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Message ID: 99     Entry time: Wed Apr 7 18:29:16 2010
Author: Tara Chalermsongsak 
Type: Laser 
Category: RefCav 
Subject: Calculation for higher order mode's frequency 

There's a correction

1) the beam waist inside the cavity, it seems that the 237 um(which corresponds to frequency shift = 258.29)  I got does not agree with the ROC and the cavity length.

 I calculated the beam waist based on the same ROC and the cavity length, and got 261 um (which correspond to frequency shift = 219.32 MHz)


This plot based on the frequency shift of 219.32 MHz step,

And now I plot from -100MHz to 100 MHz, the 35.5 MHz peak coincides with a peak from one of higher order modes( n+m = 20)

The exact number of that peak is 35.6 MHz.

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