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  1001   Tue Jun 26 16:13:30 2012 FrankDailyProgressPDpower still driftinglaser power is still drifting with the
ISS turned on, but much less. Primary suspects
  27   Thu Dec 17 18:13:01 2009 FrankElectronicsRefCavpower supply remote programmingpictures taken from the existing power
  1566   Thu Aug 6 23:49:10 2015 AntonioSummaryFSSpower transmitted through the cavities and control signalThe light transmitted from both the
cavities has been monitored while the cavities
where locked (Vacav = 1.369 V, Vrcav = 5.7909
  572   Sat Apr 9 15:53:43 2011 FrankNotesVacuumpressure OKpressure for RCAV is OK. Ion pump current
is currently at 52uA and falling. Turned
turbo off.
  569   Thu Apr 7 23:18:49 2011 koji, frank, taraDailyProgressSeismicprevious suspension for RCAV restoredToday we changed the suspension on RCAV
back to the original one (spring + wire)
and put the cavity back in the chamber.
  348   Thu Sep 9 02:20:32 2010 taraNotes problem about PBS/QWP We have used an instant PBS/QWP which is
a PBS optically contacted to an aligned QWP
in front of a reference cavity
  347   Thu Sep 9 02:20:32 2010 taraNotes problem about PBS/QWP We have used an instant PBS/QWP which is
a PBS optically contacted to an aligned QWP
in front of a reference cavity
  147   Fri Jun 4 22:10:24 2010 taracLaserLaserprogress on PSL setupThe maximum
power after AOM double pass is 37%, worse
  148   Fri Jun 4 22:48:24 2010 ranaLaserLaserprogress on PSL setup

  131   Wed May 26 21:11:00 2010 taracLaserLaserprogress on PSL setup  
I add the broad band EOM in the beam
path. After adjusting the periscope, I can
  828   Tue Feb 14 23:35:04 2012 FrankNotesBEATproposed (new) cable delay setup   cable-delay_v4.jpg 
  40   Thu Jan 28 16:07:29 2010 FrankComputingDAQpsl channels moved to C3 + new channelshere is a list of all channels of the psl
subsystem. We changed the generic channel
names to final names now.
  1313   Sat Aug 24 15:42:54 2013 taraDailyProgressVacuumpumping down the chamberI closed the chamber. The turbo pump is
on and pumping down.
 I realigned the beams so the
  1319   Thu Aug 29 13:25:49 2013 taraDailyProgressVacuumpumping down the chamberThe turbo pump is removed, and the ion
pump is on. The initial value is ~7mA.
I removed the turbo pump and turn
  605   Wed May 25 18:29:09 2011 taraNotesopticpurchasesI ordered a few opto mechanical components
to replace the current shaky periscopes.
The new  periscope is shown
  606   Mon May 30 15:23:53 2011 ranaNotesopticpurchasesThe periscopes for the refcav ought to
be made custom. None of the store bought
type are stiff enough. Koji has a design
  607   Tue May 31 11:31:18 2011 taraNotesopticpurchasesI looked up 40m elog and found Daisuke's
design for periscope. I'll make a sketch
FSS' periscopes.
  609   Wed Jun 1 01:50:35 2011 KojiNotesopticpurchasesThey are found in DCC. Some comments
- You can not steer the beam. The
beam should be steered before or after the
  610   Wed Jun 1 21:00:05 2011 FrankNotesopticpurchaseswe have to design our own. The 40m one
has 2" mirrors (too large, we don't
have the space), wrong height for incoming/outgoing
  361   Tue Sep 14 20:18:35 2010 taraDailyProgressComputerspwr monitor for NPRO is addedC3:PSL-NPRO_PWRMON channel, and npro.db
file are added
for monitoring power output of the
  80   Fri Feb 26 15:15:56 2010 Tara ChalermsongsakLaserRC noisequarter wave plate added/power from Ref and A Cavs measuredI borrowed one of the quarter wave plate
and added it after the beam from the Ref
Cav. One more QWP is needed for the ACav.
  965   Thu May 17 17:35:17 2012 taraNotesPurchasesquote from ATF for substrate and spacerI got the quote for substrates from ATF
(AR coated on flat-wedge, blank on concave,
R=0.5m side) quantity of 10 and 20. They
  974   Thu May 31 15:10:57 2012 taraNotesPurchasesquote from CoastlineI called Coastline about the lead time
for the substrates and asked if we could
speed up the process by changing the specs
  666   Fri Sep 2 21:29:27 2011 FrankNotesRefCavradiation shields & heaterthe shields/heaters for the two cavities
will be delayed by an unknown amount at this
point. I'm still waiting for the two polished
  768   Fri Dec 23 18:39:10 2011 FrankNotesRefCavradiative heaterSituation: The heater wire should not go
all the way to the vacuum feedthrough connector.
Instead the connection from the heater to
  775   Thu Dec 29 17:56:39 2011 FrankDailyProgressRefCavradiative heaterwent to Downs to get the right crimp tool
for the d-sub connectors. It's a DMC crimper
for D-sub contacts for UHV connectors (
  776   Thu Dec 29 23:57:28 2011 FrankPhotosRefCavradiative heater prototype   564.jpg569.jpg572.jpg574.jpg 
  691   Mon Oct 3 23:54:19 2011 frank, taraDailyProgress re mode matchingAs the cavities' height changed, I adjusted
the lenses to fine tune the mode matching
for RCAV, the visibility is ~85%
  693   Tue Oct 4 23:20:57 2011 frank, taraDailyProgress re mode matching 
  I readjusted the lenses for
mode matching a bit more and the visibility
  714   Tue Oct 25 23:13:57 2011 Tara, FrankDailyProgressSeismicre-measured the spring constant for the RTV springsas we only did a quick-and-dirty measurement
of the spring constant last time we re-measured
it a couple of times. The resonance frequency
  764   Thu Dec 22 16:28:10 2011 FrankDailyProgressSeismicre-measuring seismic coupling to cavitiestrying to verify our FE model for both
cavities. In order to measure the coupling
i tried different versions of attaching a
  821   Sun Feb 12 19:40:50 2012 FrankDailyProgressSeismicre-measuring seismic coupling to cavitiestrying again to measure the coupling from
seismic to cavity length for the individual
cavities. Measuring the coupling to differential
  753   Thu Dec 8 15:59:21 2011 FrankSummaryPMCrealignmentstarted realigning everything from scratch
and calibrate all channels right. PMC optical
power channels need re-calibration.
  754   Thu Dec 8 20:28:06 2011 taraSummaryPMCrealignmentA reminder for Frank about the setup, 

    The AOM's case on RCAV
beam path is not screwed down to the body,
  755   Thu Dec 8 21:06:10 2011 FrankSummaryPMCrealignmentthanks, for the info.
I only did the PMC so far as i has
to fix the daq and add the new channels.
  759   Fri Dec 9 06:32:24 2011 TaraSummaryPMCrealignmentThe V-block's height is a bit too high.
The beam height is very close to 3".

  437   Mon Dec 20 19:55:11 2010 taraDailyProgressopticrearraging optics for beat measurementI designed the layout for optics behind
the cavities for beat measurement, and calculated
the mode matching for the beam.
  440   Thu Dec 23 22:41:28 2010 taraDailyProgressopticrearraging optics for beat measurementBeat measurement optics' height is changed
to 3". I cleaned all optics already,
but I couldn't really clean 1/2 and 1/4 wave
  441   Sun Dec 26 02:42:47 2010 taraDailyProgressopticrearraging optics for beat measurementBoth cavities are locked at the same time.
The temperature setting are, RCAV = 34.95,
ACAV = 37.2.
  442   Mon Dec 27 02:51:33 2010 taraDailyProgressopticrearraging optics for beat measurementI measured the beat noise after I realigned
all optics behind the cavities. The power
has not been reduced to 1 mW yet.
  1385   Fri Nov 8 03:36:44 2013 taraDailyProgressopticredo- PMC pathI'm re-arranging the optics in PMC path
a bit. The work is in progress, so ACAV path
is still down.
  1386   Mon Nov 11 19:37:13 2013 taraDailyProgressopticredo- PMC pathPMC path is back, I aligned the polarization
of the input beam to the BB EOM for TTFSS.
The visibility of PMC is now ~ 80%.
  829   Wed Feb 15 14:09:34 2012 FrankDailyProgressBEATreduced RG58 cable length to optimum valuereduced our RG58C/U cable length to optimum
value (134.2ft) and characterized it. Below
the confirmation that it is what it should
  351   Thu Sep 9 23:03:40 2010 taraSummaryRefCavreduced back reflection     After PBS is rotated
to the right position (yesterday I made a
mistake by minimizing the split beam. 
  1243   Wed Jul 17 18:29:37 2013 EricaDailyProgressfiber opticreducing drift in the recombined beamWent on a tour to 40m lab led by Jenne. It's
basically a prototype of the ones in Livingston
and Hanford.  It allows LIGO to test coatings,
  1245   Sat Jul 20 23:39:09 2013 EricaDailyProgressfiber opticreducing drift in the recombined beamJuly 18
Redid inventory of the lenses and printed
out a new sheet because there are fused silica
  1251   Tue Jul 23 10:29:12 2013 EricaDailyProgressfiber opticreducing drift in the recombined beamJuly 22, 2013

We placed a plastic container from the GYRO
  1102   Sun Feb 24 01:16:26 2013 taraDailyProgressRefCavrefcav and mount assemblyThermal shields and caps are ready. I cleaned
them in ultra sonic bath with Isopropanol.
They fit nicely to the mount.
  185   Tue Jun 29 15:13:26 2010 FrankNotesRefCavrefcav physical propertiesrefcav physical properties from CAD
model for heat capacity calculation
volume (incl. mirrors, center
  33   Fri Jan 15 11:35:17 2010 FrankLaserRefCavrefcav updatethe last
couple of days we fixed a couple of thinks:
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