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Message ID: 93     Entry time: Mon Mar 29 17:46:41 2010
Author: Frank, Tara 
Type: Misc 
Category: RefCav 
Subject: assembled new vacuum chamber 

we cleaned and assembled the new vaccum chamber. we installed an electical feedtrough (for sensors we might wanna have inside, e.g on the thermal shields or the stack), an electrical isolator part for the ion pump( to avoid ground loops with the high voltage source for the pump) and the first AR-coated window. We will replace the second one after we moved the cavity. Right now we only have to mount the ion pump and then we can bake the whole thing before we finaly move the cavity to its new home.

The mechanical workshop has to rework the new insulated feet we got today. The upper part where the cavity sits on was machined really badly. It didn't fit to the chamber at all... 

We are still waiting for the additional heaters. They claim that they already shipped them last week so we don't know what happened to them. A week from San Diego to Pasadena? Who knows where they shipped it to (Antarctica?)

We've cut the last two parts of the insulating foam and glued everything together. Next we have to cut the holes for the flanges and feet of the chamber. The hole for the beam will be cut after we aligned the beam into the cavity


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