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  1589   Tue Oct 13 16:47:55 2015 Aidan, AntonioSummaryEnvironmentPEM monitor computer is ready to run - needs licenseWe've set up the PEM monitor computer
to broadcast the temperature channels to
  1815   Mon Jan 23 14:18:31 2017 Aidan, AntonioSummaryPEMIt's alive! Newport temperature sensors resurrected The (Windows 7) computer that runs the
OPC server is in the TCS Lab. The EPICS server
on this machine needs rebooting at the moment. 
  1537   Wed Dec 17 20:30:36 2014 Aidan, EvanDailyProgress Minor changes to layout of cavity transmitted path


  1584   Tue Oct 6 09:27:25 2015 Aidan, EvanNotesNoiseBudgetiPython Noise Budget located in 40m SVN/trunk/docs/algaas_ctn/sourceFiles/   
  1534   Mon Dec 15 20:43:49 2014 Aidan, Kate, EvanDailyProgressPMCSouth Faraday isolator needs help

  1535   Tue Dec 16 14:06:35 2014 Aidan, Kate, EvanSummaryEnvironmentTask listSome tasks not included on the list:

    Temperature loops
  1569   Tue Aug 11 16:49:55 2015 Aidan, Rich, AntonioSummaryBEATDiagnosing the terrible beat signal. RCAV HV supply not showing current drawnThe beat signal looks awful. It has some
amplitude modulation at 6.75MHz and looks
like it has some strange saturation effects
  1570   Thu Aug 13 09:07:04 2015 Aidan, Rich, AntonioSummaryBEATPLL locked on beat note - TTFSS boxes were being used incorrectly previouslyWe investigated the way we were locking
the PDH loops using the TTFSS boxes. Here's
what we previously did:
  16   Thu Nov 19 16:06:30 2009 AlbertoComputingComputersElog debugging output - Down time programmed today to make changesWe want the elog process to run in verbose
mode so that we can see what's going. The
idea is to track the events that trigger
  17   Thu Nov 19 18:50:33 2009 AlbertoComputingComputersElog debugging output - Down time programmed today to make changes

  2182   Thu May 10 18:18:06 2018 AnchalDailyProgressBEATBeam Profiling Beatnote detectorToday I took more measurements after reflecting
off the beam by 90 degrees to another direction
and using the Beam Profiler Dataray Beamr2-DD.
  2578   Sun May 31 11:44:20 2020 AnchalDailyProgressNoiseBudgetBayesian Analysis FinalizedI've implemented all the proper analysis
norms that Jon suggested and are mentioned
in the previous
  2580   Thu Jun 4 09:18:04 2020 AnchalDailyProgressNoiseBudgetBayesian Analysis FinalizedBetter measurement captured today.

Final result of CTN experiment
as of June 4th 9 am:

  2582   Thu Jun 11 14:02:26 2020 AnchalDailyProgressNoiseBudgetBayesian Analysis FinalizedI realized that in my noise budget I was
using higher incident power on the cavities
which was the case earlier. I have made the
  2584   Mon Jun 15 16:43:58 2020 AnchalDailyProgressNoiseBudgetBetter measurement on June 14thFinal result of CTN experiment
as of June 15th 5 pm:

  2586   Tue Jun 23 17:28:36 2020 AnchalDailyProgressNoiseBudgetBetter measurement on June 22nd (as I turned 26!)Final result of CTN experiment
as of June 23  5 pm:

  2587   Wed Jun 24 21:14:58 2020 AnchalDailyProgressNoiseBudgetBetter measurement on June 24thFinal result of CTN experiment
as of June 24  9 pm:

  2588   Fri Jun 26 12:38:34 2020 AnchalDailyProgressNoiseBudgetBayesian Analysis Finalized, Adding Slope of Bulk Loss Angle as variableI added the possibility of having a power-law
dependence of bulk loss angle on frequency.
This model of course matches better with
  2589   Tue Sep 15 15:13:44 2020 AnchalNotesEnvironmentHEPA filters switched on. Measurement stopped.I have switched on HEPA filters to high,
both on top of the main table and on top
of the flow bench.
  2599   Mon Nov 30 10:28:08 2020 AnchalNotesLaserNorth laser not switching on, power supply display not workingI shorted the interlock terminals on the
North laser power supply and still as soon
as I turn the key to 'ON' position,
  2607   Wed Jan 27 15:12:05 2021 AnchalNotesEnvironmentSmall leak or drip in the lab on West EndI noticed small amount of water on the
floor (Attachment 1) on the west end of the
lab. Immediately above it is a pipe which
  2608   Thu Feb 11 18:01:39 2021 AnchalDailyProgressInstrumentCharacterizationSR560 Intermodulation TestI added script SRIMD.py
in 40m/labutils/netgpibdata which allows
one to measure second order intermodulation
  2612   Mon Aug 22 20:18:21 2022 AnchalSummaryNoiseBudgetBirefringence noise in thermo-optic noiseI followed the analysis of this recently
published paper Jan
Meyer et al 2022 Class. Quantum Grav. 39
  2613   Tue Aug 23 19:56:21 2022 AnchalSummaryNoiseBudgetBirefringence noise in thermo-optic noiseI made a few changes in my calculations
today, which changed the noise contribution
of this photoelastic noise (coatTPE) to roughly
  2615   Thu Aug 25 19:19:27 2022 AnchalSummaryNoiseBudgetLooking at the measured and estimated photothermal transfer functionsThe photothermal transfer function measurement
made back in 2014 showed some cancellation
of thermo-optic noise, but there were some
  2616   Thu Aug 25 19:38:01 2022 AnchalSummaryNoiseBudgetBirefringence noise in thermo-optic noise 

  2617   Fri Aug 26 15:56:38 2022 AnchalSummaryNoiseBudgetChecking with Martin Fejer's calculationsMartin Fejer recently gave two talks in
a coatings workshop where he showed calculations
regarding the thermal photoelastic channel.
  2177   Tue Apr 24 14:37:39 2018 Anchal and AndrewDailyProgressBEATBeam Profiling Beatnote detectorToday, we did the beam profiling for the
beatnote detector just before the photodiode.
I have attached the data taken. The z values
  2336   Mon May 6 20:12:22 2019 AnjaliSummaryEquipment loanBorrowed componentsI borrowed the following components from
PSL lab to QIL lab 

1. Mixer (Minicircuit, ZFM-3-S+)
  1566   Thu Aug 6 23:49:10 2015 AntonioSummaryFSSpower transmitted through the cavities and control signalThe light transmitted from both the
cavities has been monitored while the cavities
where locked (Vacav = 1.369 V, Vrcav = 5.7909
  1567   Mon Aug 10 17:49:41 2015 AntonioSummaryEOMerror-signal end EOMOn saturday a qualitative effect of
the modulation produced by the EOM located
in the PDH-north loop has been checked.
  1575   Thu Aug 20 13:55:22 2015 AntonioSummaryFSSOLTF Transfer functions of the North loopIn order
to have a better understanding of the FSS
  1578   Wed Sep 2 22:13:47 2015 AntonioSummaryBEATPLL locking AGAINDescription

As described in the elog entry
n. 1577 we were not able to lock the PLL
  1579   Sun Sep 13 10:40:29 2015 AntonioDailyProgressBEATPLL measured noiseSummary

  1580   Sun Sep 13 11:31:04 2015 AntonioDailyProgressBEATPLL noise comparison at different PDH gain settingsSummary

  1581   Sun Sep 13 12:44:14 2015 AntonioDailyProgressFSSOLTF of the north loop (now with data)Summary

  1582   Sun Sep 13 13:56:04 2015 AntonioDailyProgressElectronics EquipmentGain Knobs calibration on the North sideSummary

  1587   Sun Oct 11 23:16:34 2015 AntonioDailyProgressVCOMarconi ( IFR 2023a) OLTF, noise and calibration Summary


Before starting to work on reducing
  1588   Mon Oct 12 16:22:19 2015 AntonioDailyProgressVCOMarconi ( IFR 2023a) OLTF, noise and calibration I add a PLL transfer function taken with
the SR785: It shows a unity gain frequency
of ~54kHz instead of ~27kHz.
  1590   Wed Oct 14 20:30:27 2015 AntonioDailyProgressBEATPLL noise Summary

  1592   Fri Oct 16 22:24:35 2015 AntonioSummaryBEATPLL noise and beat frequency at 50MHzSummary

Today the beat frequency was
very difficult to find. Something changed,
  1593   Sun Oct 18 20:15:55 2015 AntonioDailyProgressISSISS on the North path and new optical setupSummary

  1595   Sun Oct 25 21:52:43 2015 AntonioDailyProgressEOMBeam profile measurementBefore the installation of the AEOM in
the South cavity I wanted to have look to
the beam profile along the paths. EOMs provokes
  1596   Sun Oct 25 22:15:35 2015 AntonioSummaryEOMAEOM installed in the South path. Noise issue.Summary

The AEOM has been installed in
the South path replacing the EOM 21MHz used
  1599   Thu Oct 29 20:14:33 2015 AntonioDailyProgressAOMEAOM removedIn order to debug the intensity noise that
I found after the installation of the EAOM
in the South path I have removed it from
  1600   Thu Oct 29 21:06:53 2015 AntonioDailyProgressLaserCurrent setup of the lasers (to be changed) and power measurementsSummary

While I was debugging the "high"
intensity noise at the ISSPD north i have
  1601   Sat Oct 31 21:24:19 2015 AntonioDailyProgressAOMEAOM implemented in the South path again (2)The
EAOM is again in place but not the lambda/4
  1603   Wed Nov 4 10:54:30 2015 AntonioHowToDocumentationelog etiquetteScusami :-(. D'ora in poi usero'
solo PDF :-)!!!

  1604   Wed Nov 4 11:14:24 2015 AntonioDailyProgressISSISS on South path is "working"Summary

  1605   Wed Nov 4 11:28:37 2015 AntonioDailyProgressBEATBeat noise did not improve with the ISSs ONSummary

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