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  8   Thu Nov 12 18:01:10 2009 FrankThings to BuyRefCavheaters for the other two chambersin order
to improve the stability of the chamber temperature
the current plan is to add a heater and insulation
  9   Thu Nov 12 20:56:38 2009 ranaThings to BuyRefCavheaters for the other two chambersI think its important to think of a good
solution, since we may want to retrofit some
other chambers.
  10   Fri Nov 13 10:56:32 2009 FrankThings to BuyRefCavheaters for the other two chambers

  198   Wed Jul 7 10:44:39 2010 MeganSummaryVCOVCO Output vs InputI redid one of the graphs for the output
of the VCO vs the input voltage to make sure
I didn't miscalculate. I got the same graph
  200   Wed Jul 7 16:08:40 2010 MeganSummaryVCOUpdate on VCO offsetI realized I was doing the calculations
incorrectly - this should make more sense.
  205   Fri Jul 9 11:45:05 2010 MeganSummaryVCOPhase Noise of Marconis and VCOI used the data for the phase noise of
the marconis to calculate the individual
phase noise of each marconi. The noise of
  206   Sat Jul 10 05:31:15 2010 ranaSummaryNoiseBudgetfrom the SVN todayI modified the photo-thermal part of the
NB to use the Alnis et. al. number of 25
Hz / uW  (frequency shift per input
  207   Sun Jul 11 00:52:14 2010 MeganSummaryVCOVCO NoiseI graphed the VCO phase noise with the
previously measured data - the data I have
seems to be a bit higher. I also converted
  208   Mon Jul 12 11:04:16 2010 MeganSummaryVCONoise of 2023B and Electronic Noise of VCOI got the measurements locking the 2023B
(from the PSL lab) to one of the 2023As in
40m. I have one graph showing the calibrated
  209   Mon Jul 12 11:49:17 2010 MeganSummaryVCONoise of 2023B and Electronic Noise of VCO (correct graphs)The previous graphs are wrong. Here are
the correct ones and the electronic noise
is plotted compared to the total noise of
  210   Mon Jul 12 14:32:49 2010 taracSummaryRefCavRCTRANSPD RIN Before, when we tried to lock the
cavity, it seemed that the gain  was too
  211   Tue Jul 13 11:35:12 2010 MeganSummaryVCOVCO Frequency ResponseWe measured the frequency response of the
VCO and fit it with a linear curve to give
an idea of the frequency response around
  213   Tue Jul 13 18:40:56 2010 MeganSummaryVCOComparison of Modeled and Measured VCO NoiseI modeled the VCO using LISO to find a
model of the electronic noise entering the
actual VCO. I will double-check all the resistor
  216   Thu Jul 15 11:43:36 2010 MeganSummaryVCOMeasured and Modeled Noise with Instrumentation NoiseI created a very rough model of the LM336
(emailed to Frank and Jan to try to improve)
to see if the noise of the LM336 might explain
  234   Mon Jul 19 18:21:50 2010 taraSummaryNoiseBudgetLaser intensity noise & pointingI checked the noise budget code psl_refcav_sio2_300K.m
on Laser intensity noise.
The value for df/dp, which is intensity
  236   Mon Jul 26 20:43:30 2010 FrankSummaryComputersnew workstationi got an old workstation and have converted
it into a new linux workstation for the PSL
  245   Thu Jul 29 02:55:15 2010 DmassSummaryComputersboth cavities individually lockedI noticed that root built the last ATF
model and this screwed some things up. I
am not sure if this was also done with the
  247   Fri Jul 30 13:17:05 2010 FrankSummaryComputersRT code built using wrong useri deleted the PSL compiled stuff and rebuilt
it with the controls user. Someone wants
to do this for the ATF
  257   Fri Aug 6 00:43:09 2010 FrankSummaryComputerswifi bridges configuredas Mott
can't finish the installation of the wifi
bridges for the gpib-to-ethernet adapters
  261   Fri Aug 6 23:41:36 2010 ranaSummaryRefCavThe low UGF on Frank's temperature servoDear Frank,
I think basically you're right about
the foam and the RC can's temperature servo.
  263   Mon Aug 9 00:21:39 2010 FrankSummaryRefCavThe low UGF on Frank's temperature servoWhat about the idea of putting both cavities
in one chamber? Then we don't have to worry
about the temp stability anymore.
  265   Mon Aug 9 17:34:43 2010 FrankSummaryRefCavtemperature jumpsthe temperature in some of the cavity channels
jumps about 5mK if you kick the table hard
enough, so there is some problem with the
  267   Tue Aug 10 01:10:35 2010 FrankSummaryRefCavupdated schematics of the setupentire setup (simplified version):
  272   Thu Aug 12 00:10:44 2010 FrankSummaryRefCavboth cavities locked ~24hthis afternoon both cavities were locked
since 24h. The initial problem was to find
the right temperature for one of the cavities
  273   Thu Aug 12 00:15:59 2010 Frank, MeganSummaryComputersnetgpib scripts workingMegan tested the gpib scripts today and
they are working except that the plotting
of the data doesn't work as some packages
  276   Thu Aug 12 17:34:37 2010 MeganSummaryNoiseBudgetNoise BudgetSorry, here's a prettier graph! I think
the strange bumps in the low frequencies
is from very few samples in that region and
  279   Fri Aug 13 15:10:33 2010 ranaSummaryNoiseBudgetNoise Budget

  280   Fri Aug 13 15:47:36 2010 MeganSummaryNoiseBudgetNoise Budget

  283   Mon Aug 16 16:36:35 2010 FrankSummaryLaserlaser, PMC, refcav re-characterization and recent changeslaser
  285   Tue Aug 17 14:35:34 2010 FrankSummaryRefCavACAV re-alignedre-aligned the ACAV once more, now about
91% are coupled into the cavity
  292   Wed Aug 18 16:33:52 2010 FrankSummaryDAQ3123 card broken ?the 3123 card (16bit input) seems to be
broken. That's the card which also samples
the PMC transmitted light which fluctuates
  293   Wed Aug 18 20:04:53 2010 FrankSummaryDAQVME 3123 card NOT brokenit turned out that the ADC card is not
broken. Instead it's a common-mode range
problem of the inputs.
  294   Wed Aug 18 20:11:44 2010 FrankSummaryDAQsome signals moved to VME DAQ systemmoved the first 8 signals, the 4 individual
sensors for each cavity, to the VME DAQ system.
  297   Thu Aug 19 18:56:29 2010 Megan, FrankSummaryDAQmoved PD channel to 12bit card (VMIC 3113A)moved PD channel to 12bit card (VMIC 3113A)
C3:PSL-PMC_PMCTRANSPD now connected
to CH63, pins 64(HI)/63(LO) on block J3 (J3-3113A-P3)
  298   Thu Aug 19 19:17:44 2010 FrankSummaryDAQremoved connecting blocks J21 & J22removed both 9-pin D-SUB blocks (blocks
J21 & J22) which were used for the RF
photodiodes (PMC, RCAV) before (only to power
  300   Fri Aug 20 00:00:42 2010 FrankSummaryDAQnew/old channels for transmitted light of refcavas we moved the channels from the 16bit
card to the 12bit card we also changed the
channel name for the transmitted light of
  301   Fri Aug 20 00:04:14 2010 FrankSummaryDAQchannels from PSL RT systemi disconnected all signal from the PSL
RT system running on fb0 this afternoon,
so this model doesn't have to run anymore.
  302   Fri Aug 20 00:14:09 2010 FrankSummaryDAQchanges at VCO connecting block at x-connecti replaced some cables going from the 9-pin
D-SUB connection block connecting the VCO
with the DAQ by bi-colored, twisted ones.
  303   Fri Aug 20 00:54:48 2010 FrankSummaryDAQPSL RT fronend code shut downi've killed the PSL RT frontend. Everything
else should be ok, so plz check if everything
is working.
  305   Fri Aug 20 21:03:16 2010 FrankSummaryDAQchannel list for fb1 updated and framebuilder restartedi updated the database for epics channels
for the PSL lab and restarted the framebuilder
on fb1.
  317   Mon Aug 30 23:25:06 2010 taraSummaryRefCavRIN comparison between PMC and RCAV I
measured RIN from beam behind PMC and RCAV. Photodiodes are
  335   Tue Aug 31 21:59:19 2010 FrankSummaryComputersstill network problemsi tried to figure out where the network
problems come from. Looks like it's the fiber
connection between fb1 and the switch in
  341   Fri Sep 3 01:45:54 2010 taraSummaryLaserRIN comparison between PMC and RCAV When both cavities are locked, I
1) power fluctuation behind ACAV
  351   Thu Sep 9 23:03:40 2010 taraSummaryRefCavreduced back reflection     After PBS is rotated
to the right position (yesterday I made a
mistake by minimizing the split beam. 
  352   Thu Sep 9 23:20:19 2010 FrankSummaryComputersMAC address overview for PSL lab

  355   Fri Sep 10 12:32:04 2010 FrankSummaryComputersPSL crate rebootedrebooted the PSL crate to see if it fixes
the problem with some of the channels inaccessible
from external computers
  356   Fri Sep 10 14:37:37 2010 FrankSummaryDAQPSL crate reboot fixed channel problemsall channels are working now   
  365   Sat Sep 18 01:12:03 2010 taraSummaryPMCLISO model of the PMC servoI
started work on a LISO model of the PMC servo
- it does not yet agree with reality.
  385   Tue Nov 9 15:05:00 2010 taraSummaryPMCTF plot for each stage in PMC loopI
plot the TF from each stage in the PMC loop
and plot below.
  387   Wed Nov 10 01:06:40 2010 taraSummaryPMCPMC OLG TF with different RF/gain settingsI
measure the OLG TF of the PMC with 3 different
RF and gain slider settings. I plot the OLG
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