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  1911   Mon Sep 11 21:02:46 2017 awadeDailyProgressComputersws3: fixing ligo cds tools and moving IP addressFor some reason medm and striptool were
unable to access channels on ws3.  At
the time I built the computer last week I
  2090   Wed Feb 14 02:21:55 2018 CraigDailyProgressBEATws3 is making beatnote ASDs every five minutesMade crontab on ws3 make calibrated beatnote
spectra every 5 minutes.  One example
is below.
  2091   Wed Feb 14 17:43:30 2018 CraigDailyProgressComputersws3 hosting beatnote ASDs onlineI have installed apache2 on ws3 and made
dailyNoisebudgetPlotter.py save Beatnote_CurrentASD.png
  2271   Wed Dec 26 14:09:29 2018 anchalNotesEPICSws1 unable to read/write on some EPICS channelsws1 is unable to read and write on some
EPICS channels while I can see these channels
in fb4 or acromag1. These channels are:
  1038   Thu Aug 9 16:52:09 2012 taraNotesSafetywooden cabinet mounted to the wallThe wooden cabinet is mounted to the wall
as required by PMA.
  919   Mon Apr 16 16:21:01 2012 taraNotesopticwindows for vacuum chamberI'm checking the properties/prices/availability
of window for the vacuum chamber.
  922   Tue Apr 17 19:51:54 2012 taraNotesopticwindows for vacuum chamberIf we go with plan2,
1)window and flange

    I think the window size
  926   Thu Apr 19 03:12:23 2012 taraNotesopticwindows for vacuum chamber 
I'm searching DCC for window/viewport
examples. The following drawings give me
  931   Sun Apr 22 23:09:38 2012 taraNotesopticwindows for vacuum chamberFor small window option, I can either have
it made from scratch ( based on LIGO's drawing)
or buy the commercial windows from Thorlabs.
  932   Mon Apr 23 16:52:16 2012 taraNotesopticwindows for vacuum chamberI asked Steve about the choices, he thought
the Thorlabs window should be ok for us.
  938   Wed Apr 25 10:44:29 2012 FrankNotesopticwindows for vacuum chamberI don't know how you gonna make the knife
edge on the 10" flange of centered and
wedged! If you put the small CF flanges on
  940   Thu Apr 26 08:35:57 2012 steveNotesopticwindows for vacuum chamber


  943   Fri Apr 27 08:46:24 2012 FrankNotesopticwindows for vacuum chambercavity mirrors are parallel to the end
surface of the chamber (not completely, but
pretty close; changes every time we touch
  949   Tue May 1 20:37:16 2012 taraNotesopticwindows for vacuum chamberI got the reply from Thorlab the flange
can't accept the thicker optical windows.
So I think we have to make our own custom
  960   Fri May 11 17:52:17 2012 taraNotesopticwindows for vacuum chamberNice reference for O-ring + groove design.
I'll put it on CTN wiki as well.
  964   Wed May 16 22:27:13 2012 taraNotesopticwindows for vacuum chamberI finished the drawing for new vacuum windows.
The o-ring for the windows will be #223 (1/8"
thickness). I'll consult with Steve one more
  969   Mon May 21 16:53:38 2012 taraNotesopticwindows for vacuum chamber I edited the drawing for 10"
flange. The wedge surfaces for 2" windows
are tilted by 2 degrees sideway.
  971   Wed May 23 15:04:53 2012 steveNotesopticwindows for vacuum chamber 
 2"  optics with 2
degrees of wedge will have 0.375" thickness
  257   Fri Aug 6 00:43:09 2010 FrankSummaryComputerswifi bridges configuredas Mott
can't finish the installation of the wifi
bridges for the gpib-to-ethernet adapters
  426   Fri Dec 10 18:14:47 2010 taraDailyProgressFoamwiden in-out holes on the foam box I widen the beam holes on the outer foam
box.  Now all the holes are ~ 0.75"
in diameter.
  160   Mon Jun 14 10:16:54 2010 taracMiscOtherweird TF from PMC servoSince the
VCO has been borrowed, I decide to work on
RefCav path again. To optimize the RefCav
  1556   Wed Jul 29 15:25:05 2015 ranaDailyProgressEnvironmentwater shutoffSaturday: 4 AM - 12 PM   
  1004   Wed Jun 27 17:47:29 2012 taraNotesPurchasesvoltage variable attenuatorvoltage
variable attenuator
This will be used for ISS in ACAV
  193   Wed Jun 30 15:51:05 2010 FrankHowToNoiseBudgetview factor for two cylinders to calculate heat transfer via radiationview factor for two cylinders to  view_factor.png 
  942   Thu Apr 26 16:57:33 2012 steveNotesPurchasesvibration isolators (table legs) in 40m


  944   Fri Apr 27 08:57:38 2012 steveNotesPurchasesvibration isolators (table legs) in 40mThose are the ones we are using right now
and break after some while because they are
too old (the rolling rubber diaphragm is
  933   Mon Apr 23 22:06:14 2012 taraNotesPurchasesvibration isolators (table legs)I'm looking for the new table legs. The
height will be 13.5". The plate that
connects to the table will have 3 holes,
  937   Wed Apr 25 10:23:34 2012 FrankNotesPurchasesvibration isolators (table legs)We have "Pneumatic Vibration Isolators
with Automatic Re-leveling". Height
is 16in from top to bottom, so that would
  941   Thu Apr 26 12:15:13 2012 FrankNotesPurchasesvibration isolators (table legs)The price for the custom made legs are
$ 9295, and for the standard 16" are
$ 3710
  1057   Tue Oct 9 15:12:57 2012 taraNotesPurchasesvibration isolators (table legs)The table is not floated. Either the legs
are broken, or there is a leak in the tube
system. I think it is likely that one (or
  912   Fri Apr 13 03:15:12 2012 koji,frank,taraDailyProgressopticvibration damping on opticsWe tried to damp mechanical peaks from
each optics. For now, by putting a rubber
piece on a mirror mount can suppress mechanical
  915   Sat Apr 14 06:03:23 2012 frank,taraDailyProgressopticvibration damping on optics We are damping most of the optics
with rubber cones. There are a few peaks
that we still could not find their origins. 
  916   Mon Apr 16 02:20:58 2012 taraDailyProgressopticvibration damping on opticsI measured beat signal, after damping most
of the optics, realigning the beams to the
cavities, measured the slope of error signals
  921   Mon Apr 16 22:02:08 2012 taraDailyProgressopticvibration damping on opticsI forgot to change the code to disable
the air springs, now the seismic coupling
makes more sense.
  923   Wed Apr 18 00:49:07 2012 taraDailyProgressopticvibration damping on opticsI planned to measure the beat at night
with the air springs activated, but the power
went out around 11:45 pm. I think the temperature
  735   Thu Nov 17 23:30:19 2011 taraNotesNoiseBudgetvertical seismic coupling to beat noiseTFs between 1)vertical seismic and
beat, 2) v seismic and ACAV feedback,
and 3) v_seismic and TTFSS feedback
  741   Wed Nov 30 19:00:42 2011 taraNotesNoiseBudgetvertical seismic coupling to beat noise  From 40m
page, COMSOL FEA gives us the coupling
(from vertical seismic to frequency noise
  1091   Tue Jan 22 21:01:38 2013 taraDailyProgressVacuumvented screws for vac use are cleaned I clean the vented screws and peek pieces
for cavity mount with ultra sonic bath, I'll
check if I need to bake them or not.
  694   Wed Oct 5 21:33:22 2011 FrankNotesSeismicvalve/regulator replacedhad to replace one of the valves/regulators
of the table. It started releasing air after
a few minutes without any reason. Adjusting
  840   Fri Feb 24 21:59:44 2012 Tara, FrankDailyProgressVacuumupgrades installed - pumping startedwe've installed:

    the new stack -see earlier
post with measured TF
  267   Tue Aug 10 01:10:35 2010 FrankSummaryRefCavupdated schematics of the setupentire setup (simplified version):
  117   Fri May 7 15:51:43 2010 FrankMiscRefCavupdated schematic for new setup   refcav-setup_v1.png 
  733   Tue Nov 15 18:53:25 2011 taraNotesNoiseBudgetupdated number for everythingA list of useful numbers for noise budget
  114   Tue May 4 03:40:00 2010 ranaLaserRC noiseupdated noise budget code is in SVN  rc_sio2_300.pdf 
  494   Fri Feb 11 19:45:49 2011 FrankNotesBEATupdated diagram of current cable delay setup   cable-delay_v2.pdf 
  813   Tue Feb 7 20:10:34 2012 Tara, FrankDailyProgressScheduleupdatelist of
finished items:  
  851   Tue Feb 28 22:50:11 2012 FrankNotesScheduleupdateThe following tasks will be finished within
the next 24h:

    aligning both cavities
  2400   Tue Aug 27 18:53:15 2019 ranaMiscFSSup to date schematicsI'm skeptical of your
FSS changes over the past year. Can you please
  2407   Fri Aug 30 18:25:31 2019 anchalMiscFSSup to date schematicsAll details regarding TTFSS boxes present
in CTN has been updated at this page in ATFWiki

  179   Tue Jun 29 11:45:47 2010 FrankHowToNoiseBudgetunit converterhttp://www.matweb.com/tools/unitconverter.aspx   
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