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  1571   Fri Aug 14 19:10:39 2015 AidanSummaryTempCtrlDropped lab temperature set point from 72F to 68FAt 7:07PM

  1572   Mon Aug 17 17:02:41 2015 AidanSummaryComputersAcromag binary outputs working - still can't control TTFSS box thoughI managed to figure out the modbusDrv configuration
settings to get the binary output of the
Acromag working. I've updated the Wiki
  1573   Wed Aug 19 10:34:33 2015 AidanSummaryDAQBinary IO control of TTFSS box working - can lock PDH remotelyI've worked out how to get the binary
IO to work with the TTFSS box so that we
can activate switches in that unit. It wasn't
  1574   Wed Aug 19 13:53:45 2015 AidanSummaryDAQDAC calibration for Acromag slow unitsVolts (requested) to Counts

C = a1*V_req + a2

a1 = 3003.5 counts/Volt
  1575   Thu Aug 20 13:55:22 2015 AntonioSummaryFSSOLTF Transfer functions of the North loopIn order
to have a better understanding of the FSS
  1577   Thu Aug 27 17:11:43 2015 Aidan, AntonioSummaryBEATTrouble locking - 140kHz notes are switching supplies?We tried locking the PLL today but failed.
Looking at the beat note on the network analyzer
revealed some 70/140kHz harmonics. We thought
  1578   Wed Sep 2 22:13:47 2015 AntonioSummaryBEATPLL locking AGAINDescription

As described in the elog entry
n. 1577 we were not able to lock the PLL
  1585   Thu Oct 8 16:27:18 2015 AidanSummaryNoiseBudgetNoise Budget on MATLAB - RIN is possibly the reason locking sucks right nowAfter two straight days of trying to get
iPython notebooks to run on my Mac and two
different Ubuntu installations, I gave up
  1586   Thu Oct 8 22:48:36 2015 ranaSummaryNoiseBudgetorder the heat shieldsIf you can't install python, you can
run it all in the Sage Math Cloud for free.

Also, please post the final design
  1589   Tue Oct 13 16:47:55 2015 Aidan, AntonioSummaryEnvironmentPEM monitor computer is ready to run - needs licenseWe've set up the PEM monitor computer
to broadcast the temperature channels to
  1591   Thu Oct 15 10:09:16 2015 AidanSummaryComputersUpdated network diagram on Wikihttps://nodus.ligo.caltech.edu:30889/ATFWiki/doku.php?id=main:resources:computing:network:menu

Removed a few old computers from
the diagram (35W laser, old OPC server, PSL
  1592   Fri Oct 16 22:24:35 2015 AntonioSummaryBEATPLL noise and beat frequency at 50MHzSummary

Today the beat frequency was
very difficult to find. Something changed,
  1596   Sun Oct 25 22:15:35 2015 AntonioSummaryEOMAEOM installed in the South path. Noise issue.Summary

The AEOM has been installed in
the South path replacing the EOM 21MHz used
  1597   Mon Oct 26 13:47:18 2015 AidanSummaryRefCavThermal shield cap drawing - lower emissivity materialhttps://dcc.ligo.org/DocDB/0120/D1500213/001/D1500213-v1.PDF   
  1598   Mon Oct 26 17:24:59 2015 AidanSummaryRefCavThermal shield cap drawing - lower emissivity materialHere's the drawing for the shield. https://dcc.ligo.org/LIGO-D1500403

  1608   Tue Jan 12 11:51:31 2016 AntonioSummaryEnvironmentTable legsTable height

Currently the height of the optical
table is 27.5" (see attached PDF). We
  1609   Wed Feb 24 19:20:16 2016 AntonioSummaryEnvironmentEnclosure legsEnclosure legs cleaning

  1610   Fri Mar 4 17:27:48 2016 AidanSummaryEnvironmentTable and enclosure raisingWe have raised the table by ~ 16"
and the enclosure around the table by about
  1611   Tue Mar 8 18:34:06 2016 AntonioSummaryPMCPMC preparationThis morning I sent an email to Evan in
order to obtain PMC documentation. 

  1612   Wed Mar 9 16:18:42 2016 AntonioSummaryPMCPMC preparationO rings and screws have been ordered!!!

  1618   Wed Mar 30 10:22:59 2016 AidanSummaryDAQNew front panel for Acromag slow controls orderedI've ordered a 4U rack mount kit with
DIN rail for mounting the Acromag stuff.
It's open on the top and bottom but is
  1628   Sat Apr 9 12:30:15 2016 AidanSummaryDAQDAC back online for laser SLOW control: now via AcromagWith the (intentional) demise of the VME
crate, the slow controls for the laser were
brought back online today. So far, only the
  1629   Sat Apr 9 12:30:20 2016 AidanSummaryDAQDAC back online for laser SLOW control: now via AcromagWith the (intentional) demise of the VME
crate, the slow controls for the laser were
brought back online today. So far, only the
  1632   Fri Apr 15 20:59:38 2016 ranaSummaryDAQDAC back online for laser SLOW control: now via AcromagThe old 3123 cards were 16-bit ADCs. Are
the acromag units 16 or 12 bit? Also, what
about the DAC range? I would not drive the
  1633   Fri May 27 21:10:54 2016 AntonioSummaryFSSFSS frequency modulationSummary

Analysis of the frequency modulation
for the FSS loop has been done (may be I
  1634   Mon May 30 14:27:48 2016 AidanSummarySafetyGave Andrew Wade a safety walkthroughI showed Andrew Wade the CTN lab and gave
him a safety walkthrough. We also went over
the safe operating procedure for turning
  1636   Tue May 31 13:26:21 2016 AidanSummaryRF36MHz and 37MHz Wenzel crystals added to the lab for PDHI have a set of two Wenzel OCXO added to
the electronics chassis, courtesy of the
gentry from the Cryo Lab. The chassis has
  1654   Wed Jun 29 15:57:13 2016 awadeSummaryInventoryList of current available lenses in PSL and 40m labsAs we are doing mode matching I compiled
a list of presently available lenses to save
time looking or ordering. See below.
  1656   Fri Jul 1 16:50:35 2016 Aidan, AndrewSummaryDAQAcromag slow controls back upI showed Andrew how to set up the slow
controls. We got the previous 3 ADC channels
back up.
  1658   Sat Jul 2 11:06:03 2016 AntonioSummaryFSSFSS frequency modulation 2Summary
(Entry 1633 revised)
  1694   Mon Aug 1 18:47:58 2016 awadeSummaryPLLPresent electronic configuration of the PLL loopPost documenting the set out of the
PLL electronics and cable routing.

We were having trouble with the
  1700   Thu Aug 4 15:15:32 2016 AidanSummaryTempCtrlRTDs used in aLIGO TCS RHsThese are the RTDs we use in aLIGO TCS


  1701   Thu Aug 4 18:01:03 2016 ranaSummaryTempCtrlRTDs used in aLIGO TCS RHsThe heater driver in the old design (iLIGO
PSL) is this horrible programmable power
supply with high output noise (see measurement
  1702   Fri Aug 5 00:08:16 2016 awadeSummaryTempCtrlRTDs used in aLIGO TCS RHsI assume the key parameters are the
noise characteristics here.  They seem
to commonly quote the input noise voltage
  1708   Sat Aug 27 17:42:40 2016 awadeSummaryTempCtrlHeat load of vacuum can held above room temperature.Here are some numbers on the heat radiated
away from the vacuum can by leakage through
the foam insulation and from the exposed
  1709   Mon Aug 29 19:09:19 2016 awadeSummaryTempCtrlHeat load of vacuum can held above room temperature.To verify estimates of the heat load and
thermal inertia of the system I am conducting
a simple step test of the vacuum can heating.
  1711   Tue Aug 30 10:56:51 2016 AidanSummaryTempCtrlRTDs used in aLIGO TCS RHsHere's the RH driver PCB for aLIGO:


It uses this power amp: https://www.digchip.com/datasheets/download_datasheet.php?id=508953&part-number=LM12CLK
  1712   Wed Aug 31 12:41:30 2016 awadeSummaryTempCtrlHeat load of vacuum can held above room temperature.The full cool down curve of the tank and
a fitted curve (
  1713   Fri Sep 2 12:25:19 2016 awadeSummaryEnvironmentPEM monitor computer is ready to run - needs licenseThe Newport temperature, pressure, humidity
remote sensor unit (
  1716   Tue Sep 6 15:24:52 2016 AidanSummaryEnvironmentPEM monitor computer is ready to run - needs licenseI'm working with Jamie to get a frame builder
running in the ATF & CTN for these temp/pres/humidity
channels to be stored on. There's no 
  1717   Wed Sep 7 11:20:47 2016 awadeSummaryDAQSome reconfiguring of Acromag cratePost summarizing some changes and current
configuration of the acromag crate.

Some useful previous posts:
  1720   Thu Sep 22 11:14:36 2016 awadeSummaryTempCtrlThermal controls: cavity shields and vacuum tank (draft schematic) I've put together a draft schematic
of the basic layout of the shields and tank
as well as the present state of connections
  1726   Tue Sep 27 20:54:41 2016 awadeSummaryElectronics EquipmentSettings for Marconi 2023A supplying RF to TTFSS modulators and electronicsSettings for the 14.75 MHz LO and modulator
source.  The Marconi doesn't keep
memory when turned off for a period of time.
  1728   Thu Sep 29 17:57:32 2016 awadeSummaryTempCtrlHeat load of vacuum can held above room temperature.The previous cool down test was repeated
over a longer time period.  The tank
was heated overnight with a 30 V (18
  1737   Wed Oct 5 17:34:57 2016 awadeSummaryTempCtrlSummary parameters of refcav heat shields (parts D1500403 and D1500213)Summary post pulling together numbers on
heat shields.  For future reference.

Drawings and Soildworks files can
  1742   Mon Oct 10 21:01:52 2016 awadeSummaryTempCtrlRTDs used in aLIGO TCS RHsSome tests and characteristic noise of
the RH drivers: https://dcc.ligo.org/LIGO-E1000785-v1

The documentation  shows noise
  1743   Tue Oct 11 18:07:59 2016 awadeSummaryDrawingsPSL Lab layoutPDF and omnigraffle file of the PSL lab
layout, as of Aug-Oct 2016.

I made this but can't remember
  1745   Tue Oct 11 19:46:31 2016 awadeSummaryDocumentationCurrent channels configured in the modbus database Summary of channels active in the current
PSL lab configuration. The .db file is also
attached below.
  1750   Sun Oct 16 18:01:45 2016 awadeSummaryTempCtrlPlanning thermal controls: some diagramsOverview schematics of thermal controls'
elements and of control loops. These are
the basic elements and some numbers.
  1765   Tue Nov 8 14:46:59 2016 awadeSummaryOtherPower cycle in the lab?Power budget for essentials.

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