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Entry  Tue Apr 24 22:07:10 2012, tara, Notes, Laser, borrow NPRO from TNI IMG_0818.jpg
    Reply  Wed Apr 25 10:13:55 2012, Frank, Notes, Laser, borrow NPRO from TNI 
       Reply  Wed Apr 25 15:15:03 2012, tara, Notes, Laser, borrow NPRO from TNI 
Message ID: 939     Entry time: Wed Apr 25 15:15:03 2012     In reply to: 936
Author: tara 
Type: Notes 
Category: Laser 
Subject: borrow NPRO from TNI 

Duly noted, I'll write the sop for this one and put it on svn and wiki.


Don't forget to write an SOP for that laser before using it. A few things changed recently if you want to use the old SOP as an template. The hazard zone and emergency laser shutdown procedures, table layout etc. have slightly changed since the 10W laser has been moved. The map outside the lab is also not up-to-date anymore. The main kill switch at the door is still active but the second one which was attached to the 10W laser is gone now, but also not required for the NPRO. The required OD for safety glasses has to be recalculated for the document, but the ones we have are all good. The rest of the old SOP should be the same.

You also have to redo the mode matching to the PMC as the beam waist changes if you switch to the higher power laser.

For a two-laser setup we don't have all the parts at the moment to do so. There is no EOM for the PMC nor the refcav sidebands, no servo for the PMC, and no PMC. We don't have all parts to build a new PMC, especially no PZTs. Mirrors exist, spacer parts too but have to be assembled and we have to ask P.K. if we can have them, but shouldn't be a problem.




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