aug 11 15:18:28 2011 RaphaelDailyProgressElectronics Equipmentshot noise characterizationHere is the characterization of the shot
  2329   Sun Apr 28 22:29:18 2019 ranaSummaryElectronics Equipmentshould I use an OpAmp as a Comparator?not all amps are good for
use as a comparator
  925   Wed Apr 18 23:53:01 2012 Frank, TaraDailyProgressFoamsimple insulating boxto test how much insulation we need to
reduce our acoustic noise (or air currents)
problem we've added a simple aluminum-foil
  660   Thu Aug 18 23:12:42 2011 RaphaelSummaryFSSsimulink just about done. Feedback appreciated.So over the whole summer, I've put together,
little by little, the simulink model for
the path that locks the laser to the reference
  652   Tue Aug 9 00:01:08 2011 RaphaelDailyProgressFSSsimulink modelHey,
So I'm done-ish with the simulink
file that models the loop that locks the
  767   Fri Dec 23 12:00:54 2011 FrankNotesComputersslow (laser temp) feedback script fixed.Software feedback to laser temp didn't
work correctly. Fixed it.
Script is located in /usr1/epics/psl/scripts
  299   Thu Aug 19 19:19:26 2010 taraNotesComputersslow actuator noteACAV 0.2602 V
RCAV 0.1102 V
  20   Tue Nov 24 11:07:30 2009 FrankLaserRefCavslow actuator settingsslow actuator settings for being resonant:
  254   Wed Aug 4 16:21:01 2010 FrankNotesRefCavslow actuator values for both cavities - personal notes -
slow actuator values
RCAV : 0.1915ACAV : 0.2050
  264   Mon Aug 9 12:55:40 2010 FrankNotesRefCavslow actuator values for both cavitiesboth cavities @35 degrees +/- 5mK
slow actuator values
  1155   Mon Apr 22 17:13:24 2013 taraNotesDAQslow feedback to laser via EPICS is onThe medm screen for the 1st laser is completed,
the servo is on an stable. Refcav has been
locked for a few hours as of now.
  1172   Wed May 8 01:11:09 2013 taraNotesDAQslow feedback to laser via EPICS is onSlow feedback for 2nd laser is ready.
EPICs channel:

    C3:PSL-RCAV-FMON was created
  699   Fri Oct 7 14:07:26 2011 FrankHowToVacuumsmall baking chamberi've build a small baking chamber which
we can use for small parts like posts, sensor
and heater assemblies, wires, screws etc.
  518   Mon Feb 28 09:51:15 2011 FrankSummaryEnvironmentsockets at computer desk fixedTom from the electrical workshop fixed
the two sockets at the computer desk. 
We also checked the other sockets
  498   Tue Feb 15 23:19:54 2011 FrankDailyProgressBEATsome (minor) calibration problem foundFound at least two (minor) problems:

    So far i measured the
zero-crossing of the mixer signal and both
  499   Tue Feb 15 23:33:51 2011 taraDailyProgressBEATsome (minor) calibration problem foundSo, from the first plot, is the calibration
factor for cable delay technique ~ 8MHz/Volt?

  501   Wed Feb 16 09:14:14 2011 FrankDailyProgressBEATsome (minor) calibration problem foundyes, for yesterdays measurements 7.435
But that number changes from measurement
  243   Wed Jul 28 22:17:15 2010 FrankNotesDAQsome connections to P4-3113A (J2 and J3)- personal notes -
J2  63/64  CH31  PSL-ISS_AOMRF
  294   Wed Aug 18 20:11:44 2010 FrankSummaryDAQsome signals moved to VME DAQ systemmoved the first 8 signals, the 4 individual
sensors for each cavity, to the VME DAQ system.
  769   Tue Dec 27 16:11:07 2011 FrankNotesSeismicstack TF updatedupdated the stack TF using more accurate
numbers for the RTV springs and masses and
also updated the proposed TF for the stack
  1048   Mon Sep 17 19:06:36 2012 taraNotesPMCstainless steel pmcI got PMC drawing from Dmass, this will
be similar to gyro's steel PMC. I'll submit
the work to machine shop soon.
  1052   Mon Sep 24 16:41:19 2012 taraNotesPMCstainless steel pmc[with Zach and Dmass] We discussed about
the stainless steel pmc design  and
here are the list of what should be modified.
  1077   Thu Nov 15 00:33:01 2012 taraNotesPMCstainless steel pmcKriten sent me solidwork part files for
the steel pmc.  I'm checking all the
parts and will decide what material we want
  1078   Thu Nov 15 18:59:17 2012 taraNotesPMCstainless steel pmcThe PMC round trip is ~ 0.32m. The end
mirror has ROC = 1.0m. The spotsize is 384
micron.  The end mirror has radius ~2.5
  335   Tue Aug 31 21:59:19 2010 FrankSummaryComputersstill network problemsi tried to figure out where the network
problems come from. Looks like it's the fiber
connection between fb1 and the switch in
  270   Tue Aug 10 22:57:25 2010 FrankDailyProgressRefCavstrange channel behaviorwe have probably some minor network problems
which causes some channels not beeing available
at all times even on the same computer.
  54   Fri Feb 5 21:53:13 2010 FrankLaserRefCavstrange things going onin order to get an idea about the part/subsystem
causing the RF power modulation while sweeping
the VCO frequency i changed the length of
  55   Sat Feb 6 12:19:14 2010 ranaLaserRefCavstrange things going on Seem like
a screwy AOM. I would take the double-passed
  74   Tue Feb 23 20:13:00 2010 Tara ChalermsongsakLaserRefCavsuccessfully use ifr2023 to track the frequncy drift of the beat  The drift in the demodulated signal
(beat frequency x local oscillator) can be
tracked by using ifr2023 and sr560. We successfully
  75   Wed Feb 24 11:58:20 2010 ranaLaserRefCavsuccessfully use ifr2023 to track the frequncy drift of the beatVolts? What are Volts???
This plot should be converted into
radians/rHz or Hz/rHz in order to be used.
  183   Tue Jun 29 14:22:31 2010 FrankNotesNoiseBudgetsummary of emissivity coefficients for refcav experimentemissivity
coefficients - ε - 
  527   Wed Mar 2 16:07:29 2011 FrankPhotosRefCavsuspended cavity for cavity damping experimenti've suspended another cavity (very similar
to the LIGO refcav) on an old stack which
is a bit longer than the one we currently
  530   Thu Mar 3 01:04:46 2011 taraPhotosRefCavsuspended cavity for cavity damping experimentI measured Q factor for a few modes
of refcav's suspension system, by shadow
sensing technique, and found out that  
  423   Thu Dec 9 00:20:33 2010 taraDailyProgressElectronics Equipmentswitching ACAV/RCAV RFPDs I switched the RFPD between
RCAV and ACAV, now the gain for FSS loop
is set to 26 dB, but the beat signal does
  336   Wed Sep 1 00:27:34 2010 taraNotesBEATsymmetric optic layout for beat measurement  A tentative layout for almost symmetric
layout for beat measurement. The double 1/4
objects  in the beam paths should be
  1376   Wed Oct 30 01:56:38 2013 taraDailyProgressoptictable workI'm optimizing the setup, and clearing
the table a little bit.

    Self homodyne setup in
  533   Fri Mar 4 00:58:02 2011 FrankPhotosSeismictable-shaker (longitudinal motion)   P1700979.JPG 
  822   Mon Feb 13 13:16:02 2012 FrankNotesBEATtemp coefficient of coax cablesfrom  
of Earth-station delay instabilities using
  1055   Wed Oct 3 17:48:26 2012 taraNotesTempCtrltemp control for the chamber is offI checked the temperature control servo
for the vacuum chamber and found out that
it was off. I could not turn it back on yet
  1883   Mon Aug 28 16:19:53 2017 KiraSummaryTempCtrltemp sensorI built a temperature sensor prototype
for the 40m lab, which can be used for
the PSL lab as well for temperature stabilization.
  1884   Mon Aug 28 22:30:34 2017 Craig, awadeDailyProgressTempCtrltemp sensorKira built the circuit below and and handed
it off to Andrew and I at around noon today. 
We tested it and found it was extremely noisy. 
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