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  1462   Wed Jul 30 17:47:56 2014 taraDailyProgressopticBRDF of AlGaAs mirror 143 I
used the setup to measure scattered loss
from an REO mirror (mirror for iLIGO refcav,
  1938   Sun Oct 1 15:59:57 2017 ranaMiscComputersBURTThis is very similar to the BURT
and autoBURT system that we usually run with
EPICS. It does hourly snapshots of all settings
  2230   Fri Sep 7 23:23:00 2018 awade, anchalDailyProgressBEATBack to beat[awade, anchal​]

Today we go the beat to converge
on the 26 MHz resonance of the resonant transmission
  2232   Wed Sep 12 16:27:19 2018 anchalDailyProgressBEATBack to beatAttached are transfer function measurements
of the North and South Cavity Reflection
RFPD (14.75MHz resonant RFPD) along with
  2233   Fri Sep 14 00:57:14 2018 ranaDailyProgressBEATBack to beatplease replace TF and noise plots
with ones that have physical
units on the y-axis: V/A
  2237   Fri Sep 21 18:10:53 2018 ranaDailyProgressBEATBack to beatI don't understand what that means.
Please provide 10x more details on how the
measurement was made.
  25   Thu Dec 17 13:55:07 2009 FrankComputingDAQBaja4700 jumper settings and setupin order to get the baja4700 cpu 
work the jumpers have to be like this
  1933   Fri Sep 22 18:38:15 2017 awadeDailyProgressVacuumBaking bake chamberI'm now preparing the bake rig for
baking the ref cavity shields.  

I've cleaned out the inside
  2199   Thu Jun 7 13:08:38 2018 shrutiDailyProgressTempCtrlBasic gym environment - vacuum can and foamI spent the past few days trying to troubleshoot
errors that occurred while creating the basic
  2571   Wed May 13 18:07:32 2020 anchalDailyProgressNoiseBudgetBayesian AnalysisI did this analysis last with bare-bones
method in CTN:2439.
Now I've improved this much more. Following
  2572   Fri May 15 12:09:17 2020 aaronDailyProgressNoiseBudgetBayesian AnalysisWow, very suggestive ASD. A couple questions/thoughts/concerns:

It's typically much
easier to overestimate than
  2573   Fri May 15 16:50:24 2020 anchalDailyProgressNoiseBudgetBayesian AnalysisIt's
typically much easier to overestimate than
underestimate the loss
  2574   Fri May 22 17:22:37 2020 anchalDailyProgressNoiseBudgetBayesian AnalysisI talked to Kevin and he suggested a simpler
straight forward Bayesian Analysis for the
result. Following is the gist:
  2576   Tue May 26 15:45:18 2020 anchalDailyProgressNoiseBudgetBayesian AnalysisToday we measured further low noise beatnote
frequency noise. I reran the two notebooks
and I'm attaching the results here:
  2577   Thu May 28 14:13:53 2020 anchalDailyProgressNoiseBudgetBayesian AnalysisI'm listing first few comments from
Jon that I implemented:

Data cleaning can not be
  2578   Sun May 31 11:44:20 2020 AnchalDailyProgressNoiseBudgetBayesian Analysis FinalizedI've implemented all the proper analysis
norms that Jon suggested and are mentioned
in the previous
  2579   Mon Jun 1 11:09:09 2020 ranaDailyProgressNoiseBudgetBayesian Analysis Finalizedwhat is the effective phi_coating ? I think
usually people present bulk/shear + phi_coating.

  2580   Thu Jun 4 09:18:04 2020 AnchalDailyProgressNoiseBudgetBayesian Analysis FinalizedBetter measurement captured today.

Final result of CTN experiment
as of June 4th 9 am:

  2582   Thu Jun 11 14:02:26 2020 AnchalDailyProgressNoiseBudgetBayesian Analysis FinalizedI realized that in my noise budget I was
using higher incident power on the cavities
which was the case earlier. I have made the
  2588   Fri Jun 26 12:38:34 2020 AnchalDailyProgressNoiseBudgetBayesian Analysis Finalized, Adding Slope of Bulk Loss Angle as variableI added the possibility of having a power-law
dependence of bulk loss angle on frequency.
This model of course matches better with
  2575   Mon May 25 08:54:26 2020 anchalDailyProgressNoiseBudgetBayesian Analysis with Hard Ceiling ConditionI realized that using only the cleaned
out frequencies and a condition that estimated
power never goes above them at those places
  1418   Mon Mar 31 10:42:02 2014 EvanDailyProgressNoiseBudgetBayesian estimate of loss anglesHere's a naive attempt at a Bayesian estimate
of the loss angles  of silica (φ1)
and tantala (φ2). The attached
  1420   Sun Apr 13 14:17:29 2014 EvanDailyProgressNoiseBudgetBayesian estimate of loss angles


  1422   Mon May 5 10:37:24 2014 EvanSummaryDocumentationBayesian estimate of loss angles using Harry (2002)Rather than using individual loss angles
from Penn as the prior pdf, I've instead
reanalyzed the data from Harry et al. (2002).
  981   Wed Jun 6 16:53:12 2012 SarahDailyProgressLaserBeam Alignment

  2403   Wed Aug 28 09:49:44 2019 anchalSummaryscatterBeam Dump StatusWe need to switch out normal flat-faced
beam dumps with triangular cavity beam dumps
in all places where they are not present.
  2177   Tue Apr 24 14:37:39 2018 Anchal and AndrewDailyProgressBEATBeam Profiling Beatnote detectorToday, we did the beam profiling for the
beatnote detector just before the photodiode.
I have attached the data taken. The z values
  2178   Wed Apr 25 12:25:09 2018 awadeDailyProgressBEATBeam Profiling Beatnote detectorPlease don't post plots in png, vector
graphics only, preferably pdf with the correct
transparency in the background. Here a note
  2179   Thu May 3 22:05:23 2018 awade and anchalDailyProgressBEATBeam Profiling Beatnote detectorToday we made a new mount to be able to
profile the laser beam for longer distances
on the table.
  2180   Wed May 9 00:51:45 2018 anchalDailyProgressBEATBeam Profiling Beatnote detectorPFA the results of beam profile analysis
of transmitted laser from south cavity.

  2181   Wed May 9 08:56:54 2018 NeoDailyProgressBEATBeam Profiling Beatnote detector    
  2182   Thu May 10 18:18:06 2018 AnchalDailyProgressBEATBeam Profiling Beatnote detectorToday I took more measurements after reflecting
off the beam by 90 degrees to another direction
and using the Beam Profiler Dataray Beamr2-DD.
  1677   Thu Jul 21 11:49:29 2016 awadeDailyProgressMode matchingBeam measurement for MM into south cavityI placed a pair of lenses and a cylindrical
lens in the path after the final EOM before
the PMC location to provide a MM solution
  1678   Thu Jul 21 12:30:15 2016 awadeDailyProgressMode matchingBeam measurement for MM into south cavityCorrection: Wrong plot (at least the x-scale
is wrong).  The updated one is attached.

Also the offset of the data from
  1679   Thu Jul 21 13:08:50 2016 awadeDailyProgressMode matchingBeam measurement for MM into south cavity
I am missing the target here. The
size is 330um, but I did not get the waist
  201   Wed Jul 7 20:02:53 2010 taraDailyProgressComputersBeam output is more stable 
I just found out that the pbs + 1/4 waveplate
  1595   Sun Oct 25 21:52:43 2015 AntonioDailyProgressEOMBeam profile measurementBefore the installation of the AEOM in
the South cavity I wanted to have look to
the beam profile along the paths. EOMs provokes
  1635   Tue May 31 09:33:24 2016 awadeDailyProgressLaserBeam profiles of M126N-1064-100 and M126N-1064-500 lasers A question was raised as to what the beam
profiles of the two lasers were (M126N-1064-100
and M126N-1064-500).
  1646   Mon Jun 20 12:18:50 2016 awadeDailyProgressLaserBeam profiles of North EPRO (M126N-1064-700)A pickoff of the 700 mW north laser was
made with two UV grade fused silica widows
to make a beam profile measurement.  Attached
  2172   Mon Apr 16 16:23:09 2018 awadeDailyProgressscatterBeam size on trans BN detectorI thought I'd have a look at how big
the beam is on the current 1811 New Focus
detector. Over focusing here might be a source
  2174   Thu Apr 19 18:28:11 2018 ranaDailyProgressscatterBeam size on trans BN detector This beam is
WAY too big for the PD. If the beam radius
  119   Tue May 11 22:26:34 2010 Tara ChalermsongsakLaserLaserBeam waist measurement 
I measured the beam waist of Lightwave
NPRO 1064nm 100mW with WinCamD.
  120   Wed May 12 22:10:13 2010 Tara ChalermsongsakLaserLaserBeam waist measurementI measured the beam waist again. The laser
was operated at full power ~100mW. A mirror
attenuated the beam to 60 uW and ND 
  1928   Mon Sep 18 16:09:55 2017 johannesNotesEquipment loanBeam'R2-DD to 40mRelocated dual slit scan beam profiler
Beam'R2-DD to 40m lab. Anticipated time
needed ~1 week.
  2521   Wed Jan 29 14:49:48 2020 anchalDailyProgressBEATBeanote Spectrum vs FSS Gain ValuesIn a discussion with Craig sometime back,
it was brought up what happens when I lower
the gains of the FSS loops. So today I did
  2522   Wed Jan 29 15:58:26 2020 anchalDailyProgressBEATBeanote Spectrum vs FSS Gain Values


  1438   Thu Jun 26 17:10:09 2014 EvanDailyProgressBEATBeatSouth laser slow at 1.234 V, north laser
slow at 5.558 V, beat is 120(1) MHz at +5.5(2)
dBm. South and north alignment has not yet
  274   Thu Aug 12 11:09:56 2010 MeganNotesNoiseBudgetBeat Added to Noise BudgetAs Frank said, we tested the GPIB yesterday.
I took one set of data that we got and put
it in the noise budget to see how it compares.
  2293   Thu Jan 24 12:38:47 2019 anchalDailyProgressNoiseBudgetBeat Note Noise Spectrum after tuning FSS LoopPLL Readout Noise and Open-Loop
Transfer Function:

remeasured dark noise of wideband photodetector
  1492   Fri Aug 29 12:35:54 2014 EvanDailyProgressBEATBeat breadboard in placeBeat breadboard is slid back into place.
North transmission appears on north camera.
Still need to do south transmission.
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