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Entry  Thu Apr 19 19:58:19 2012, tara, Notes, Documentation, Proposal is on SVN 
    Reply  Sun Apr 22 22:10:17 2012, tara, Notes, Documentation, Proposal is on SVN 
Message ID: 930     Entry time: Sun Apr 22 22:10:17 2012     In reply to: 927
Author: tara 
Type: Notes 
Category: Documentation 
Subject: Proposal is on SVN 

The problem is fixed, I just deleted my local folder, check outed from the svn. Now when I commit the subversion, it shows up in docs/CTN_docs/proposal folder. I added Frank's drawing of the spacer in v-3. I'll add more materials later.


The proposal for CTN lab is on SVN. The original folder was /CTNlab/docs/Proposal.


There is a little problem. I copied all the files from our original folder, and saved them in the /trunk/docs/CTN_docs. After I edited the proposal_v3, and commited, the new file showed up in the original folder. I think the copied files still carry their "svn address" with them, so when I commit them, they show up in the old folder. I'll fix this later.



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