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  351   Thu Sep 9 23:03:40 2010 taraSummaryRefCavreduced back reflection     After PBS is rotated
to the right position (yesterday I made a
mistake by minimizing the split beam. 
  350   Thu Sep 9 20:55:22 2010 taraNotesBEATcalibration V->Hz for IFR2023Bthe calibration value is 71.3 kHz/Volt
for the following setup
center freq = 159.294 MHz
  349   Thu Sep 9 19:28:23 2010 taraNotesSafetylaser turned offI turned off the laser for people who will
work on sprinkler in the lab tomorrow. The
warning light is off.
  348   Thu Sep 9 02:20:32 2010 taraNotes problem about PBS/QWP We have used an instant PBS/QWP which is
a PBS optically contacted to an aligned QWP
in front of a reference cavity
  347   Thu Sep 9 02:20:32 2010 taraNotes problem about PBS/QWP We have used an instant PBS/QWP which is
a PBS optically contacted to an aligned QWP
in front of a reference cavity
  346   Wed Sep 8 19:29:01 2010 FrankNotesDAQfunny EPICS channel problemsi have several channels, e.g "C3:PSL-RCAV_RCPID_SETPOINT",
loaded on the VME system as software channels.
  345   Wed Sep 8 19:10:53 2010 FrankDailyProgressLaserPBS/QWP-combination very badafter a lot of test it turned out that
the optically contacted QWP/PBS combinations
used for the reference cavity so far are
  344   Wed Sep 8 00:17:41 2010 taraNotesLaserDebugging Laser Sta Today I investigated which optics
reflect most power back to the PMC and the
  343   Sun Sep 5 20:54:11 2010 taraNotesNoiseBudgetRIN from PMC and RCAV SInce the Faraday isolator alter
the beam path and beam profile a bit. The
mode matching efficiency drops.
  342   Sun Sep 5 19:41:45 2010 taraDailyProgress Faraday Isolator added Frank showed me that the RIN level
from PMC is too high and caused by back reflection. 
PMC's psd is reduced by blocking
  341   Fri Sep 3 01:45:54 2010 taraSummaryLaserRIN comparison between PMC and RCAV When both cavities are locked, I
1) power fluctuation behind ACAV
  340   Thu Sep 2 20:31:01 2010 taraNotesComputersmedm screens are frozen50 mins ago, medm on Sun machine is frozen,
most channels are inactive (except 
ACAV_HEATER, and it goes up to 7 which is
  339   Thu Sep 2 18:54:10 2010 taraNotesComputersACAV,RCAV's pds connected to DAQ 
ACAV's PD for transmitted beam is
connected to PSL1
  338   Thu Sep 2 17:11:39 2010 taraNotesRefCavboth cavites lockedACAV_TEMPAVG still adjusting it self to
37.2 (SETPT)  three overshoots in the
last 8 hrs (+/-0.01 C)
  337   Wed Sep 1 15:22:39 2010 taraNotesRefCavcurrent parameters for cavities   Temperature on both cavities
are fairly constant over -8 hrs, still can't
simultaneously lock both cavities.                        
  336   Wed Sep 1 00:27:34 2010 taraNotesBEATsymmetric optic layout for beat measurement  A tentative layout for almost symmetric
layout for beat measurement. The double 1/4
objects  in the beam paths should be
  335   Tue Aug 31 21:59:19 2010 FrankSummaryComputersstill network problemsi tried to figure out where the network
problems come from. Looks like it's the fiber
connection between fb1 and the switch in
  334   Tue Aug 31 21:37:11 2010 FrankNotesRefCavchanged acav setpt back to 37.3

  333   Tue Aug 31 18:33:13 2010 FrankNotesRefCavchanged acav setpt back to 37.3don't change anything until it is stable
and you thought about it carefully. The system
was totally out of control, check the dataviewer!.
  332   Tue Aug 31 18:20:42 2010 taraNotesRefCavchange acav setptI adjust SLOWDC to see what value to lock
each cavity.
For ACAV I adjust SLOWDC so that
  331   Tue Aug 31 16:42:04 2010 taraNotesDAQC3:PSL-ACAV_RCTRANSPD broken?

  330   Tue Aug 31 16:15:51 2010 taraNotesComputersdead channel, C3:PSL-ACAV_TEMPAVG

  329   Tue Aug 31 16:04:30 2010 taraNotesDAQC3:PSL-ACAV_RCTRANSPD broken?

  328   Tue Aug 31 15:52:43 2010 FrankNotesDAQC3:PSL-ACAV_RCTRANSPD broken?was it grey? If yes the cable already connected
to the T is the cable going to the DAQ. That's
why there is a T already. Don't disconnect
  327   Tue Aug 31 15:46:13 2010 taraNotesDAQC3:PSL-ACAV_RCTRANSPD broken?

  326   Tue Aug 31 15:15:44 2010 FrankNotesDAQhow to measure ACAV channels without RCAV lockedif you wanna measure anything in the ACAV
loop without the RCAV locked, don't forget
  325   Tue Aug 31 15:11:28 2010 FrankNotesDAQC3:PSL-ACAV_RCTRANSPD broken?can you plz check this channel as it is
constantly at -14.4797 since yesterday. Did
you disconnect it? If yes, plz elog those
  324   Tue Aug 31 15:04:51 2010 FrankNotesComputersdead channel, C3:PSL-ACAV_TEMPAVGbe carefull with the data you are taking
right now. it's wrong for your projection
as the power fluctuations are different when
  323   Tue Aug 31 14:52:41 2010 FrankNotesComputersdead channel, C3:PSL-ACAV_TEMPAVGmade the changes a minute ago. simply reboot
after changing the values in the startup.cmd
(those i didn't change)
  322   Tue Aug 31 14:50:53 2010 taraNotesComputersdead channel, C3:PSL-ACAV_TEMPAVG

  321   Tue Aug 31 13:40:00 2010 FrankNotesComputersdead channel, C3:PSL-ACAV_TEMPAVGlooks like some fault of the database.
/usr1/epics/psl/db/acav.db does not contain
the correct entry. check rcav.db and copy
  320   Tue Aug 31 13:33:02 2010 taraNotesComputersdead channel, C3:PSL-ACAV_TEMPAVGYesterday, I reset the PSL crate behind
the SUN computer, but the channel C3:PSL-ACAV_TEMPAVG
is stil inactive.
  319   Tue Aug 31 13:26:32 2010 FrankNotesEnvironmentantack (ants attack)any results from the poison from 40m they
tried in the TCS lab? Did it work?If yes
we should get some for the other labs too....
  318   Mon Aug 30 23:47:30 2010 taraNotesEnvironmentantack (ants attack) I think ants are now building their
colony in the lab, even though there is no
garbage, they can find some food around here.
  317   Mon Aug 30 23:25:06 2010 taraSummaryRefCavRIN comparison between PMC and RCAV I
measured RIN from beam behind PMC and RCAV. Photodiodes are
  316   Mon Aug 30 22:16:51 2010 FrankNotesComputersnote for resetting psl crate set temp for the ACAV should be 37.3, that
was the value since about a week. see here
  315   Mon Aug 30 20:11:51 2010 taraNotesComputersnote for resetting psl crate   C3:PSL-ACAV_TEMPAVG that tells the
average temperature from ACAV is dead. Frank
told me to reboot the PSL crate.
  314   Mon Aug 30 11:30:22 2010 taraNotesComputersmedm screens are frozenI was measuring the power fluctuation behind
PMC and RCAV, during that the beam was not
locked and the medm screens were frozen,
  313   Fri Aug 27 20:08:56 2010 taracNotesNoiseBudgetCOMSOL  I use COMSOL to simulate the
temperature distribution inside the mirror. 
The mirrors are separate into 3 regions
  312   Fri Aug 27 19:02:24 2010 FrankNotesComputersDAQplz change the channel names. Those names
are bullshit...

  311   Fri Aug 27 18:49:43 2010 taraNotesBEATboth cavities relocked 
rebooted the crate.
  310   Fri Aug 27 18:39:23 2010 taraNotesComputersDAQDmass helps me initializing two channels
for DAQ.
PSL1 connected to channel 28 which
  309   Thu Aug 26 23:18:12 2010 FrankNotesBEATboth cavities relockedrelocked both cavities. The second crate
containing the output card to control the
ACAV power supply stopped working and i can't
  308   Thu Aug 26 23:00:35 2010 FrankNotesBEATlock-loss of both cavitiesi lost lock of both cavities for some unknown
reason. Also the crate seemed to stop working
as some channels are dead now...
  307   Thu Aug 26 19:58:06 2010 FrankNotesBEATchanged ACAV setpoint temperature - both cavities lockedchanged the ACAV temp to 37.3 degrees.
Both cavities are locked now.
I'll monitor the VCO input signal
  306   Mon Aug 23 21:50:47 2010 FrankNotesRefCavchanged ACAV setpoint temperaturechanged setpoint for ACAV to 37.2 degrees,
disabled the FSS loop and enabled feedback
to laser temp using VCO input signal (C3:PSL-ACAV_VCOMON)
  305   Fri Aug 20 21:03:16 2010 FrankSummaryDAQchannel list for fb1 updated and framebuilder restartedi updated the database for epics channels
for the PSL lab and restarted the framebuilder
on fb1.
  304   Fri Aug 20 18:59:40 2010 MeganPhotosEnvironmentTemperature Stabilization?To test the temperature stability of our
cavities, Frank and I decided to run the
heat gun at 800 degrees Fahrenheit for a
  303   Fri Aug 20 00:54:48 2010 FrankSummaryDAQPSL RT fronend code shut downi've killed the PSL RT frontend. Everything
else should be ok, so plz check if everything
is working.
  302   Fri Aug 20 00:14:09 2010 FrankSummaryDAQchanges at VCO connecting block at x-connecti replaced some cables going from the 9-pin
D-SUB connection block connecting the VCO
with the DAQ by bi-colored, twisted ones.
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