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  2433   Tue Sep 24 19:39:06 2019 anchalDailyProgressNoiseBudgetChecking variation in estimated Coating Brownian Noise with Loss AnglesGabriele suggested that I plot the estimated
coating Brownian noise for different values
of bulk and shear loss angles and compare
  2438   Mon Sep 30 20:08:42 2019 anchalDailyProgressNoiseBudgetChecking variation in estimated Coating Brownian Noise with Beam RadiusVariation of the estimate of coating Brownian
noise as beam spot radius on the mirror changes.
Plotted in displacement noise as the frequency
  2442   Wed Oct 2 15:13:27 2019 anchalDailyProgressNoiseBudgetChecking variation in estimated Coating Brownian Noise with Beam RadiusI updated this calculation by adding curves
for contribution through bulk loss angle
and shear loss angle separately. Rana suspected
  2390   Tue Aug 13 11:59:56 2019 anchalDailyProgressNoiseBudgetChecking the differences between old and new noisebudgetI saved the traces of old and new noise
budgets as txt files and then plotted them
together to understand the differences between
  2391   Tue Aug 13 17:05:53 2019 aaronDailyProgressNoiseBudgetChecking the differences between old and new noisebudgetHave you seen this related
paper on direction dependent loss that
might be interesting?
  1699   Thu Aug 4 13:46:08 2016 awadeNotesTempCtrlChecked pins on D9 temp control feedthroughThe original feed-through pin connections
into the refcav tank can be found in PSL_Lab/1111.
 I checked the resistance across various
  1639   Thu Jun 9 20:35:41 2016 awadeNotesLaserCharacterizing the beam profile out of the M126N-1064-500 (500 mW NPRO) laserIts taken me a while to get to posting

I took a pick off of the main beam
  2240   Wed Sep 26 16:59:17 2018 anchalSummaryFSSCharacteristics of new RFPDs in FSSWe installed new RFPDs with components
s.t. they are tuned near 35.5 MHz. We tuned
the inductor L1 and capacitor C40 to bring
  2244   Mon Oct 1 23:44:59 2018 ranaSummaryFSSCharacteristics of new RFPDs in FSSPlease explain in much
more detail how the RF transimpedance calibration
was done.
  2471   Mon Nov 4 12:15:01 2019 anchalNotesPMCChanging the autolocking methodTrying gain sliding like 40m

told me that in 40m, the PMCs are autolocked
by reducing the gain of the loop and changing
  655   Wed Aug 10 20:54:58 2011 taraDailyProgressAOMChanging Crystal Tech AOM to Isomet AOM[koji, frank, tara]
Today we changed the AOM in RCAV
setup from Crystal Tech AOM to Isomet AOM.
  1795   Tue Dec 20 14:30:36 2016 awadeDailyProgressComputersChanges to PSL network and addition of two more acromag cardsThe PSL lab was sitting on a IP sub net
of 10.0.0.xxx (separate from the ATF lab's
  2346   Wed May 15 19:00:26 2019 anchalDailyProgressSouth CavityChanges on South Path towards increasing power on FSS RFPD For gaining about 3.45 mW of light after
reflection from cavity on resonance when
mode matching is about 60%, 8.63 mW light
  2348   Thu May 16 16:34:30 2019 anchalDailyProgressNorth CavityChanges on North Path towards increasing power on FSS RFPD Similar to South Path, I have inserted
a beam splitter in the north PMC reflection
path. This is a BS1-1064-90-1037-45UNP beamsplitter
  2252   Mon Nov 12 11:53:50 2018 anchalNotesopticChanged half waveplate angle after South EAOMFor some reason after the weekend, I found
that the laser power on the south path decreased
by about 300 uW. On checking power with a
  914   Sat Apr 14 01:10:48 2012 taraNotesEOMChange modulation depth for 14.75MHz EOMI increased the power to the 14.75MHz EOM
from 0.5 dBm to 3.5 dBm. This was done by
changing the attenuator from -6dBm to -3dBm.
  924   Wed Apr 18 02:38:59 2012 taraNotesEOMChange modulation depth for 14.75MHz EOMI changed the attenuator to -1dBm. From
a quick measurement, there's no improvement
in the beat signal at high frequency. Any
  2386   Sun Aug 11 22:32:18 2019 ScottADailyProgressRFAMChange in EOM Driver Transfer Function with Different Input PowersI set up the transfer function for three
scenarios using a -5 dBm, 5 dBm, and 15 dBm
signal for each:
  1508   Mon Sep 8 12:41:32 2014 EvanDailyProgressTempCtrlChamber temp changeThe beat is currently at 450 kHz. So I've
changed the setpoint on the chamber temperature
from 31.200 °C to 31.300 °C. We'll
  1481   Wed Aug 20 12:38:06 2014 Tara, EvanDailyProgressVacuumChamber pumping downWe put on the CF gasket and closed the
transmission side of the chamber. Now we
are pumping down.
  60   Mon Feb 8 18:27:42 2010 Tara ChalermsongsakLaserRefCavChaging Isomet AOM to Crystal Tech AOM

  1704   Thu Aug 11 16:25:44 2016 awadeMiscDocumentationCertificates PO 75-S290726 and 75-S291757Edit: I have moved the compliance docs
to a private location.

  2598   Thu Nov 26 11:26:14 2020 aguptaSummaryTempCtrlCavity temperature estimateMeasurement and estimation method:

Thermal continuous tuning coefficient is
  2035   Mon Jan 8 14:07:06 2018 awadeDailyProgressTempCtrlCavity shield heater circuitHere are notes on the heater driver circuit
for the cavity shield heaters and its schematic. 
Its built in a standard busboard black
  1669   Wed Jul 13 20:43:03 2016 Antonio, AndrewDailyProgressNorth CavityCavity locked!!!Motivations
We had problems with the error-signal
monitor from the TTFSS board. We thought
  2426   Fri Sep 13 16:46:54 2019 anchalSummaryTempCtrlCavity heater resistances remeasuredPresent understanding

was the last measurement of cavity shield
  2268   Wed Dec 19 17:47:02 2018 anchalDailyProgressTempCtrlCavity Temperature Sensor Circuit v1.1From the review of PSL:2266 and
the promises I made in PSL:2267,
I think I have fixed the circuit. Corrected
  2269   Mon Dec 24 16:52:26 2018 ranaDailyProgressTempCtrlCavity Temperature Sensor Circuit v1.1post a plot of the times series and noise

Here is a link on how to choose
  2298   Tue Jan 29 17:47:14 2019 anchalDailyProgressTempCtrlCavity Temperature Sensor Breadboard Circuit Noise AnalysisHere are the noise spectrum and time series
plots that were asked of me ages ago. Apologies
for the delay. I've also attached the
  2299   Wed Jan 30 12:17:05 2019 ranaDailyProgressTempCtrlCavity Temperature Sensor Breadboard Circuit Noise Analysisthat's a good start, but we don't
care about the noise above 10 Hz. So
you should re-take the data and plot
  1865   Thu Aug 17 12:52:51 2017 Craig, awadeDailyProgressRefCavCavity ScanI wrote a script which scans the laser
slow control voltage and records the transmission
power.  Last night, we scaned the lasers
  2136   Thu Mar 15 14:25:05 2018 CraigDailyProgressOtherCavity Power fluctuations vs Temp FluctuationsOur initial impression of cavity power
fluctuations was that temperature fluctuations
in the EAOMs were the cause.  To check
  2137   Thu Mar 15 15:58:02 2018 CraigDailyProgressBEATCavity Power fluctuations vs Temp FluctuationsBtw when I propped up the vaccan using
shims in preparation for venting the air
springs, our old friend in the beatnote ASD
  2138   Thu Mar 15 18:37:06 2018 CraigDailyProgressOtherCavity Power fluctuations vs Temp FluctuationsI added a pressured pipe T to the nitrogen
cylinder in our lab so we could float the
table and vaccan air springs from the same
  2140   Thu Mar 15 22:48:21 2018 CraigDailyProgressOtherCavity Power fluctuations vs Temp FluctuationsQuick note on all this:  It
seems to take the air springs a very long
time to come to a steady state, i.e. the
  2145   Mon Mar 19 12:10:27 2018 CraigDailyProgressOtherCavity Power fluctuations vs Temp FluctuationsEver since I attached the vaccan air springs
to the cylinder, it has been rapidly losing
air pressure.  It is now down to ~1100
  2147   Mon Mar 19 13:29:24 2018 awadeDailyProgressOtherCavity Power fluctuations vs Temp FluctuationsI guess going back to the wall supply would
be a stupid step backwards.  We need
to fix this leak, its either in the tubing
  2148   Mon Mar 19 14:22:57 2018 CraigDailyProgressOtherCavity Power fluctuations vs Temp FluctuationsConsidering I can't even lock the North
cavity today because of alignment drift,
I'd upgrade this to super high priority.
  552   Thu Mar 24 02:10:14 2011 taraNotesRefCavCavities' poleI remeasured the cavities' pole to see
any change after we cleaned RCAV. I haven't
fit the TF yet, but the TF of ACAV looks
  553   Thu Mar 24 22:54:10 2011 taraNotesRefCavCavities' poleI replaced thorlabs PD55A for ACAV_RCTRANSPD
with PD36A, ACAV TF now looks reasonable.
From a quick look, ACAV pole is
  1112   Sat Mar 9 11:38:10 2013 EvanDailyProgressVacuumCavities inserted; chamber pumping down [Tara, Koji, Evan]
Tara and Koji spent the better part
of yesterday afternoon inserting the new
  1114   Tue Mar 12 18:20:21 2013 taraDailyProgressVacuumCavities inserted; chamber pumping downAfter pumping the chamber down for two
days, I disabled the turbo pump and turned
on the ion pump. The initial current was
  1116   Wed Mar 13 10:50:31 2013 KojiDailyProgressVacuumCavities inserted; chamber pumping downThe gap at the frange is OK as long as
the gasket is evenly squeezed.
1. It the pressure still improving?
  1117   Wed Mar 13 23:52:12 2013 taraDailyProgressVacuumCavities inserted; chamber pumping downIt's still improving, now the current is
0.3 mA (0.38mA yesterday). I'll wait until
it stops improving and try to tighten the
  1118   Thu Mar 14 17:27:42 2013 KojiDailyProgressVacuumCavities inserted; chamber pumping downSlight baking with the heaters? This also
gives you the test of the heater and temp
  412   Tue Nov 30 21:48:13 2010 taraDailyProgressRefCavCavities egienmodeI measured the beat signal and VCO
feedback signal to see a peak from cavities'
mode of vibration, there are 4 peaks from
  413   Tue Nov 30 22:41:31 2010 ranaDailyProgressRefCavCavities egienmodeThe FEA
page indicates that the first longitudinal
mode is at 13.9 kHz. I suggest to zoom in
  2241   Wed Sep 26 17:17:18 2018 anchalNotesPDCaution about RF Cage in resonant RFPDsThe RF Cage that goes on top of the circuit
in resonant RFPDs is grounded. It helps in
avoiding interferance, however, if some component,
  2529   Tue Feb 11 18:21:17 2020 anchalDailyProgressPMCCan't keep my mind of this; Why PMC Error signal has these oscillations?The PMC error signals have some weird broadened
oscillations in them:

  889   Tue Mar 27 17:01:23 2012 taraNotesNoiseBudgetCalibration verification for PLLI check the calibration factor used in
PLL measurement to make sure that we have
used the right calibration factor. The result
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