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Entry  Tue Apr 24 22:07:10 2012, tara, Notes, Laser, borrow NPRO from TNI IMG_0818.jpg
    Reply  Wed Apr 25 10:13:55 2012, Frank, Notes, Laser, borrow NPRO from TNI 
       Reply  Wed Apr 25 15:15:03 2012, tara, Notes, Laser, borrow NPRO from TNI 
Message ID: 934     Entry time: Tue Apr 24 22:07:10 2012     Reply to this: 936
Author: tara 
Type: Notes 
Category: Laser 
Subject: borrow NPRO from TNI 

I borrow an NPRO from TNI. The model is similar to what we have, but I think the maximum power is 500mW (what we have is 100mW). I'll check the beam waist position tomorrow.

     Since we might switch to 2-laser setup, it is a good idea to have the second one ready. I checked a few companies for 1064 laser diode, but I could not find the information about how to control the frequency and its performance on the webpages. So I asked Eric Black and got the laser from TNI. Plus, the TTFSS is proved to be sufficient to suppress NPRO free running noise below coating noise level, the NPRO laser should be good for our setup.  We might need to think about preparing the rest of the equipments (resonant EOM for 2nd PMC, resonant and Broadband for refcav, PMC, and the servo circuits). For now, if the borrowed laser works fine and has more power, we might just switch it with the current one to gain more power.



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