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  339   Thu Sep 2 18:54:10 2010 taraNotesComputersACAV,RCAV's pds connected to DAQ 
ACAV's PD for transmitted beam is
connected to PSL1
  2363   Wed Jul 10 12:37:38 2019 ScottADailyProgressTempCtrlAD590 BoardI reflow soldered 3 channels to an AD590
temperature board for a differential measurement test.
I expect to run the experiment soon to see
  2365   Wed Jul 10 18:01:24 2019 ranaDailyProgressTempCtrlAD590 Boardshow us what you got for the LISO or ZERO
noise budget of this circuit before testing;
also sketch of the experiment setup
  2366   Sat Jul 13 22:19:35 2019 ScottADailyProgressTempCtrlAD590 Experimental Sketch and Zero Noise BudgetAD590 Zero Noise Budget Analysis

modeled the noise of the ADR4550 from its
datasheet (https://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/data-sheets/ADR4520_4525_4530_4533_4540_4550.pdf Figure
  2387   Sun Aug 11 23:08:10 2019 ScottADailyProgressTempCtrlAD590 Temp. Sensing Circuit Open to Air vs Insulated and ClosedBecause of the previous data comparing
the open box vs the closed box was varying
unexpectedly, I re-ran the experiment with
  1301   Fri Aug 16 10:35:44 2013 EricaNotesElectronics EquipmentAD590 msrmt, conversion to freq noiseTuesday:

I added sockets to the ends of the wire to
  108   Thu Apr 15 16:42:32 2010 FrankElectronicsRefCavAD590 readout-box modifiedin order to gain more s/n ratio i modified
the existing AD590 readout-box a little bit.
I assumed that we wanna operate the cavity
  1596   Sun Oct 25 22:15:35 2015 AntonioSummaryEOMAEOM installed in the South path. Noise issue.Summary

The AEOM has been installed in
the South path replacing the EOM 21MHz used
  1084   Tue Nov 27 13:13:51 2012 kristenDailyProgressPMCANSYS result for PMC body modeI made
a simulation for PMC body mode, and found
out that for Al PMC, the first body mode
  1086   Mon Dec 3 16:57:27 2012 taraDailyProgressPMCANSYS result for PMC body mode


  1087   Tue Dec 18 19:07:24 2012 taraDailyProgressPMCANSYS result for PMC body modeKristen and Norna came to ATF for impact-hammering
of the metal PMC in the gyro setup
  635   Fri Jul 22 16:31:12 2011 taraDailyProgressAOMAOM adaptor plate 
 As Frank suggested, I edited
the drawing, so that the adaptor plate can
  633   Thu Jul 21 18:03:20 2011 taraDailyProgressAOMAOM adaptor plate, I made drawings for aom block and adaptor
plate. The assembly is for 3" beam height.
  1471   Thu Aug 14 15:23:36 2014 Emily, EvanNotesopticAOM fiber noise cancellation  New
setup for fiber phase noise cancellation
  57   Sun Feb 7 20:56:03 2010 FrankLaserRefCavAOM power modulation & pointingseems like a bad AOM and an impedance matching
problem together. exchanging the semi-rigid
cable by other cables produces a lot of different
  2089   Tue Feb 13 00:02:52 2018 CraigDailyProgressDAQASD estimates - SR785 vs Gabriele's cymac3 ADCThere appears to be a factor of 5/3 difference
between the ASD output of the SR785 and the
CRIME lab's cymac3 ADC.  To be clear,
  1145   Mon Apr 8 17:44:20 2013 EvanNotesPMCAbout PMCs[Rana, Tara, Evan, Eric, Nic] 
We are designing a PMC, to do that
we should be able to answer some fundamental
  1146   Tue Apr 9 15:39:16 2013 taraNotesPMCAbout PMCsConsiderations for PMC design:

    Stiffness(Acoustic susceptibility)
& heavy material: With heavier material,
  771   Wed Dec 28 01:30:46 2011 FrankDailyProgressSeismicAccelerometer noise floor and table seismic noiseMeasured the noise floor of the accelerometer
to compare it with the seismic noise we measure
with it (and the TFs i want to measure).
  773   Thu Dec 29 01:11:32 2011 FrankDailyProgressSeismicAccelerometer noise floor updatefound the old data from the seismometer
measurements we did some time ago. Measurements
agree more or less. Seismic noise floor measured
  1545   Thu Apr 9 17:03:35 2015 AidanSummaryComputersAcromag ADC set upI set up an Acromag slow controls based
on the procedure that Keith wrote in T1400200.
It's really pretty easy. It took an hour
  1546   Fri Apr 10 09:33:43 2015 EvanSummaryComputersAcromag ADC set up

  1547   Wed Apr 15 17:51:43 2015 AidanSummaryDAQAcromag XT1541 DAC working correctly - a little trick to configureAidan.


I configured the Acromag XT1541
  1548   Thu Apr 16 13:31:32 2015 AidanSummaryDAQAcromag XT1541 DAC working correctly - a little trick to configurehttps://nodus.ligo.caltech.edu:30889/ATFWiki/doku.php?id=main:resources:computing:acromag


  1572   Mon Aug 17 17:02:41 2015 AidanSummaryComputersAcromag binary outputs working - still can't control TTFSS box thoughI managed to figure out the modbusDrv configuration
settings to get the binary output of the
Acromag working. I've updated the Wiki
  1746   Tue Oct 11 20:09:06 2016 awadeDailyProgressElectronics EquipmentAcromag cards giving random noisy readoutsI had hooked up the a channel to monitor
the tank temperature. However, now I am seeing
random noise and also zero readouts on every
  1987   Tue Nov 21 19:49:04 2017 awadeDailyProgressPLLAcromag loading of SR560 in PLLI was double checking the UGF of the PLL
and was getting the strange results of 8
kHz UGF with the standard settings of 10
  1838   Mon Jun 5 13:56:52 2017 yinziNotesDAQAcromag noise measurementsMeasured the acromag noise (input and output).

For the input noise, a function
generator was set up to input a sin signal
  1656   Fri Jul 1 16:50:35 2016 Aidan, AndrewSummaryDAQAcromag slow controls back upI showed Andrew how to set up the slow
controls. We got the previous 3 ADC channels
back up.
  1900   Thu Sep 7 18:21:56 2017 awade, CraigDailyProgressComputersAcromag2 downThe computer acromag2 has inexplicably
died.  It turns up some error messages
recovering jornal on /dev/sda1 that doesn't
  1123   Wed Mar 20 20:44:32 2013 EvanDailyProgressopticAdded Faraday isolatorToday I installed the Faraday isolator
after the PMC. Tara and I then spent some
time trying to figure out why the PDH error
  2049   Mon Jan 15 14:43:53 2018 awadeDailyProgressFSSAdded cap to FSS acromag binary channel 5V supplyEdit Thu Apr 12 22:09:21 2018 (awade): WRONG,  2018-01-14_20.24.02.jpg 
  2134   Wed Mar 14 15:19:52 2018 CraigDailyProgressDAQAdded four new ADC channels to vader ( night I soldered together four BNCs
and attached them to one of the acromags
with some free channels.  Turns out
  2345   Tue May 14 18:13:21 2019 anchalDailyProgressComputersAdded threshold channels in autolocker and fastmon rms monitorI was finding myself changing thresholds
every time I change power levels. Also, the
fastmon rms monitors were not working
  2561   Tue Mar 17 18:03:22 2020 anchalDailyProgressISSAdded true OOL transmission PD for North PathToday, I added a new out-of-loop transmission
PD (Thorlabs PDA10CS) for the north path.
This will be helpful in future measurements
  2560   Mon Mar 16 16:16:17 2020 anchalDailyProgressISSAdded true OOL transmission PD for South PathToday, I added a new out-of-loop transmission
PD (Thorlabs PDA10CS) for the south path.
This will be helpful in future measurements
  2534   Thu Feb 13 18:06:00 2020 anchalDailyProgressNoiseBudgetAdding dark noise measurement of beatnote detector SN101I measured dark noise of the beatnote detector
reaching moku and its effect on measured
beatnote frequency noise.
  2437   Mon Sep 30 16:47:15 2019 anchalDailyProgressNoiseBudgetAdding links again; Comparison with Old Estimates on same plotWith comparison with old estimates:

  2388   Mon Aug 12 11:56:21 2019 anchalDailyProgressNoiseBudgetAdding specifics of discepancyAdding more specifics:

Discrepancy #1

points are in relation to previously used
  2431   Tue Sep 24 15:40:33 2019 anchalDailyProgressNoiseBudgetAdding specifics of discepancy 2Today I ran the two codes with the same
parameter values to check if the effective
reflectivities calculated during the calculation
  2432   Tue Sep 24 17:11:13 2019 anchalDailyProgressNoiseBudgetAdding specifics of discepancy 2 (More)Also, I found that the effective reflectivities
from the top surface of layers calculated
in Evans
  2364   Wed Jul 10 12:46:07 2019 ScottADailyProgressRFAMAddition of 1k ohm Resistor to input of DC port on Bias TeeMy goal was to investigate the effect of
placing a 1k ohm resistor as the input of
the DC port of the Bias Tee. The expectation
  2135   Thu Mar 15 10:29:04 2018 awadeDailyProgressscatterAddressing 500 Hz scatter pickupGoing back the original issue of scattering,
it appears that there is light being back
reflected from somewhere in the post PMC
  2327   Thu Apr 25 20:24:27 2019 anchalSummaryElectronics EquipmentAdjustable TTL Trigger Generator BoxToday I made a standalone Adjustable TTL
Trigger generator box. Following are some
  1185   Tue May 28 18:23:48 2013 EvanDailyProgressElectronics EquipmentAdjusted TTFSS offset; plugged RFPD DC into daqThe common error signal on the TTFSS has
a 5 mV offset, which was causing the loop
to catch on the edge of the error signal,
  1121   Fri Mar 15 11:23:45 2013 taraNotesopticAlAs/GaAsI'm thinking about the spec for AlAs/GaAs
coatings. Here is the list of what I have:

    coating on concave side
  1122   Sun Mar 17 16:09:10 2013 EvanNotesopticAlAs/GaAsWe should be able to mode match into a
cavity with 1.0 m ROC mirrors using only
the optics we already have on the table. 
  1163   Tue Apr 30 01:15:26 2013 taraNotesNoiseBudgetAlAs/GaAs layer structure optimized for TOI'm computing  coating Brownian and
thermo optic noise (TO)  in AlGaAs coatings
using GWINC code to compare it with the result
  1168   Thu May 2 03:03:48 2013 taraNotesNoiseBudgetAlAs/GaAs layer structure optimized for TO[matt, tara] Got AlxGa1-xAs
material parameters from Matt Abernathy.
I plug the numbers (all in SI) in GWINC,
  1169   Thu May 2 23:40:46 2013 taraNotesNoiseBudgetAlAs/GaAs layer structure optimized for TOI used GWINC code to calculate TO noise
in AlGaAs coatings, with some modifications
to the code I can get the result that is
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