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  2619   Thu Jul 13 20:38:33 2023 KojiSummaryLaserNorth (lower) NPRO controller is brokenAnchal mentioned that one of the lasers
is not functional. I checked what's the
  2618   Wed Dec 7 11:01:24 2022 aaronSummarySafetyairflow monitor installationRueben from Technical Safety Services installed
and calibrated an Apex 1000 airflow monitor
for the fume hood in CTN. Its power supply
  2617   Fri Aug 26 15:56:38 2022 AnchalSummaryNoiseBudgetChecking with Martin Fejer's calculationsMartin Fejer recently gave two talks in
a coatings workshop where he showed calculations
regarding the thermal photoelastic channel.
  2616   Thu Aug 25 19:38:01 2022 AnchalSummaryNoiseBudgetBirefringence noise in thermo-optic noise 

  2615   Thu Aug 25 19:19:27 2022 AnchalSummaryNoiseBudgetLooking at the measured and estimated photothermal transfer functionsThe photothermal transfer function measurement
made back in 2014 showed some cancellation
of thermo-optic noise, but there were some
  2614   Tue Aug 23 22:04:24 2022 awadeSummaryNoiseBudgetBirefringence noise in thermo-optic noiseInteresting.

The obvious go to measurment here
would be two-lasers-one-cavity to measure
  2613   Tue Aug 23 19:56:21 2022 AnchalSummaryNoiseBudgetBirefringence noise in thermo-optic noiseI made a few changes in my calculations
today, which changed the noise contribution
of this photoelastic noise (coatTPE) to roughly
  2612   Mon Aug 22 20:18:21 2022 AnchalSummaryNoiseBudgetBirefringence noise in thermo-optic noiseI followed the analysis of this recently
published paper Jan
Meyer et al 2022 Class. Quantum Grav. 39
  2611   Fri Jan 28 15:18:27 2022 AnchalSummaryEquipment loanCTN raided by 40m tribes[Anchal, Paco]

CTN was raided today afternoon
between 2 pm and 3 pm by 40m tribes. They
  2610   Wed Aug 18 11:12:47 2021 aaronMiscElectronics EquipmentSR560 to cryoI borrowed one two unused SR560
from CTN to Cryo. The first one had periodic
noise at 100 Hz (operated in low noise AC
  2609   Tue Feb 23 11:05:28 2021 anchalNotesEquipment loanTook home moku and wenzel crystal for characterizationReturned all remaining stuff to CTN:

Wenzel 5001-13905
24.483 MHz Crystal Oscillator
  2608   Thu Feb 11 18:01:39 2021 AnchalDailyProgressInstrumentCharacterizationSR560 Intermodulation TestI added script SRIMD.py
in 40m/labutils/netgpibdata which allows
one to measure second order intermodulation
  2607   Wed Jan 27 15:12:05 2021 AnchalNotesEnvironmentSmall leak or drip in the lab on West EndI noticed small amount of water on the
floor (Attachment 1) on the west end of the
lab. Immediately above it is a pipe which
  2606   Wed Jan 27 15:11:13 2021 anchalNotesEquipment loanHP E3630A returnedI have brought back HP E3630A
triple output DC power supply.

  2605   Tue Dec 15 12:59:14 2020 anchalNotesEquipment loanMoved Marconi and Rb Clock to Crackle labMoved the rack-mounted Marconi 2023A (#539)
and SRS FS725 Rb Clock to crackle lab (See
  2604   Wed Dec 9 18:13:12 2020 PacoMiscEquipment loannew focus 1811Borrowed two broadband PDs (new focus 1811)
and one power supply unit (new focus 0901)
from CTN into Crackle.
  2603   Mon Dec 7 19:02:26 2020 PacoNotesEquipment loanUPDH box Borrowed Universal PDH box from CTN lab
(D0901351) and a mounted Faraday isolator
(Thorlabs) for use in Crackle.
  2602   Wed Dec 2 13:43:43 2020 anchalSummaryEquipment loanTransferred two gold box RFPDs to 40mI transferred two Gold Box RFPDs labeled
SN002 and SN004 (both resonant at 14.75 MHz)
to 40m. I handed them to Gautam on Oct 22,
  2601   Tue Dec 1 12:04:10 2020 RadhikaNotesEquipment loanBrought home low-noise preamplifierI have brought home the following items
(provided by Anchal):

1. Low-noise Preamplifier (Model
  2600   Mon Nov 30 21:31:56 2020 KojiNotesLaserNorth laser not switching on, power supply display not workingI can't answer the last question, but
I just tell you my experience on the AC power
supply. The OMC Lab used to have a LWE NPRO
  2599   Mon Nov 30 10:28:08 2020 AnchalNotesLaserNorth laser not switching on, power supply display not workingI shorted the interlock terminals on the
North laser power supply and still as soon
as I turn the key to 'ON' position,
  2598   Thu Nov 26 11:26:14 2020 aguptaSummaryTempCtrlCavity temperature estimateMeasurement and estimation method:

Thermal continuous tuning coefficient is
  2597   Tue Nov 24 16:23:26 2020 PacoMiscEquipment loanbroadband EOMBorrowed 1 (new focus) broadband EOM from
CTN for temporary use in Crackle
(2 um OPO experiment)
  2596   Tue Nov 24 16:16:53 2020 anchalNotesEquipment loanTransferred moku to Cryo labI transferred the following form my home
to Cryo lab (Cryo_Lab/2587)
  2595   Mon Nov 23 14:56:59 2020 KojiNotesLaserNorth laser not switching on, power supply display not workingI suspected the interlock failure. Can
you replace the interlocking wire with a
piece of wire for the troubleshooting?
  2594   Mon Nov 23 10:58:46 2020 anchalNotesLaserNorth laser not switching on, power supply display not workingThe north laser power supply display is
not working and when the key is turned to
ON (1) position, the status yellow light
  2593   Mon Nov 9 16:53:55 2020 RadhikaNotesComputersBrought home Dell laptopI have brought home the following item,
provided by Paco:

Black Dell Laptop
  2592   Sat Oct 10 08:43:30 2020 anchalSummaryElectronics EquipmentRed Pitaya and Moku characterizationI set up Red Pitaya, Wenzel Crystal, and
Moku at my apartment and took frequency noise
measurements of Red Pitaya and Wenzel Crystal
  2591   Wed Sep 30 11:13:28 2020 anchalNotesEquipment loanTook home moku and wenzel crystal for characterizationI have brought home the following items
from CTN Lab today:

Moku with
  2590   Wed Sep 23 00:21:02 2020 aaronMiscEquipment loanHP 8560E SA to CryoI entered CTN just before (Wed Sep 23 00:22:11
2020 ) to borrow a spectrum analyzer, which
I took to Cryo. Wore shoe covers, goggles.
  2589   Tue Sep 15 15:13:44 2020 AnchalNotesEnvironmentHEPA filters switched on. Measurement stopped.I have switched on HEPA filters to high,
both on top of the main table and on top
of the flow bench.
  2588   Fri Jun 26 12:38:34 2020 AnchalDailyProgressNoiseBudgetBayesian Analysis Finalized, Adding Slope of Bulk Loss Angle as variableI added the possibility of having a power-law
dependence of bulk loss angle on frequency.
This model of course matches better with
  2587   Wed Jun 24 21:14:58 2020 AnchalDailyProgressNoiseBudgetBetter measurement on June 24thFinal result of CTN experiment
as of June 24  9 pm:

  2586   Tue Jun 23 17:28:36 2020 AnchalDailyProgressNoiseBudgetBetter measurement on June 22nd (as I turned 26!)Final result of CTN experiment
as of June 23  5 pm:

  2585   Mon Jun 15 17:58:02 2020 anchalDailyProgressDocumentationCTN paperI've just finished a preliminary draft
of CTN paper. This is of course far from
final and most figures are placeholders.
  2584   Mon Jun 15 16:43:58 2020 AnchalDailyProgressNoiseBudgetBetter measurement on June 14thFinal result of CTN experiment
as of June 15th 5 pm:

  2583   Fri Jun 12 12:34:08 2020 anchalDailyProgressNoiseBudgetResolving discrepancy #1 concretlyI figured out why folks befor eme had to
use a different definition of effective coating
coefficent of thermal expansion (CTE) as
  2582   Thu Jun 11 14:02:26 2020 AnchalDailyProgressNoiseBudgetBayesian Analysis FinalizedI realized that in my noise budget I was
using higher incident power on the cavities
which was the case earlier. I have made the
  2581   Mon Jun 8 18:19:46 2020 anchalMiscOtherDAMOP Conference Brief SummaryI've made a brief summary of the talks
and topics I saw in DAMOP 2020 conference
which happened virtually last week. Here
  2580   Thu Jun 4 09:18:04 2020 AnchalDailyProgressNoiseBudgetBayesian Analysis FinalizedBetter measurement captured today.

Final result of CTN experiment
as of June 4th 9 am:

  2579   Mon Jun 1 11:09:09 2020 ranaDailyProgressNoiseBudgetBayesian Analysis Finalizedwhat is the effective phi_coating ? I think
usually people present bulk/shear + phi_coating.

  2578   Sun May 31 11:44:20 2020 AnchalDailyProgressNoiseBudgetBayesian Analysis FinalizedI've implemented all the proper analysis
norms that Jon suggested and are mentioned
in the previous
  2577   Thu May 28 14:13:53 2020 anchalDailyProgressNoiseBudgetBayesian AnalysisI'm listing first few comments from
Jon that I implemented:

Data cleaning can not be
  2576   Tue May 26 15:45:18 2020 anchalDailyProgressNoiseBudgetBayesian AnalysisToday we measured further low noise beatnote
frequency noise. I reran the two notebooks
and I'm attaching the results here:
  2575   Mon May 25 08:54:26 2020 anchalDailyProgressNoiseBudgetBayesian Analysis with Hard Ceiling ConditionI realized that using only the cleaned
out frequencies and a condition that estimated
power never goes above them at those places
  2574   Fri May 22 17:22:37 2020 anchalDailyProgressNoiseBudgetBayesian AnalysisI talked to Kevin and he suggested a simpler
straight forward Bayesian Analysis for the
result. Following is the gist:
  2573   Fri May 15 16:50:24 2020 anchalDailyProgressNoiseBudgetBayesian AnalysisIt's
typically much easier to overestimate than
underestimate the loss
  2572   Fri May 15 12:09:17 2020 aaronDailyProgressNoiseBudgetBayesian AnalysisWow, very suggestive ASD. A couple questions/thoughts/concerns:

It's typically much
easier to overestimate than
  2571   Wed May 13 18:07:32 2020 anchalDailyProgressNoiseBudgetBayesian AnalysisI did this analysis last with bare-bones
method in CTN:2439.
Now I've improved this much more. Following
  2570   Mon May 11 17:34:33 2020 anchalNotesDocumentationDAMOP Poster from CTN LabI will be presenting a poster on the latest
results from CTN Lab in the upcoming virtual
DAMOP 2020 conference. The following link
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