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  1   Thu Nov 5 07:07:40 2009 ranaMiscRC noiseFrank's pictures in other loghttp://nodus.ligo.caltech.edu:8080/AdhikariLab/423   
  2   Sun Nov 8 14:35:25 2009 FrankLaserRefCavresonance frequenciesi checked the resonant frequency of both
cavities in order to see if we can lock both
using the existing frequency actuator (AOM)
  3   Sun Nov 8 14:38:56 2009 FrankLaserDAQchannels for the temperature scanthe channels used for the refcav temp scan

  4   Mon Nov 9 02:19:45 2009 ranaLaserRefCavresonance frequenciesI don't know if its worth the trouble,
but we do have a ~200 MHz AOM. Sam Waldman
had us buy one of these for doing the OMC
  5   Mon Nov 9 18:49:15 2009 FrankLaserRefCavresonance frequencies

  6   Thu Nov 12 17:39:49 2009 FrankElectronicsVCOtuning rangetuning range of the 80MHz VCO used for
the frequency stabilization:
  7   Thu Nov 12 17:45:02 2009 FrankLaserRefCavlaser crzstal temp settings for both cavitiescurrently the setting for the NPRO temp
slider is:

    refcav 1: 0.7341
  8   Thu Nov 12 18:01:10 2009 FrankThings to BuyRefCavheaters for the other two chambersin order
to improve the stability of the chamber temperature
the current plan is to add a heater and insulation
  9   Thu Nov 12 20:56:38 2009 ranaThings to BuyRefCavheaters for the other two chambersI think its important to think of a good
solution, since we may want to retrofit some
other chambers.
  10   Fri Nov 13 10:56:32 2009 FrankThings to BuyRefCavheaters for the other two chambers

  11   Fri Nov 13 11:12:38 2009 FrankLaserRefCav temp settings for both cavitiescurrent settings for the slow actuator
to bring the cavities on resonance are:

    refcav 1 : 0.6836V
  12   Fri Nov 13 12:46:35 2009 ranaMiscRefCavheaters for the other two chambersFor the heater, my main concern is on the
residual thermal gradients after stabilization.
The Alnis, Hansch, et al papers described
  13   Tue Nov 17 12:01:54 2009 FrankMiscRefCavheaters for the other two chambers

  14   Wed Nov 18 20:45:52 2009 FrankMiscRefCavleaking vaccum valveafter
getting the o-ring from the drever lab for
the adapter to the turbo pump to pump the
  15   Wed Nov 18 20:52:39 2009 FrankLaserLaserlaser errorthis morning the laser was off with the
error "HT error". As the chiller
was off too i think that means high temperature
  16   Thu Nov 19 16:06:30 2009 AlbertoComputingComputersElog debugging output - Down time programmed today to make changesWe want the elog process to run in verbose
mode so that we can see what's going. The
idea is to track the events that trigger
  17   Thu Nov 19 18:50:33 2009 AlbertoComputingComputersElog debugging output - Down time programmed today to make changes

  18   Sat Nov 21 17:27:32 2009 FrankMiscRefCavold Minco heatersfound
four old Minco heaters (model HR5494-106)
(from 1995) .  This type with 106 Ohms
  19   Mon Nov 23 17:05:51 2009 FrankLaserRefCavheater and insulation addedadded
the four Minco heaters and a first layer
of 1" thick foam insulation to the second
  20   Tue Nov 24 11:07:30 2009 FrankLaserRefCavslow actuator settingsslow actuator settings for being resonant:
  21   Mon Nov 30 15:01:40 2009 FrankElectronicsVCOVCO tuningmeasured frequency tuning vs wideband input
of VCO for calibration of measured spectra.
graph coming soon...
  22   Sun Dec 6 13:20:52 2009 FrankElectronicsVCOVCO tuning

  23   Sun Dec 6 14:54:43 2009 FrankLaserRefCavtemp sensor added on refcav2added
a single temp sensor on refcav2 (AD590) last
week  in order to monitor the temp of
  24   Fri Dec 11 19:45:15 2009 FrankLaserRefCavLHO RefCav availablethere
is a full LIGO RefCav available here at LHO.
They don"t use it anymore and its just
  25   Thu Dec 17 13:55:07 2009 FrankComputingDAQBaja4700 jumper settings and setupin order to get the baja4700 cpu 
work the jumpers have to be like this
  26   Thu Dec 17 16:57:10 2009 FrankComputingDAQnew analyzer cavity DAQ systemwe set up a second, independent DAQ system
for the analyzer cavity. It has one 16bit
D/A card, 16bit A/D card and 12bit A/D card.
  27   Thu Dec 17 18:13:01 2009 FrankElectronicsRefCavpower supply remote programmingpictures taken from the existing power
  28   Fri Dec 18 13:13:12 2009 FrankComputingDAQchannels for new VME-based DAQ system now available in fb1the new channels are available as C3:PSL-GENxxxx
on fb1. We have three cards installed so
  29   Tue Dec 22 00:47:40 2009 FrankLaserRefCavcavity temp stabilizationwe repaired the sensors on the first refcav
and  renamed and added channels to the
DAQ. The channels are now:
  30   Tue Dec 22 16:15:03 2009 FrankLaserRefCavFSS settingssettings for the FSS:
common gain : 1dB
fast gain : 15dB
  31   Mon Dec 28 17:01:43 2009 FrankLaserRefCavthermal insulation end caps addedwe added two endcaps for the first refcav
and additional insulation for the ion pump
and valve.
  32   Tue Dec 29 19:21:11 2009 FrankLaserRefCavtemperature stabilityhere a plot of the temperatute stability
in peter's lab (upper graph) if nobody is
working in the lab (christmas) and if someone
  33   Fri Jan 15 11:35:17 2010 FrankLaserRefCavrefcav updatethe last
couple of days we fixed a couple of thinks:
  34   Fri Jan 15 12:28:54 2010 FrankLaserRefCavfoam cutting machinein order
to build a custom fit insulation for the
cavities i've built some hot wire foam cutting
  35   Fri Jan 15 12:53:31 2010 FrankLaserRefCavlatest slow actuator valuesrefcav: 0.9512 @ 70.02 degC
acav: 0.9252 @ 39.996 degC
with 0.858V/GHz  -> 
  36   Fri Jan 15 20:19:54 2010 FrankLaserRefCavboth cavities lockedafter some trouble with fluctuating temperatures
and a brocken cable to the vco i could finally
lock both cavities. So now we can take first
  37   Sun Jan 24 18:35:47 2010 FrankLaserRefCavnew slow actuator values- more insulation to the refcav chamber
actual slow actuator values for both
  38   Tue Jan 26 03:38:10 2010 ranaLaserRefCavfrequency findings I guess if you have a frequency counter
with a GPIB interface or a simple flip-flop
XOR based phase/frequency discriminator,
  39   Wed Jan 27 11:25:33 2010 FrankLaserRefCavfrequency findings

  40   Thu Jan 28 16:07:29 2010 FrankComputingDAQpsl channels moved to C3 + new channelshere is a list of all channels of the psl
subsystem. We changed the generic channel
names to final names now.
  41   Mon Feb 1 12:51:43 2010 Rana, FrankDailyProgressNoiseBudgetFirst Refcav noise measurementAttached is the relative frequency noise between
the 2 reference cavities downstairs. 
  42   Tue Feb 2 16:36:46 2010 FrankElectronicsDAQDAQ pinouts3123-card (16bit input), 25pin d-sub connector

  43   Tue Feb 2 18:22:38 2010 FrankElectronicsDAQQPD channelsQPD channels for RefCav beam pointing measurements:
  44   Wed Feb 3 13:05:26 2010 FrankLaserRefCavbeam pointing @ refvacmeasured the beam pointing caused by driving
the AOM frequency modulation input. data
is uncalibrated so far, just a screenshot
  45   Wed Feb 3 16:19:52 2010 Tara ChalermsongsakLaserRefCavfrequency findings

  46   Wed Feb 3 18:58:50 2010 TaraLaserRefCavfrequency findings When the VCO is modulated by a triangular
function +/- 6V, a small fluctuation is observed
in transmitted and reflected beam. There
  47   Wed Feb 3 23:41:11 2010 FrankLaserRefCavTF of ACAV (VCO+cavity+pd+mixer)measured tf of the analyzer cavity including
VCO (wideband input, around 80MHz center
frequency), double-passed AOM, cavity, pd
  48   Thu Feb 4 20:13:53 2010 FrankLaserLaseroutput coupler to acav changedexchanged the old mirror (T330-HR, T331-AR)
by a simple Y1-1025-45P to get more power.
measured laser power : 7.17W
  49   Thu Feb 4 22:01:27 2010 FrankLaserRefCavacav re-alignedacav is now re-aligned. As Tara stopped
aligning the AOM i will use the NPRO pzt
to lock it (instead of the VCO). Then i will
  50   Fri Feb 5 05:13:09 2010 Peter, FrankLaserRefCaveverything back onlinewe spent the whole night to re-align everything.
By now everything is back online, both cavities
were locked.for a short time. We still have
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