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  1557   Thu Jul 30 14:55:14 2015 Aidan, AntonioSummaryEnvironmentBroken light replaced - general lab cleanlinessI had Facilities come and replace the dead
light tube in the CTN lab antechamber. It's
nice and bright in there right now.
  1556   Wed Jul 29 15:25:05 2015 ranaDailyProgressEnvironmentwater shutoffSaturday: 4 AM - 12 PM   
  1555   Thu Jun 25 21:15:18 2015 EvanNotesRFAMRFAM mitigationSome necessities for implementing dual-quadrature
RFAM suppression:

Beam pickoffs:

Need to
  1554   Wed Jun 24 16:24:32 2015 EvanNotesScheduleTo-do listCompare
with previous
todo list.
  1553   Wed Jun 24 16:19:37 2015 EvanDailyProgressopticLocking recoveredI reinstalled the old, underpowered unipolar
HV supply that we used to use for the south
cavity. Since Aidan is going to redo the
  1552   Tue Jun 23 20:37:22 2015 EvanDailyProgressopticPointing recoveredPointing into both cavities has been recovered.

I could not get the PMC on the
south path to lock, so I have just taken
  1551   Sat Jun 20 22:59:58 2015 EvanDailyProgressopticSouth Faraday isolator path reworkedI reworked the beginning of the south optical
path so that there are two steering mirrors
before the beam goes into the FI.
  1550   Sat Jun 20 10:14:50 2015 EvanNotesopticcoating optimization for AlGaAs:electric field in coating layerI reran multidiel_rt with the as-built
coating structure. The penetration depth
is x0 =
  1549   Mon May 18 16:49:59 2015 AidanSummaryPMCRealigning PMC with rubbish input beamI'm practicing the procedure of aligning
the PMC. The input beam isn't great (I
might be clipping a little on the Faraday).
  1548   Thu Apr 16 13:31:32 2015 AidanSummaryDAQAcromag XT1541 DAC working correctly - a little trick to configurehttps://nodus.ligo.caltech.edu:30889/ATFWiki/doku.php?id=main:resources:computing:acromag


  1547   Wed Apr 15 17:51:43 2015 AidanSummaryDAQAcromag XT1541 DAC working correctly - a little trick to configureAidan.


I configured the Acromag XT1541
  1546   Fri Apr 10 09:33:43 2015 EvanSummaryComputersAcromag ADC set up

  1545   Thu Apr 9 17:03:35 2015 AidanSummaryComputersAcromag ADC set upI set up an Acromag slow controls based
on the procedure that Keith wrote in T1400200.
It's really pretty easy. It took an hour
  1544   Sat Apr 4 18:15:39 2015 ranaDailyProgressPMCBeware the Bow-TieRecall the horrible aftermath of using   
  1543   Wed Apr 1 17:33:08 2015 AidanDailyProgressPMCLaser out of alignment to PMCI've been trying to lock the laser
to the PMC since we adjusted the Faraday.
It's basically badly out of alignment
  1542   Tue Mar 31 11:43:37 2015 AidanSummaryComputersRebooted VME and added sitemapAidan

Aidan rebooted the Sun machine
and VME. It took a while to get the EPICS
  1541   Mon Mar 30 14:29:25 2015 AidanSummaryEnvironmentCleaning underwayI've started removing a lot of
the miscellaneous hardware from the lab (old
pieces of Bosch framing, sheets of acrylic/plastic,
  1540   Mon Mar 30 14:24:48 2015 AidanNotesComputersLab workstation has diedThe Windows XP workstation in the lab died
last week. After booting up to the "Windows
XP" screen it reported a hardware problem.
  1539   Mon Mar 30 14:22:36 2015 AidanNotesComputersOrdered Acromag slow controls test unitI ordered the following Acromag units for
a new slow controls test setup. The
idea is to replace the Sun workstation
  1538   Wed Feb 4 17:29:29 2015 AidanSummaryDocumentationElectronics and power chassis connection summaryI spent this afternoon tracing out all
the connections to and from all the
chassis in the CTN lab.
  1537   Wed Dec 17 20:30:36 2014 Aidan, EvanDailyProgress Minor changes to layout of cavity transmitted path


  1536   Tue Dec 16 21:31:21 2014 KateDailyProgress Minor changes to layout of cavity transmitted pathEvan, Kate
We made a few minor modifications
to the optical breadboard in transmission
  1535   Tue Dec 16 14:06:35 2014 Aidan, Kate, EvanSummaryEnvironmentTask listSome tasks not included on the list:

    Temperature loops
  1534   Mon Dec 15 20:43:49 2014 Aidan, Kate, EvanDailyProgressPMCSouth Faraday isolator needs help

  1533   Wed Dec 10 23:59:54 2014 EvanNotesNoiseBudgetThe sense in which phi_c is a "coating loss angle"I thought I had posted this several months
ago, but I cannot find it now.
I believe this document explains
  1532   Sun Nov 16 23:32:49 2014 EvanDailyProgressopticNorth photothermal TFI believe the factor of π / F
here is an error. It should instead be the
transmission T. That lowers the absorption
  1531   Sun Nov 9 18:54:15 2014 EvanSummaryDocumentationHow to run the CTN experimentA manual for running the CTN experiment
is attached. I'll update and expand as needed.
  1530   Fri Oct 3 12:32:00 2014 EvanDailyProgressFSSSouth TTFSS input-referred noiseYesterday I took some TFs and noise spectra
on the south TTFSS with the loop open and
the beam blocked. Relevant information:
  1529   Tue Sep 30 21:45:14 2014 EvanDailyProgressPMCRe-inserted PMC, moved BB EOM

  1528   Mon Sep 29 23:28:37 2014 EvanDailyProgressPMCRe-inserted PMC, moved BB EOMI swept the south laser with a triangle
wave and optimized the mode-matching as best
I could using the periscope mirrors and the
  1527   Thu Sep 25 16:50:09 2014 EvanDailyProgressFSSShould probably move south BB EOMWe've noticed for a while now that we cannot
turn up the gain on the south TTFSS as high
as on the north TTFSS, despite having similar
  1526   Tue Sep 23 18:40:08 2014 EvanDailyProgressEOMNo more 2 kHz hump in beatBackground
Yesterday I think
I narrowed down the source of the 2 kHz frequency
noise hump: it is voltage noise from the
  1525   Fri Sep 19 12:01:13 2014 EvanDailyProgressEnvironmentNorth EOM heaterI added a 48 Ω kapton heater to the
north resonant EOM. It's got 40 mA going
through it right now; no loop yet.
  1524   Thu Sep 18 22:13:35 2014 EvanDailyProgressRFAMRAM coherenceI used the auxiliary 1811 as an out-of-loop
RAM monitor. The RF from the 1811 is mixed
with the PDH LO, and then low-passed at 1.9
  1523   Thu Sep 18 13:57:00 2014 EvanNotesISSEOAM phenomenologyI've been unsure of how the EOAMs are affecting
the state of the light impinging on the cavity.
So far we've been rotating the post-EOAM
  1522   Wed Sep 17 17:47:39 2014 EvanDailyProgressFSSPDH block diagramSince the straightforward tabletop optimizations
(mode-matching, RAM minimization) have not
been able to make the high-frequency excess
  1521   Tue Sep 16 15:08:57 2014 EvanDailyProgressBEATAttempts at scatter reduction


  1520   Mon Sep 15 18:36:32 2014 taraNotesVacuumtransmission of vacuum windows We measured the transmission of the
vacuum windows. The total transmission through
two windows is 0.975 +/- 0.002.
  1519   Mon Sep 15 18:29:47 2014 EvanDailyProgressBEATAttempts at scatter reductionI went through the table today looking
for ghost beams. Most were already dumped.
For those that weren't, I put down a dump
  1518   Mon Sep 15 07:18:38 2014 EvanNotesBEATnote for tonight beat


  1517   Mon Sep 15 04:32:21 2014 taraNotesBEATnote for tonight beat RCAV transPD_DC :0.54 V
ACAV transPD_DC: 0.16 V (loop might
oscillate when DC level was measured, need
  1516   Mon Sep 15 02:24:48 2014 taraNotesTempCtrlepic for slow control is disabledPerl scripts for controlling the vacuum
tank and slow feedback to the two lasers
are acting weird. Usually we can run three
  1515   Sun Sep 14 14:46:44 2014 EvanDailyProgressBEATReinstalled aux 1811I reinstalled the auxiliary 1811 on the
input side of the table.
I tried to get the free-running noise
  1514   Sun Sep 14 10:37:57 2014 EvanDailyProgressBEATNew beat


  1513   Thu Sep 11 21:43:32 2014 Tara, EvanDailyProgressISSSouth ISSWe turned on both ISS loops today.
Here is an in-loop characterization
of the south RIN with and without the ISS.
  1512   Thu Sep 11 11:40:41 2014 EvanDailyProgressopticSouth photothermal TF


  1511   Thu Sep 11 00:47:14 2014 EvanDailyProgressopticSouth photothermal TFI took a swept-sine measurement of the
photothermal TF just as Tara and I did for
the north cavity. To get a better measurement,
  1510   Tue Sep 9 23:22:41 2014 Tara, EvanDailyProgressFSSSouth 200 kHz oscillation; cavity poleWe locked the south cavity using the north
TTFSS. 200 kHz oscillation is still present,
so whatever this is probably doesn't reside
  1509   Tue Sep 9 12:22:31 2014 EvanDailyProgressBEATReduced south scatter shelfLast night, I looked at the TTFSS OUT2
on the spectrum analyzer, with the cavity
unlocked and the laser PZT and broadband
  1508   Mon Sep 8 12:41:32 2014 EvanDailyProgressTempCtrlChamber temp changeThe beat is currently at 450 kHz. So I've
changed the setpoint on the chamber temperature
from 31.200 °C to 31.300 °C. We'll
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