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  471   Fri Feb 4 13:59:48 2011 FrankDailyProgressBEATtrend of the setup This setup has too much gain (i.e.
not enough range). Please
  472   Fri Feb 4 19:26:50 2011 FrankDailyProgressBEATchanged to shorter cableexchanged the 500ft spool by a shorter
cable to get more range (but less resolution).
Due to the lower losses of the cable
  473   Sun Feb 6 02:38:07 2011 FrankDailyProgressRefCavboth cavities locked againlocked both cavities. Current slowdc value
is 0.1925. VCOmon is -2.2V. Changed RCtemp
to 35.00.
  479   Tue Feb 8 00:26:44 2011 frank, taraDailyProgressRefCavrunning thermal PID perl scriptWe installed ezca library on PLS's Sun
machine. Now, we can run perl script for
Refcav thermalPID control.
  481   Tue Feb 8 12:02:06 2011 taraDailyProgressRefCavTemperature responseThe perl script is working fine on RCAV.
It has faster response than the other control
system (see ACAV's temp)
  483   Wed Feb 9 02:07:25 2011 Frank,TaraDailyProgressBEATlong-term frequency drift/noise - once moreChanged the setup to be used with two different
cables at the same time, but only using one
right now.
  484   Wed Feb 9 15:41:45 2011 frank, taraDailyProgressRefCavrunning thermal PID perl scriptThe thermal control perl script is added
for ACAV. The file is saved in SUN machine,
all channels are renamed for ACAV and the
  497   Tue Feb 15 01:02:31 2011 FrankDailyProgressBEATcalibration problems?looks like a fu**** up the data aquisition
with the short cable, but i don't know how.
When trying to calibrate the data
  498   Tue Feb 15 23:19:54 2011 FrankDailyProgressBEATsome (minor) calibration problem foundFound at least two (minor) problems:

    So far i measured the
zero-crossing of the mixer signal and both
  499   Tue Feb 15 23:33:51 2011 taraDailyProgressBEATsome (minor) calibration problem foundSo, from the first plot, is the calibration
factor for cable delay technique ~ 8MHz/Volt?

  500   Wed Feb 16 00:02:51 2011 FrankDailyProgressElectronics Equipmentnoise of SR560to have real data for comparison i measured
the noise of the SR560 for different (high)
gain settings.
  501   Wed Feb 16 09:14:14 2011 FrankDailyProgressBEATsome (minor) calibration problem foundyes, for yesterdays measurements 7.435
But that number changes from measurement
  503   Thu Feb 17 23:50:55 2011 taraDailyProgressVCOPDH box irregular gain behaviorI measured the input referred noise
of the VCO's PDH box at different gain setting.
  504   Fri Feb 18 23:52:42 2011 taraDailyProgressVCOPDH box irregular gain behaviorThe input referred noise for the
PDH box is measured and corrected. 
The input referred noise (IRN) of the PDH
  506   Mon Feb 21 20:15:14 2011 frank, taraDailyProgressBEATbeat measurement b/w cable delay and PLLToday we compared beat noise measured
from phase lock loop(PLL) and cable delay
technique (CD.)
  507   Tue Feb 22 21:57:02 2011 frank, taraDailyProgressBEATbeat Today, we found out that at high frequency,
the limiting noise source is probably electronics
noise might be from the Universal PDH box.
  509   Wed Feb 23 01:47:15 2011 frankDailyProgressBEATbeat you have to be a bit more precisely
fro points 2 and 3, e.g. no one knows what
you mean as    "PDH" gain as you
  510   Thu Feb 24 01:40:00 2011 FrankDailyProgressBEATinfluence of power fluctuationsI had a closer look into effects caused
by power fluctuations. To summarize : It
is easy to measure TFs from power fluctuations
  529   Wed Mar 2 23:20:49 2011 FrankDailyProgressSeismicpiezo shaker updated - TF measurement startedKoji and i updated the shaker today. We
replaced the short multilayer piezoelectric
actuator (10mm) by a longer one (20mm) from
  531   Thu Mar 3 22:37:51 2011 frank, taraDailyProgressRefCavQ measurement for refcav's suspension (RCAV)Today we measured one of RCAV's suspension
modes, The mode @ 3.73 Hz, Q = 190+/- 10
is probably tilt.
  536   Fri Mar 4 22:28:39 2011 frank, taraDailyProgressRefCavQ measurement for refcav's suspension (RCAV/ACAV)Today we measured Q for several modes
of RCAV and ACAV's suspension the numbers
are summarized below.
  540   Mon Mar 7 23:14:09 2011 koji, frank, taraDailyProgressRefCavchanging RCAV suspensionWe opened RCAV's chamber, removed the springs
from the suspension and use wire with viton
damping on the suspension points instead.
  541   Wed Mar 9 02:21:06 2011 Tara, FrankDailyProgressRefCavcavity back in vacuumcavity is back in chamber and started pumping.
Had some trouble with one of the windows.
More details and photos later...
  542   Thu Mar 10 01:58:11 2011 Tara, FrankDailyProgressRefCavcavity back in vacuumFront and back Periscope for RCAV are back
on the table. The input beam is aligned.
The transmitted beam is coarsely
  543   Thu Mar 10 23:10:27 2011 Tara, FrankDailyProgressRefCavcavity back in vacuumWe measured beat noise. With new suspension,
the signal is getting worse from ,probably,
  544   Tue Mar 22 00:38:11 2011 taraDailyProgressBEATcurrent beat measurementToday I measured beat noise again to see
where we are after adjusting many parameters.
The beat measurements are plotted
  545   Tue Mar 22 15:59:49 2011 frank, taraDailyProgressRefCavQ measurement for RCAV new suspensionToday we tried to measure Q factor from
RCAV's suspension.  By measuring the
FWHM of the peak and the ring down signal,
  546   Tue Mar 22 21:59:21 2011 taraDailyProgressElectronics Equipmentinput refered noise for UPDH and sensing noise (RFPD) in ACAVWe remeasured the input referred noise(IRN)
of the UPDH box, and sensing noise (RFPD
+ mixer +LO) for ACAV loop.
  547   Tue Mar 22 23:38:02 2011 FrankDailyProgressElectronics Equipmentinput refered noise for UPDH and sensing noise (RFPD) in ACAVnice, much better, i only have two little
things at the moment:

    would be great to have
  548   Wed Mar 23 18:12:01 2011 taraDailyProgressElectronics Equipmentinput refered noise for UPDH and sensing noise (RFPD) in ACAVI think the reason of the high mixer noise
is the amplifier for the RFPD signal before
the mixer. I remove it for now and the noise
  549   Wed Mar 23 22:09:08 2011 FrankDailyProgressElectronics Equipmentinput refered noise for UPDH and sensing noise (RFPD) in ACAVOk, hmm,  still doesn't make sense.
The first problem is that you don't have
50Ohm termination for the mixer signal when
  550   Wed Mar 23 23:22:28 2011 taraDailyProgressElectronics Equipmentsensing noise checkingOK, so what I did
1) Compare the sensing noise between
ACAV and RcAV loop.
  551   Thu Mar 24 00:02:57 2011 FrankDailyProgressElectronics Equipmentsensing noise checkingBe very careful comparing the plain numbers!
You have different error signal slopes so
the corresponding frequency noise level for
  554   Thu Mar 24 23:46:13 2011 taraDailyProgressElectronics Equipmentsensing noise checkingHere is the noise plot for ACAV electronic
noise. It is basically the same as yesterday
  559   Thu Mar 31 20:47:32 2011 taraDailyProgressSeismicaccelerometer installed on the tableToday we installed two accelerometers
on the table, for vertical and horizontal(beamline)
  567   Thu Apr 7 02:37:34 2011 taraDailyProgressBEATNoise huntingI searched for the limiting noise source
at high frequency of the beat measurement.
I have not founded anything conclusive yet,
  569   Thu Apr 7 23:18:49 2011 koji, frank, taraDailyProgressSeismicprevious suspension for RCAV restoredToday we changed the suspension on RCAV
back to the original one (spring + wire)
and put the cavity back in the chamber.
  571   Sat Apr 9 07:11:20 2011 koji, frank, taraDailyProgressSeismicQ measurementQ measurement from the cavity's suspension
is measured. Vertical translational mode
is 3.46 Hz, Q=52 (previous setup was ~
  574   Mon Apr 11 18:20:02 2011 taraDailyProgressBEATbeat setup is backThe optics behind RCAV for beat measurement
are re-installed, with the new periscope.
I'm waiting for the temperature to settle.
  576   Tue Apr 12 18:42:59 2011 Dmass, taraDailyProgressTempCtrltime constant between can and cavityToday we connected the PT1000 thermostat
on RCAV's stack to C3:PSL-GEN_DAQ16. This
will be used for time constant between chamber
  577   Tue Apr 12 19:49:39 2011 taraDailyProgressBEATBeat measurement is backI realigned the beam on the beat path and
measured the beat. With new eddy current
damping, the peaks at 3.73 Hz now becomes
  578   Tue Apr 12 20:54:36 2011 DmassDailyProgressTempCtrltime constant between can and cavityThe 10V supply is an AD587 with a 22 uF
foil capacitor connecting its "noise
reduction" pin (8) to ground which I
  579   Wed Apr 13 09:18:50 2011 taraDailyProgressTempCtrltime constant between can and cavity 
 This morning, I decided to
adjust RCAV's temperature setpoint (C3:PSL-RCAV_RCPID_SETPOINT)
  580   Wed Apr 13 11:25:13 2011 DmassDailyProgressTempCtrltime constant between can and cavity Tara, please post what the channel
names are, physically.
  581   Wed Apr 13 11:29:50 2011 taraDailyProgressTempCtrltime constant between can and cavityIt's C3:PSL-FSS_SLOWDC. I'm not keeping the
cavity locked in order to avoid any heat
absorption from the beam. I only lock the
  582   Thu Apr 14 10:02:11 2011 taraDailyProgressTempCtrltime constant between can and cavityResult from a step function test.
At ~1.5 h, I changed the temperature setpoint
  583   Fri Apr 15 18:59:41 2011 taraDailyProgressFSSPreparing to install TTFSSI'm preparing the cables for the new TTFSS.
A cable for +/-220V is made.
  584   Tue Apr 19 22:40:03 2011 taraDailyProgressFSSPreparing to install TTFSS 
 All cables and power supplies
for the new TTFSS are ready. I'll fire it
  585   Wed Apr 20 17:54:52 2011 taraDailyProgressFSSPreparing to install TTFSSTTFSS is not working properly yet. The
signal from Fast out is distorted, but it
still can lock the laser. All three actuators
  587   Sat Apr 23 11:40:09 2011 taraDailyProgressFSSPreparing to install TTFSS koji,
 The mystery about the distortion
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