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Message ID: 925     Entry time: Wed Apr 18 23:53:01 2012
Author: Frank, Tara 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: Foam 
Subject: simple insulating box 

to test how much insulation we need to reduce our acoustic noise (or air currents) problem we've added a simple aluminum-foil plated styrofoam box around the beat breadboard.
There are plenty of holes for all the beams and cables :

  • two for incoming beams
  • two for the power stabilization
  • aux beam from combining beam splitter
  • reflected beam from beat PD
  • video, power, PD cables,...

Even with all those holes we can already see a reduction with a simple lid on top of it. Due to power outage yesterday we still have no stable system yet, so waiting until tomorrow for measurements.


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