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  1606   Tue Nov 10 09:29:10 2015 AntonioDailyProgressBEATPLL and EAOM noise generatedThe intensity noise that I have
noticed after the EAOM installation disappeard
with the use of a PBS before it.
  1607   Tue Nov 10 12:00:59 2015 AntonioDailyProgressBEATPLL and EAOM noise generatedThe north cavity is now in place with 48%

  1608   Tue Jan 12 11:51:31 2016 AntonioSummaryEnvironmentTable legsTable height

Currently the height of the optical
table is 27.5" (see attached PDF). We
  1609   Wed Feb 24 19:20:16 2016 AntonioSummaryEnvironmentEnclosure legsEnclosure legs cleaning

  1611   Tue Mar 8 18:34:06 2016 AntonioSummaryPMCPMC preparationThis morning I sent an email to Evan in
order to obtain PMC documentation. 

  1612   Wed Mar 9 16:18:42 2016 AntonioSummaryPMCPMC preparationO rings and screws have been ordered!!!

  1621   Tue Apr 5 16:09:54 2016 AntonioNotesPMCShort time planThis is my short time plan rough proposal
for the period left of Tara's stay.

1. PMC number 1
  1622   Tue Apr 5 16:16:14 2016 AntonioDailyProgressEnvironmentSprinklerOne of the last few steps left was to put
back the sprinkler. Much more complicated
and longer than I thought, but
  1625   Thu Apr 7 02:00:08 2016 AntonioDailyProgressPMCPMC lockingFollowing the previous elog entry today
we succeeded in locking the PMC. 

  1630   Sun Apr 10 20:13:14 2016 AntonioDailyProgressPMCPMC glass PZT The PZT of the glass
PMC does not seem broken (at least looking
at the FSR).
  1633   Fri May 27 21:10:54 2016 AntonioSummaryFSSFSS frequency modulationSummary

Analysis of the frequency modulation
for the FSS loop has been done (may be I
  1649   Sat Jun 25 18:12:56 2016 AntonioDailyProgressopticNorth path construction progressNorth Path


The north path is going
  1650   Sat Jun 25 19:25:38 2016 AntonioDailyProgressEnvironmentEnclosure sealed I have ultimated the work started few months
ago about sealing the enclosure with the
tape to avoid air air flowing from the top.
  1651   Sun Jun 26 21:08:17 2016 AntonioDailyProgressopticNorth path construction progress: PMC MM lenses Summary

I have added two lenses in order
to create a waist of 330um for when the PMC
  1653   Wed Jun 29 15:20:40 2016 AntonioNotesBEATPlan decided on June 28th 2016In line with what we already started we

1. Build the North and South
  1658   Sat Jul 2 11:06:03 2016 AntonioSummaryFSSFSS frequency modulation 2Summary
(Entry 1633 revised)
  1659   Sat Jul 2 16:12:49 2016 AntonioNotesFSSFSS : THINGS TO BE DONE (some notes)In order to have a frequency stabilization
system (FSS) working with a new frequency
modulation (FM)
  1660   Mon Jul 4 16:38:24 2016 AntonioDailyProgressMode matchingMode matching plan to the North Cavity: few optionsSummary

A couple of mode matching solutions
for the north cavity that look promising
  1661   Thu Jul 7 10:37:46 2016 AntonioDailyProgressMode matchingMode matching plan to the North Cavity: CORRECTIONMotivation
I have realized that I made a mistake
measuring the distance of the North cavity
  1663   Fri Jul 8 22:09:33 2016 AntonioDailyProgressopticNorth path construction progress 2North Path

Following entry ID 1649, additional
  1668   Wed Jul 13 20:03:07 2016 AntonioNotesFSSFSS : THINGS TO BE DONE (some notes)That is perfectly in agreement with my

  1670   Thu Jul 14 20:57:07 2016 AntonioDailyProgressopticSouth path construction progressSummary
Following ID 1649 we start the implementation
of the South cavity path.
  1682   Sat Jul 23 20:21:16 2016 AntonioDailyProgressMode matchingSouth cavity Mode matchingSummary
Following the previous entry the South
path construction was at the point where
  1683   Sun Jul 24 20:03:38 2016 AntonioDailyProgressSouth CavityMode matching and cavities lockingSummary
Today I have aligned the South cavity
with the beam prepared and described in the
  1693   Sat Jul 30 19:08:08 2016 Antonio and AndrewDailyProgressBEATbeat note work and PLLSummary

Today we have worked reying
to improve the beat note signal in its amplitude.
  1626   Thu Apr 7 21:52:43 2016 Antonio and TaraDailyProgressPMCPMC number 2Today we have tested the second
PMC that we have assembled.

  1560   Tue Aug 4 11:28:48 2015 Antonio, AidanSummaryEnvironmentDC transmission channels to Acromag and floor cleaningYesterday the DC transmission (ISS
photodiode, North cavity) channel
to acromag has been added and the viewer
  1568   Mon Aug 10 18:44:01 2015 Antonio, AidanSummaryFSSFSS interface boardWe figured out that when we sweep the laser
PZT and we want to look at the error-signal,
this can be monitored at the "mixer"
  1664   Wed Jul 13 00:06:17 2016 Antonio, AndrewDailyProgressElectronics EquipmentNorth path construction progress 3Summary
Following ID 1649 & 1663 electronics
for the FSS of the North path has been hooked
  1669   Wed Jul 13 20:43:03 2016 Antonio, AndrewDailyProgressNorth CavityCavity locked!!!Motivations
We had problems with the error-signal
monitor from the TTFSS board. We thought
  1690   Thu Jul 28 19:56:08 2016 Antonio, AndrewDailyProgressBEATSearching for beat noteSummary
In the last two days we have been
searching for beat note, in order to get 
  1576   Tue Aug 25 19:12:36 2015 Antonio, EricDailyProgressComputersGPIB installedToday Eric provided his Python scripts
(and installed them) needed to connect the
SR785 and the AG4395A devices with
  1594   Tue Oct 20 19:43:05 2015 Antonio/Aidan/EricDailyProgressopticOptics inventoryThe work that we need to do for the TCN
experiment is at the state where we cannot
easily go further without improving
  1992   Wed Nov 29 19:19:46 2017 BonoHowToFSSStuck in a FSS and You Can't Out of It?Oi mate, seems like you've gone and
stuck in the FSS. Get out and start buzzing
  1995   Thu Nov 30 20:51:18 2017 BonoHowToFSSStuck in a FSS and You Can't Out of It?Hey Bono do you like awade's song

  1154   Mon Apr 22 02:25:58 2013 ChloeDailyProgressECDLECDL Grating/Current ControllerGrating choices:
In the literature, people seem to
use 1800/mm spacing. Attached are efficiency
  1200   Thu Jun 20 17:23:40 2013 ChloeDailyProgressECDLNoise Calculations Updates from the past few days...
 (sorry I forgot to elog but I've been
keeping notes in my notebook)
  1202   Fri Jun 21 16:47:30 2013 ChloeDailyProgressECDLNoise CalculationsToday, I wrote up my noise calculations
in a nicer way so that I have it on hand
in the future. They are attached here. I
  1206   Mon Jun 24 11:14:04 2013 ChloeDailyProgressECDLNoise Calculations


  1207   Mon Jun 24 17:48:30 2013 ChloeDailyProgressECDLNoise Calculations


  1211   Tue Jun 25 17:51:34 2013 ChloeDailyProgressECDLNoise CalculationsI spent this morning looking at the mounts
and other mechanical parts necessary for
the ECDL. This afternoon, I met with Tara
  1214   Wed Jun 26 17:13:21 2013 ChloeDailyProgressECDLNoise CalculationsToday I spent the morning searching the
literature on Web of Knowledge to see if
anyone had ways to reduce the noise level
  1217   Fri Jun 28 17:59:15 2013 ChloeNotesECDLParts to OrderYesterday I spent awhile reading literature,
then met with Rana and Tara. Rana wanted
us to produce a sketch of the physical layout
  1219   Sun Jun 30 22:58:45 2013 ChloeDailyProgressECDLNoise CalculationsI redid the plots from my meeting on Friday
with Rana and Tara in Matlab, comparing different
components. They are attached here. I'm still
  1221   Mon Jul 1 17:39:09 2013 ChloeNotesECDLParts to Order 
Today, I spent the day working on
the first progress report for SURF, which
  1223   Tue Jul 2 17:40:22 2013 ChloeNotesECDLParts to Order 
Today, the last of the parts we've
decided on were ordered. 
  1225   Wed Jul 3 17:05:55 2013 ChloeNotesECDLParts to Order 
Today I made some edits to my progress
report for SURF, mainly with the graphs in
  1227   Mon Jul 8 18:00:12 2013 ChloeNotesECDLParts to OrderI made more edits to my SURF progress report.
I need to remember to make good looking graphs
in Matlab without being reminded by Tara.
  1230   Tue Jul 9 17:57:49 2013 ChloeNotesECDLPreparing for parts to arriveI spent the morning figuring out how to
wire the TEC/thermistor/TEC controller together.
After reading through the manual from last
  1232   Wed Jul 10 17:54:58 2013 ChloeDailyProgressECDLSolidworks DesignI attached the Solidworks parts that I
built. I put these together with the parts
we are ordering from Thorlabs (they have
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