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  2246   Mon Oct 8 10:22:09 2018 awadeSummaryRFSome notes on reflectionless RF filters for demodulation electronicsEdit Thu Oct 25 14:57:57 2018 (awade):
Note that the LISO models here have wrong
units.  They are supposed to be in units
  2247   Mon Oct 8 15:10:17 2018 anchalSummaryPDTransimpedance and Dark Noise measurement of all RFPDs in PSLtl;dr:

  2248   Thu Oct 11 12:02:46 2018 anchalSummaryPMCSouth PMC servo card ready to useI have mounted south PMC servo card on
a 1U chassis with two acromag cards.
The card should be ready to use.
  2249   Fri Oct 12 14:41:17 2018 awadeSummaryEnvironmentTemperature logging PSL lab (Sep-Oct 2018)Temperature data in the ATF (QIL) lab has
been collected for a month now.  Data
is sampled at 0.1 s intervals and saved
  2250   Fri Oct 19 17:05:10 2018 anchalSummaryNoiseBudgetSummary of present noise budgetAttached is the latest full noise budget
we have. I generated it by rerunning current
  2251   Tue Nov 6 13:41:04 2018 anchalSummaryPMCPMC installed on South PathChanges:

PMC on the south path has been installed
with the PMC servo card on the rack.
  2253   Sun Nov 18 18:50:39 2018 anchalSummarySouth CavitySouth Path up and running againThe South PMC is installed and the South
FSS is running again. Attached is the beam
path profile from ala mode used for the south
  2263   Mon Dec 10 15:40:51 2018 anchalSummaryTempCtrlPrototype results for transimpedance circuit for Vacuum Can Temperature SensorI soldered a prototype board implementing
the transimpedance circuit I, Andrew and
Rana discussed earlier.
  2272   Fri Jan 4 16:42:28 2019 anchalSummaryNoiseBudgetLatest noisebudget update.
Since we are working on temperature
control of cavities, we worked out a hack
to still take beat note spectrum meanwhile.

  2274   Fri Jan 4 19:17:00 2019 anchalSummaryTempCtrlVacuum Can Temperature Sensors (AD590) transimpedance amplifier board test - RESULTSOver the break, the test of Vacuum Can
Temperature Sensors transimpedance circuit
was running and fb4 has logged the values.
  2285   Thu Jan 17 11:55:12 2019 anchalSummaryTempCtrlVacuum Can Temperature Sensors (AD590) transimpedance amplifier board noise testI wanted to take a direct spectrum noise
measurement of the circuit. However, if I
have simply hooked the output of the circuit
  2304   Tue Feb 5 20:39:52 2019 anchalSummaryFSSComplete model of TTFSS box with TF and crossover analysisI'm attaching the first results of
the transfer function from liso model
of complete TTFSS box. I've also attached
  2305   Wed Feb 6 19:13:06 2019 anchalSummaryFSSComplete model of TTFSS box with TF and crossover analysisI added some more graphs to our FSS

I modeled AD602 variable
  2306   Wed Feb 6 21:30:24 2019 awadeSummaryFSSComplete model of TTFSS box with TF and crossover analysisHmm... Last estimate of V_rms applied to
EOM can't be true.  

If laser frequency noise is 
  2307   Thu Feb 7 10:33:27 2019 anchalSummaryFSSComplete model of TTFSS box with TF and crossover analysis


  2309   Tue Mar 12 17:04:03 2019 anchal and awadeSummaryComputersMigrating epics channels from acromag1 to c3iocserver
The migration of all EPICS channel
hosting and all python programmes has been
done from Acromag1 to C3IOCServer. Now Acromag1
  2310   Sun Mar 17 18:28:06 2019 awade and anchalSummaryComputersMigrating epics channels from acromag1 to c3iocserver: killing acromag1 servicesWandered into the PSL just now.  Slow
controls were going wild.  Traced it
back to the fact that acromag1 and its auto-restarting
  2312   Sat Mar 23 21:50:40 2019 anchalSummaryElectronics EquipmentPower tripping incident and follow-upThis week on 19th March in the evening,
I was working on replacing the GND connections
of the power supply with thicker wires and
  2325   Wed Apr 17 10:40:54 2019 KojiSummaryEquipment loanBorrowing an IPA/Acetone glass bottoles CTN->OMCI borrowed a small isopropanol glass bottle
from CTN to OMC (Apr 17, 2019)

I borrowed a small acetone glass
  2327   Thu Apr 25 20:24:27 2019 anchalSummaryElectronics EquipmentAdjustable TTL Trigger Generator BoxToday I made a standalone Adjustable TTL
Trigger generator box. Following are some
  2329   Sun Apr 28 22:29:18 2019 ranaSummaryElectronics Equipmentshould I use an OpAmp as a Comparator?not all amps are good for
use as a comparator
  2332   Tue Apr 30 18:55:06 2019 anchalSummaryElectronics EquipmentFollow up on TTL Trigger generator boxBut I used AD620 which is an instrumentation
amplifier, not opamp. I thought comparators
are made with differential amplifiers (from
  2336   Mon May 6 20:12:22 2019 AnjaliSummaryEquipment loanBorrowed componentsI borrowed the following components from
PSL lab to QIL lab 

1. Mixer (Minicircuit, ZFM-3-S+)
  2339   Thu May 9 12:16:55 2019 anchalSummaryFSSSaving PDH error signal valuesI have made a SMA cable of length 1.952m
after optimizing phase delay of LO. This
is giving the maximum PDH error signal.
  2340   Fri May 10 15:50:09 2019 anchalSummaryComputersmodbus shifted to a git repo for version controlI today shifted our modbus (db files for
EPICS channels, ioc command files and docker-compose
file to run the services) over to this 
  2341   Mon May 13 16:25:14 2019 anchalSummaryComputersConverted all PSL_Lab links to CTN linksWe have changed the logbook name from PSL_Lab
to CTN. To keep all the links working, I
ran the attached script in a local copy of
  2342   Mon May 13 16:54:15 2019 awadeSummaryComputersConverted all PSL_Lab links to CTN linksAwesome. Can you do the same for crosslinks
to the old ATF_lab logbook name (ATF_Lab->
  2354   Tue Jun 4 20:44:21 2019 ranaSummaryOthernext steps
Fix the temperature control so
that the fluctuation over hours time scale
is low as Tara/Evan had it. This will allow
  2394   Mon Aug 19 15:54:51 2019 anchalSummaryTempCtrlVac Can Heater Driver not working!I had aligned the North Cavity before the
weekend and was about to align south one
today when I saw that the modematching on
  2396   Tue Aug 20 19:38:36 2019 anchalSummaryComputersFramebuilder re-configuredI updated ctn_scripts\channelFramebuilderConfigFileCreator.py to
work with the new format of modbus hosting
through docker (and cleaned it a bit). Also,
  2397   Wed Aug 21 10:28:58 2019 anchalSummaryTempCtrlVacuum Can Step ResponseUtilizing the fact that the heater stopped
last Friday, I fitted the day to extract
out a time constant for cooling down of the
  2403   Wed Aug 28 09:49:44 2019 anchalSummaryscatterBeam Dump StatusWe need to switch out normal flat-faced
beam dumps with triangular cavity beam dumps
in all places where they are not present.
  2419   Fri Sep 6 11:51:17 2019 awadeSummaryTempCtrlSummary of parameters and dimensions for thermal modelingThere's an error here. The factor of
2 should not be there. Correct equation would
  2426   Fri Sep 13 16:46:54 2019 anchalSummaryTempCtrlCavity heater resistances remeasuredPresent understanding

was the last measurement of cavity shield
  2428   Mon Sep 16 17:05:00 2019 anchalSummaryBEATBeatnote Frequency stabalizationOver the weekend, I ran Relay Tuning method
for the PID of beatnote frequency control.
After CTN:2426 this
  2506   Mon Dec 30 10:33:33 2019 anchalSummaryOtherSummary of questions asked in DecemberFor the convenience of others, I'm
summarizing the open questions I asked on
elog in December. Comments on the posts,
  2592   Sat Oct 10 08:43:30 2020 anchalSummaryElectronics EquipmentRed Pitaya and Moku characterizationI set up Red Pitaya, Wenzel Crystal, and
Moku at my apartment and took frequency noise
measurements of Red Pitaya and Wenzel Crystal
  2598   Thu Nov 26 11:26:14 2020 aguptaSummaryTempCtrlCavity temperature estimateMeasurement and estimation method:

Thermal continuous tuning coefficient is
  2602   Wed Dec 2 13:43:43 2020 anchalSummaryEquipment loanTransferred two gold box RFPDs to 40mI transferred two Gold Box RFPDs labeled
SN002 and SN004 (both resonant at 14.75 MHz)
to 40m. I handed them to Gautam on Oct 22,
  2611   Fri Jan 28 15:18:27 2022 AnchalSummaryEquipment loanCTN raided by 40m tribes[Anchal, Paco]

CTN was raided today afternoon
between 2 pm and 3 pm by 40m tribes. They
  2612   Mon Aug 22 20:18:21 2022 AnchalSummaryNoiseBudgetBirefringence noise in thermo-optic noiseI followed the analysis of this recently
published paper Jan
Meyer et al 2022 Class. Quantum Grav. 39
  2613   Tue Aug 23 19:56:21 2022 AnchalSummaryNoiseBudgetBirefringence noise in thermo-optic noiseI made a few changes in my calculations
today, which changed the noise contribution
of this photoelastic noise (coatTPE) to roughly
  2614   Tue Aug 23 22:04:24 2022 awadeSummaryNoiseBudgetBirefringence noise in thermo-optic noiseInteresting.

The obvious go to measurment here
would be two-lasers-one-cavity to measure
  2615   Thu Aug 25 19:19:27 2022 AnchalSummaryNoiseBudgetLooking at the measured and estimated photothermal transfer functionsThe photothermal transfer function measurement
made back in 2014 showed some cancellation
of thermo-optic noise, but there were some
  2616   Thu Aug 25 19:38:01 2022 AnchalSummaryNoiseBudgetBirefringence noise in thermo-optic noise 

  2617   Fri Aug 26 15:56:38 2022 AnchalSummaryNoiseBudgetChecking with Martin Fejer's calculationsMartin Fejer recently gave two talks in
a coatings workshop where he showed calculations
regarding the thermal photoelastic channel.
  8   Thu Nov 12 18:01:10 2009 FrankThings to BuyRefCavheaters for the other two chambersin order
to improve the stability of the chamber temperature
the current plan is to add a heater and insulation
  9   Thu Nov 12 20:56:38 2009 ranaThings to BuyRefCavheaters for the other two chambersI think its important to think of a good
solution, since we may want to retrofit some
other chambers.
  10   Fri Nov 13 10:56:32 2009 FrankThings to BuyRefCavheaters for the other two chambers

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