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Message ID: 91     Entry time: Tue Mar 23 21:17:56 2010
Author: Frank, Tara 
Type: Misc 
Category: RefCav 
Subject: foam cut & partly assembled 

we've cut the rest of the foam parts to fit on the smaller diameter (the main tube with the heaters). We already started to glue them together and have two halfs by now with a length of about 20". We have to make two thinner slices tomorrow to finish this inner part. We also have to glue the end caps together.

The current plan is to make 3 parts:

- one main section including the endcap parts divided into two parts which you put on the chamber from the sides

- one full endcap, which you put on the window from the end next to the edge of the table for easier access if we want to open the chamber

The current plan is to add one layer of aluminum foil and tie the three parts with aluminum tape together. We only need little force to put them together without any gap as we decided to use a 0.1" thick intermediate layer of foam which is typically used for wrapping stuff (its soft, flexible and Rod has plenty of it for packing things). This intermediate layer on top of the heater helps us to fill the gap between the heater, sensors and free space and the really stiff yellow foam. If we want to change things in vacuum we simple cut the aluminum tape along the junction and remove the endcap. This gives us full access to all the screws to open the chamber.


The new insulated legs should be finished by tomorrow morning...

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