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  951   Wed May 2 19:48:32 2012 frank, taraDailyProgressAcousticsacoustic enclosure for input beam      We measured
the frequency response(microphone out/signal
to speaker) to see how well we can shield
  952   Thu May 3 22:26:14 2012 frank, taraDailyProgressAcousticsacoustic enclosure for input beamWe are still working on the acoustic shielding
panels. The work should be done by tomorrow.
  953   Fri May 4 20:19:58 2012 frank, taraDailyProgressAcousticsacoustic enclosure for input beamThe enclosure box for input optics are
done. We still need to order more of the
nuts for one panel, but the box should provide
  955   Wed May 9 03:11:33 2012 frank, taraDailyProgressAcousticsacoustic enclosure for input beamI check the performance of the enclosure
box for input optics. It neither improves
the beat signal that much.
  972   Wed May 30 23:39:15 2012 frank, taraDailyProgressAcousticsacoustic enclosure for input beamWe started installing the new acoustic
enclosure box for the beat path. It covers
the whole beat setup and the part for power
  973   Wed May 30 23:39:41 2012 frank, taraDailyProgressAcousticsacoustic enclosure for input beamWe started installing the new acoustic
enclosure box for the beat path. It covers
the whole beat setup and the part for power
  975   Fri Jun 1 01:00:30 2012 frank, taraDailyProgressAcousticsacoustic enclosure for input beamThe beat signal is measured with an adhoc
lid covering the enclosure on the beat part.
There are no significant improvement in the
  287   Tue Aug 17 15:57:11 2010 FrankNotesBEATpower on beat PD- personal notes -
New Focus PD:
power from ACAV: 0.958mW
  307   Thu Aug 26 19:58:06 2010 FrankNotesBEATchanged ACAV setpoint temperature - both cavities lockedchanged the ACAV temp to 37.3 degrees.
Both cavities are locked now.
I'll monitor the VCO input signal
  308   Thu Aug 26 23:00:35 2010 FrankNotesBEATlock-loss of both cavitiesi lost lock of both cavities for some unknown
reason. Also the crate seemed to stop working
as some channels are dead now...
  309   Thu Aug 26 23:18:12 2010 FrankNotesBEATboth cavities relockedrelocked both cavities. The second crate
containing the output card to control the
ACAV power supply stopped working and i can't
  311   Fri Aug 27 18:49:43 2010 taraNotesBEATboth cavities relocked 
rebooted the crate.
  336   Wed Sep 1 00:27:34 2010 taraNotesBEATsymmetric optic layout for beat measurement  A tentative layout for almost symmetric
layout for beat measurement. The double 1/4
objects  in the beam paths should be
  350   Thu Sep 9 20:55:22 2010 taraNotesBEATcalibration V->Hz for IFR2023Bthe calibration value is 71.3 kHz/Volt
for the following setup
center freq = 159.294 MHz
  353   Fri Sep 10 12:22:04 2010 taraDailyProgressBEATbeat noise measurementPlot from yesterday measurement. The new
result is in red. 
The data is measured from the feedback
  391   Thu Nov 11 22:50:14 2010 taraDailyProgressBEATbeat noise measurementI
measured the beat note signal from two different
setup (f modulation) and plot the result
  392   Mon Nov 15 18:05:34 2010 taraDailyProgressBEATcoherence <fbeat|RCAV>, <fbeat|ACAV> I realigned the beam to PMC,
ACAV, RCAV, optimized gain, and find a significant
coherence between ACAV_RCTRASPD and RCAV_TRANSPD.
  404   Fri Nov 19 14:28:28 2010 taraDailyProgressBEATTF comparison between PLL feedback and VCO feedbackI measured the TF between VCO feedback
and PLL feedback. The result agrees with
the TF of the VCO. 
  405   Fri Nov 19 14:36:19 2010 KojiDailyProgressBEATTF comparison between PLL feedback and VCO feedback

  415   Wed Dec 1 22:07:05 2010 taraDailyProgressBEATbeat vs Power Input I measured the beat signal from 3
different power input levels, the signal goes down
  416   Fri Dec 3 01:34:02 2010 taraDailyProgressBEATFaraday isolator added behind the PMCI added a Faraday isolator after
PMC and 35.5 MHz broadband EOM, now the noise
becomes less susceptible to the
  418   Sat Dec 4 00:12:21 2010 frank, taraDailyProgressBEATPD for PLL The current PD for the 160 MHz beat
signal is 120MHz. We use a 2 GHz PD to compare
the results between two PDS,
  419   Sun Dec 5 18:36:10 2010 FrankDailyProgressBEATPD for PLL: additional informationsome additional information:
the beat noise was measured as the
feedback signal to the VCO of the PLL, so
  420   Mon Dec 6 22:09:59 2010 frank, taraDailyProgressBEATreplacing PMC, adding EAOM Today we 1)replaced out PMC with
DMASS' PMC and get better transmission efficiency,
2) added EAOM to modulate the laser intensity
  421   Tue Dec 7 16:15:38 2010 taraNotesBEATPLL OLG TFI measured the open loop gain TF of the
phase lock loop for beat measurement, at
the current setup, the UGF is 40 kHz.
  422   Wed Dec 8 00:15:42 2010 frank, taraDailyProgressBEATLO phase noiseToday we
1) checked if LO phase noise
dominates at high f. It turned out that it
  427   Sun Dec 12 22:11:11 2010 taraNotesBEATnb with VCO noise at 10khz input rangeI got Marconi noise data from Frank, and
plotted it on the noise spectrum to show
that we are limited by LO noise at high f.
  431   Wed Dec 15 11:26:39 2010 frank, taraNotesBEATcleaning optics to get rid of scattering lightWe are cleaning optics to reduce
possible scattering light sources. Optics
behind PMC are quite dusty. Improvement in
  433   Fri Dec 17 02:23:38 2010 frank, taraNotesBEATcleaning optics to get rid of scattering lightI'm continuing with cleaning optics.
  The optics in cyan circles in
  449   Thu Jan 20 11:32:40 2011 taraPhotosBEATbeat layout with 3" heightThe picture is posted on the board outside
the lab as well.
  459   Mon Jan 31 20:24:45 2011 frank, taraNotesBEATbeat signal down to 12.5 mHzThis morning I was able to measure the
beat noise down to 12.5 mHz. So I plot it
together with the noise budget here.
  461   Tue Feb 1 19:26:47 2011 FrankNotesBEATloss of RF cablesfound a nice calculator here:
which has a huge amount of different
  463   Tue Feb 1 22:22:46 2011 frank, taraNotesBEATbeat signal down to 12.5 mHzWe measured beat noise from the frequency
counter(FC) instead of the feedback from
PLL.   The result is plotted below
  465   Wed Feb 2 13:48:22 2011 taraDailyProgressBEATComparison bewteen beat from PLL and FCI used PLL feedback to measure beat noise
from dc to 3 Hz and dc to 1.5 Hz to compare
with the data taken yesterday by FC.
  469   Thu Feb 3 14:25:18 2011 FrankSummaryBEATFrequency counter time series2 stretches of data taken at the following
UTC times:
11/2/2 23:18:19  duration: ~9min
  470   Fri Feb 4 01:03:47 2011 FrankDailyProgressBEATcable delay setupchanged the frequency noise readout to
the cable-delay version to see how it works.
  471   Fri Feb 4 13:59:48 2011 FrankDailyProgressBEATtrend of the setup This setup has too much gain (i.e.
not enough range). Please
  472   Fri Feb 4 19:26:50 2011 FrankDailyProgressBEATchanged to shorter cableexchanged the 500ft spool by a shorter
cable to get more range (but less resolution).
Due to the lower losses of the cable
  474   Mon Feb 7 15:38:38 2011 FrankNotesBEATcable phase noise measurement stoppedstopped taking data for data calibration
at 11/02/07 23:35:00 UTC
  475   Mon Feb 7 16:14:19 2011 FrankNotesBEATcable phase noise measurement calibrationused two frequency ranges to calibrate
the mixer signal

    calibration factor is
  480   Tue Feb 8 10:41:59 2011 FrankSummaryBEATcavity drift within 24hi analyzed  the data taken with the
short cable and compared it to the signal
from the tuning input to the VCO.
  483   Wed Feb 9 02:07:25 2011 Frank,TaraDailyProgressBEATlong-term frequency drift/noise - once moreChanged the setup to be used with two different
cables at the same time, but only using one
right now.
  485   Wed Feb 9 19:57:43 2011 FrankNotesBEATnew cable length - calibration datashorter cable: cable length 62 inches
amplified (DC-coupled) signal from
mixer using SR560, LP@30Hz, gain20 in channel
  486   Thu Feb 10 00:21:55 2011 FrankSummaryBEATcomparison VCO feedback signal and "cable technique"data taken at 02/06/2011 10:10:00 UTC,
duration = 24h
updated plots:
  487   Thu Feb 10 01:16:42 2011 TaraNotesBEATcollection of beat data, H1 arm noise, and SR560 noise I plot beat noise PSD, with estimated H1
arm noise, and SR560 noise converted to frequency
noise in the current beat measurement. From
  488   Thu Feb 10 12:00:55 2011 ranaNotesBEATcollection of beat data, H1 arm noise, and SR560 noise  Here's the plot from the H2YAC doc
that explains the idea.
If we can get down to ~1 Hz/rHz at
  492   Fri Feb 11 13:46:20 2011 FrankNotesBEATcalibrated error signal vs frequencyplots
are not taking the change of transmitted
PD power when changing VCO frequency into
  494   Fri Feb 11 19:45:49 2011 FrankNotesBEATupdated diagram of current cable delay setup   cable-delay_v2.pdf 
  495   Fri Feb 11 21:32:25 2011 taraNotesBEATcalibrated error signal vs frequencyI checked my below entry, and I found a
mistake in the conversion factor. It should
be ~170 MHz like Frank's result in the quote.
  497   Tue Feb 15 01:02:31 2011 FrankDailyProgressBEATcalibration problems?looks like a fu**** up the data aquisition
with the short cable, but i don't know how.
When trying to calibrate the data
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