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  361   Tue Sep 14 20:18:35 2010 taraDailyProgressComputerspwr monitor for NPRO is addedC3:PSL-NPRO_PWRMON channel, and npro.db
file are added
for monitoring power output of the
  362   Wed Sep 15 22:43:41 2010 taraDailyProgressPMCchecking pmc servoI checked PMC circuit to make sure that
the schematic matches the actual board.
This is important because we want
  367   Mon Sep 20 19:48:13 2010 taraDailyProgressPMCPMC servo TF is fitted by LISOI
fitted the TF of PMC servo card simulated
from LISO, and found poles at 2.01 Hz, 59.7
  368   Mon Sep 20 20:57:40 2010 taraDailyProgressPMCa part of PMC servo is verified 

measured PMC's TF between MIXER OUT and PCMON,
  369   Tue Sep 21 10:43:35 2010 KojiDailyProgressPMCPMC servo TF is fitted by LISOHoo! So beautiful fit!

  371   Mon Oct 4 21:05:21 2010 taraDailyProgressPMCPMC open loop TF I checked the PSL setup today,
and the PMC gain setup has to be changed
from 30 dB (maximum on gain slider) to 22.5
  391   Thu Nov 11 22:50:14 2010 taraDailyProgressBEATbeat noise measurementI
measured the beat note signal from two different
setup (f modulation) and plot the result
  392   Mon Nov 15 18:05:34 2010 taraDailyProgressBEATcoherence <fbeat|RCAV>, <fbeat|ACAV> I realigned the beam to PMC,
ACAV, RCAV, optimized gain, and find a significant
coherence between ACAV_RCTRASPD and RCAV_TRANSPD.
  393   Mon Nov 15 19:22:58 2010 ranaDailyProgressNoiseBudgetPreparation to suppress intensity noise.We need to see a plot of the coherence
between the PMC trans and Rcav trans and
the Acav trans. Also the RIN of all 3 plotted
  394   Tue Nov 16 03:36:55 2010 taraDailyProgressNoiseBudgetPreparation to suppress intensity noise.I modulate the laser power @ 100Hz
and measure RIN from PMC,RCAV,ACAV trans
and beat note at 100 Hz, t
  396   Thu Nov 18 00:28:28 2010 koji, taraDailyProgressNoiseBudgetNoise from scattering light near the cavity's foam cap openingToday we improved some frequency
noise by reducing the scattering light at
the ACAV's foam cap.
  397   Thu Nov 18 03:10:03 2010 KojiDailyProgressNoiseBudgetNoise from scattering light near the cavity's foam cap opening
    Even after the removal of the
Al tip,
the scattered light noise looks still exist.
  398   Thu Nov 18 14:17:45 2010 taraDailyProgressNoiseBudgetNoise from scattering light near the cavity's foam cap openingThe Voltage vs Frequency conversion for
VCO is   here.
It's not linear over the range. I
  399   Thu Nov 18 15:09:22 2010 KojiDailyProgressNoiseBudgetNoise from scattering light near the cavity's foam cap openingWhat about the frequency response. Why
did we see the different shapes between the
spectra even with the coherence ~1.
  400   Thu Nov 18 21:42:33 2010 taraDailyProgressNoiseBudgetNoise from scattering light near the cavity's foam cap opening I measured the calibration df/dV
for VCO to be ~48 kHz/V. Then I convert the
Vnoise fro VCO to frequency noise.   
  401   Thu Nov 18 22:23:20 2010 KojiDailyProgressNoiseBudgetNoise from scattering light near the cavity's foam cap openingTRANSFER FUNCTION!

  402   Fri Nov 19 01:21:53 2010 taraDailyProgressNoiseBudgetNoise from scattering light near the cavity's foam cap openingHere is the TF of LIGO's VCO. I measured
the TF at 3 different RF output voltage levels
(C3:PSL-FSS_VCOMODLEVEL) and plotted them
  403   Fri Nov 19 01:24:03 2010 taraDailyProgressopticchanging Faraday Isolator's mount/ TF from ACAV pathI switched the post to V-block for Faraday
Isolator mount, for better stability, and
adjusted the Faraday isolator to minimize
  404   Fri Nov 19 14:28:28 2010 taraDailyProgressBEATTF comparison between PLL feedback and VCO feedbackI measured the TF between VCO feedback
and PLL feedback. The result agrees with
the TF of the VCO. 
  405   Fri Nov 19 14:36:19 2010 KojiDailyProgressBEATTF comparison between PLL feedback and VCO feedback

  406   Fri Nov 19 22:35:10 2010 taraDailyProgressNoiseBudgetNoise due to RINI measured the RIN of PMC/ACAV/RCAV
and noise in beat note when 250mV white noise
was injected in the laser current actuator.
  407   Sat Nov 20 13:30:30 2010 ranaDailyProgressNoiseBudgetNoise due to RINYou have to post here the TF between the
laser current actuator and the PMC trans
PD. Then, you should think about how to make
  408   Mon Nov 22 10:32:33 2010 taraDailyProgressNoiseBudgetNoise due to RINsetting up the gain for intensity servo
1) TF of current actuator and PMC
trans PD:
  409   Wed Nov 24 01:53:10 2010 taraDailyProgressNoiseBudgetIntensity ServoI
modified Dmass' intensity servo, but the
servo is not working yet.
  412   Tue Nov 30 21:48:13 2010 taraDailyProgressRefCavCavities egienmodeI measured the beat signal and VCO
feedback signal to see a peak from cavities'
mode of vibration, there are 4 peaks from
  413   Tue Nov 30 22:41:31 2010 ranaDailyProgressRefCavCavities egienmodeThe FEA
page indicates that the first longitudinal
mode is at 13.9 kHz. I suggest to zoom in
  414   Wed Dec 1 00:19:20 2010 taraDailyProgressLaserTF between Laser Current Actuator and PZT on NPROI measured the TF between the current
actuator of the laser and PZT on NPRO to
see how much the current actuator changes
  415   Wed Dec 1 22:07:05 2010 taraDailyProgressBEATbeat vs Power Input I measured the beat signal from 3
different power input levels, the signal goes down
  416   Fri Dec 3 01:34:02 2010 taraDailyProgressBEATFaraday isolator added behind the PMCI added a Faraday isolator after
PMC and 35.5 MHz broadband EOM, now the noise
becomes less susceptible to the
  418   Sat Dec 4 00:12:21 2010 frank, taraDailyProgressBEATPD for PLL The current PD for the 160 MHz beat
signal is 120MHz. We use a 2 GHz PD to compare
the results between two PDS,
  419   Sun Dec 5 18:36:10 2010 FrankDailyProgressBEATPD for PLL: additional informationsome additional information:
the beat noise was measured as the
feedback signal to the VCO of the PLL, so
  420   Mon Dec 6 22:09:59 2010 frank, taraDailyProgressBEATreplacing PMC, adding EAOM Today we 1)replaced out PMC with
DMASS' PMC and get better transmission efficiency,
2) added EAOM to modulate the laser intensity
  422   Wed Dec 8 00:15:42 2010 frank, taraDailyProgressBEATLO phase noiseToday we
1) checked if LO phase noise
dominates at high f. It turned out that it
  423   Thu Dec 9 00:20:33 2010 taraDailyProgressElectronics Equipmentswitching ACAV/RCAV RFPDs I switched the RFPD between
RCAV and ACAV, now the gain for FSS loop
is set to 26 dB, but the beat signal does
  426   Fri Dec 10 18:14:47 2010 taraDailyProgressFoamwiden in-out holes on the foam box I widen the beam holes on the outer foam
box.  Now all the holes are ~ 0.75"
in diameter.
  428   Mon Dec 13 18:50:02 2010 frank, taraDailyProgressFoamincrease inner insulation holes' sizeToday we increased the size of the
beam path on inner insulations for ACAV and
RCAV, cleaned vacuum chambers' windows, and
  429   Tue Dec 14 22:00:01 2010 frank, taraDailyProgressFoamincrease inner insulation holes' sizeAfter we fixed the insulation, the noise
spectrum at low frequency became better. 
  432   Thu Dec 16 12:38:57 2010 Frank, JanDailyProgressEnvironmentseismometer installed on PSL tableJan and I installed one of his seismometers
on the PSL table to get some seismic data
for the noise projection.
  437   Mon Dec 20 19:55:11 2010 taraDailyProgressopticrearraging optics for beat measurementI designed the layout for optics behind
the cavities for beat measurement, and calculated
the mode matching for the beam.
  440   Thu Dec 23 22:41:28 2010 taraDailyProgressopticrearraging optics for beat measurementBeat measurement optics' height is changed
to 3". I cleaned all optics already,
but I couldn't really clean 1/2 and 1/4 wave
  441   Sun Dec 26 02:42:47 2010 taraDailyProgressopticrearraging optics for beat measurementBoth cavities are locked at the same time.
The temperature setting are, RCAV = 34.95,
ACAV = 37.2.
  442   Mon Dec 27 02:51:33 2010 taraDailyProgressopticrearraging optics for beat measurementI measured the beat noise after I realigned
all optics behind the cavities. The power
has not been reduced to 1 mW yet.
  444   Mon Dec 27 23:11:32 2010 taraDailyProgressNoiseBudgetRIN coupling to frequency noiseI modulated laser power to see how
it causes frequency noise in the cavity,
no sign of RIN induced frequency noise has
  445   Tue Dec 28 05:24:16 2010 ranaDailyProgressNoiseBudgetRIN coupling to frequency noiseTo get a sensitive measurement, you should
measure a coherent transfer
  452   Mon Jan 24 21:02:15 2011 taraDailyProgressNoiseBudgetRIN coupling to frequency noiseI'm
measuring the TF between ACAV (ref) and 
feedback to VCO (response). 
  454   Tue Jan 25 16:30:16 2011 Tara, FrankDailyProgressElectronics EquipmentRCAV RFPD fixedwe replaced the photodiode in the RFPF
fro the reference cavity (RCAV). The old
one looked like shit. Below pictures of the
  456   Fri Jan 28 13:35:35 2011 Tara, FrankDailyProgressElectronics EquipmentRCAV RFPD fixedThe TF of 2 35.5MHz RFPD  35MHzPD.pngpd21.png 
  457   Sun Jan 30 22:58:35 2011 TaraDailyProgressElectronics EquipmentRCAV RFPD fixedI adjusted
the temperature on ACAV and RCAV so that
both cavities can be locked simultaneously.
  465   Wed Feb 2 13:48:22 2011 taraDailyProgressBEATComparison bewteen beat from PLL and FCI used PLL feedback to measure beat noise
from dc to 3 Hz and dc to 1.5 Hz to compare
with the data taken yesterday by FC.
  470   Fri Feb 4 01:03:47 2011 FrankDailyProgressBEATcable delay setupchanged the frequency noise readout to
the cable-delay version to see how it works.
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